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Get Millions of MySpace Friends Instantly Login

Description: The article is about adultfrinendfinder com login. This is an introduction on writing a script to add thousands of friends to myspace account. The author shows the methods step-by-step so you can add thousands of friends to myspace account successfully.

The big thing today is my space. It is bad,that’s my opinion,that’s your opinion too. I’ve come across a number of requests from other coders who want to create a myspace friend adder,they want an automated script so that they can go to the myspace page and add thousands of friends to their myspace accounts.

I saw the user who wanted 20,000 people,they didn’t know that they have been added to their lists,I don’t know what people want this. But I’m going to write a script to do that for everybody today. We can set up our script. This is Perl,Perl is the appropriate language for this other wise you can go with Java or even visual basic if you want to.

Job can be a lot faster and easier to do in Perl. We have our user,use warnings,and use strict for www mechanize,this is setting up the modules that we need to create the script. About an hour and a half later,I finally finished the Alpha the scripts. We’ve run into many problems when I was getting frustrated because nothing was going right.

Myspace has this image verification that comes in every hundred. I can spend the next three months of my life building an image decoder,but I don’t want to do that. I made a script alert,when there’s an image code the people can go to the website and build in themselves,the script will keep running down to the list until it adds everyone essentially to your list.

It starts at the first ID number which would be one,it would go all the way up to the six billion,it’s a simple script comes out to about 275 lines of codes. Here’s a preview of all the codes,let’s see the script into action. Here’s the final make of the scrip,it’s going slowly because there’s a five second timeout to lay between each time it connects the website,this is to help prevent the image verification from popping up,it’s annoying.

This is going one by one until ultimately it hits every single one of them and it has custom based error checkers in there letting you know if they’re added to your friends list or if it failed. If it fails,it will tell you why it fails.

We have an image code verification. We got that typed in the verification code and it ran through perfectly. If you are interested in this script unlike the other ones that we made,this one will be available for 599,it’s an introductory scripts,I know there are a lot of myspace lovers out there,if you’re one of them and you want a script to add billions of people to your list,you can send me a message.

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