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AF Portal Goes Mobile Gets Face-lift At Login. Com

Description:  A newly redesigned portal web page will be lighting up computer. By the end of the year, the air force portal boasts to be more than 750,000 registered users.

A newly redesigned portal web page will be lighting up computer and mobile screens everywhere. by the end of the year, the air force portal boasts, more than 750,000 registered users and is the services primary web gateway accused Airmen worldwide access to a broad range of information, so the new version of the air force portal has some really unique aspects to it.

it really encompasses the mobile platform, it has a more user-friendly look and feel to it. that really adapts to the social media sites they’re used to seeing today. while common access cards are still required to log on the new design specifically caters to smartphone and tablet use having mobile access will allow Airmen and deploy locations and low bandwidth areas the ability to access the Air Force portal regardless of where they are in addition to having mobile access and operating from low bandwidth.

The portal was redesigned to make it easier on users with such features as my stuff and my workplace this my stuff allows you to personalise your applications and alerts and the workspaces allows you to transition it amongst professionals similar to a continuity binder. these changes and more are attributed to the hard work of LC MCS global combat support team members who continue to deliver sustainable war-winning capabilities here.

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