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Description: The content is to show you what the air force portal login PT test consists of which is going to be a waste measurement.

I’m going to show you what the air force PT test consists of which is going to be a waste measurement and then you’re going to have to do push ups that’s how many you can do in a one minute period and then you’re going to have to do sit-ups which is going to be coming you in a one-minute period and then after that you’re going to run a mile and a half and your model and a half is time.

If you want to know what the requirements are for the certain ages, you can actually type in on Google Air Force PT test and the very first thing that shows up is a website that actually has all of the requirements for every single age, it doesn’t have the Warhawk requirements on there for VMT, but it does have your minimum requirements that you must reach to be in the Air Force a real testing facility for the PT test over there.

We run on this track, but I’m going to use the foot bars in the main gym facility to do the sit-ups and the push-ups and then I’m going to do the run out here, that was the push-ups and sit-ups segment of the PT test a my waist measurement.

I believe is between 32 and 33, so I’m going to compare all this in the video editing process to what my requirements are for the PT test and as far as SCORM goes for push-ups and sit-ups for sit-ups. All you have to do is to touch your shoulder blades on the ground and then you come up.

You have to keep your hands on your chest.I guess your fingers can’t leave contact with your chest and your elbows have to touch your thigh, so that’s what the sit-up is and so pretty much you go from your shoulder blades touching the ground to your elbows touching your thigh back down the shoulder blades, that’s one your push-ups, you have to go 90 degrees.

During the test, you don’t go low enough the person counting, you will say go lower, so they won’t count your tenth one, so your next push-up will be 10, if you go low enough as required, so that’s just a heads-up on how they do it usually, you have a partner, so you’re counting your partner to do push-ups then your partner will count you do push-ups then your partner will do sit-ups.

You count his or hurt and then you’ll do sit-ups and he or she will count yours that leads us to the run segment of the PT test which is the final thing that you’ll do and I cannot remember what my max one time is I’m going to get.

I think it’s a 13 minute area, but I believe that’s what the thirty males 30 and under their requirements are for the run. I’m 23, so my run requirement is going to run my mile and a half which I haven’t ran.

Since May and that was when I was on leave in Iowa, because mckennon and I ran a 5k together and then I proposed to her after the 5k at the event, so that was the last time that I’ve run, so it’s been like three months, so we’ll see how this run goes irena 10:43.I don’t know what it actually is I’m going to match up my start and finish line to see the exact time on the video, but I recorded 10:43.

I wasn’t sure where I started turning over stop but arena 910 back in March, then it’s September, so that means in six months, if you don’t train like, you can slow down by a minute and a half at least that’s.

What I did the sign that I need to start running more, so I literally not ran at all. I’ve just been working on weights which is probably not good, but I’ll start adding more running to my workouts, because I have my PT test in six months. If you score over 90, you only have to do it.

Once every 12 months you score under 90, you have to do it once every six months. I scored a 98 point like seven last time, because I maxed out the run with a 9/10 to max it out. I believe is a 912 and then I maxed out the situps in March and then the push-ups. I didn’t fail, because the minimum was like in the 40s or 30s and I didn’t fail that I failed maxing it out, so push-ups and running is something I need to work on right now a lot, but that just goes to show you that you need to train constantly.

I’m in pretty good shape. I’m not in awesome shape, but I’m in decent shape, even I run a ten thirty go at 10:43 trying to drop within at 30 and this video in future videos pretty much going to show you if you want to drop minutes off your time, you got to train hard and I’ll show you what I can do that.v

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