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Is Air Force BMT hard at Portal Login. Com?

Description:  You get to keep your air force portal login when clothing issue happens.Once you become older, you might give away all the clothes you wore and you’re going to wear.

What happens to your stuff? You get to keep your stuff until clothing issue when clothing issue happens. They’ll like a drop thing where you put all your stuff on your bed is.

Once you have your 80 years and your PT clothes they give you all the clothes you’re going to wear, the rest of the time you’re at BMT, you won’t wear your own underwear. you won’t wear your own socks. The only thing you’ll wear are your running shoes and a pair of compression shorts.

If you brought those you bring black compression shorts for PT that way, you don’t have to buy them when you get X. If you don’t have them, they’ll make you buy at least two pairs when you get there. So it’s just easier to bring your own comfortable pair to BM t as far as your phone.

They’ll let you keep your phone charger with you. they’ll take your phone and they’ll lock it up in a zip lock, because that is the phone you’re going to make a phone call with to your family. we got a call when we first got there. The third day, we were there to call home and give our address and we also mailed a card with our address home that same day. In case some people had a mix-up and they couldn’t get it over the phone.

They still got it in the mail a few days later, but you bring yourself up as for your wallet. I ended up keeping my wallet with all my cards. Everything in my security tray which is in your security drawer, it’s hard to explain, he doesn’t understand when you get there. I know everything but it’s like unimportant.

There’s a security tray in your security drawer. Where you’re going to keep any of your money, your wallet basically anything. that’s very important. The second most liked comment had 25 likes and that was laughing at other airman shouldn’t say airman, because when you’re at BMT you’re not airman your trainings, so laughing at other trainees while they’re getting yelled at by their MTI.

it will happen within your flight. It will happen out of your flight anytime you see a trainee getting yelled at. If you can manage you stay in the position of attention to someone else, you’ll notice a few other trainees either smiling or trying not to laugh.

Because you like laughing at someone else well, they’re like experiencing the worst part of their day the same thing is going to happen to you sometime and other people going to laugh at you ,so it’s not so much that you’re laughing at that person for getting trouble/ you’re just laughing.I guess at them. but it’s because it’s not you and you’ve already been there and experienced it’s first weekers when you’ve been there for a while you sit there and can’t help but laugh because they seem so awkward.

they don’t know what’s going on and you’re already in a rhythm. you know what’s going on everywhere, so when they’re walking by and they like are terrified and you can see their eyes are wide open and they’re seem really stiff, you’re not exactly laughing at them, you’re just laughing at the concept that you were there at one point time.

but it will happen you will laugh at other people, you will be in trouble for laughing multiple times we I yelled at for laughing, sometimes emptyeyes don’t even let you laugh in the dorms ,some don’t,they loosen up and let you joke around a lot more.

They’ll tell jokes and let everyone laugh, they will have a line and if you cross that line they will make sure you know daily grind and doing it for two months, it’s not that hard because like everybody’s doing everything together, so it’s not like you’re on your own like everyone’s in it together, but it really isn’t that hard the worst part is trying to stay awake when you’re sitting in class which is over your BM TSG.

I get it whatever it is your BM TSG which is right here. As you can see mine’s like pretty raggedy a little bit. The back pages torn off but this thing’s been through a lot because it gets carried like in the side of your wet belt you have to wear the entire time MT in a little pouch.

So if you were marching it was raining but all the classes that you take at VMT are over all the chapters that are in here, now this is the only book that you really get to read at BMT, so everyone’s worried about the EOC man. I’m just wrapping all sorts of questions in this one, I’ve got classes getting tired daily grind the EOC which is all over this and the only test you take it basic training is over to this book right here.

In some other stuff that happens at BMT, but you’re all there for it, 12 front page these things, it’s seen better days, but almost every single chapter in here.

You’d have to take a class over it in DMT which they’re usually like 45 minutes to an hour and a half two hours depending on the class and then some you do multiple classes back to back, so you’ll have like one instructor teach class then another instructor come in and teach another class another instructor come and teach another class then you go to Chow and you go right back to classroom have another class those days are worse, because you’re always exhausted, because at night we usually stayed up and talked to each other like to get to know each other, so we did a better like nine but we’d really go to bed at like 11:00 and then if anybody had like EC duty that night which is like entry control you’d watch the door ,so you’d missed you out of sleep then you really got screwed because you had to get a bit like 4:30 so it’s like five hours sleep.

So we are always tired of BMT like you just learn to deal with it the best thing you can do about staying awake in class. If your wingman makes you either or starts to fall asleep not off just give them a little nudge when you’re constantly sitting there, trying to make sure other people aren’t falling asleep.

You’re staying focused and staying awake and then you’re helping them stay awake, so if you’re constantly keeping your mind moving and just not letting it doze off. You’re going to be fine. I always try to sit there and like listen to the teacher and keep scanning people and if like someone in front of me will fall asleep, I tap first in front of me and they would tap them because if someone fell asleep usually wasn’t good for the whole flight, because they encourage like the wingman concept, so if your buddy next use falling asleep you might as well be falling asleep too.

because you’re not looking out for as far as the EOC goes and of course test pretty much all based off of this literally when you’re formation. You can be there for say 45 minutes just standing in formation at parade rest and they’ll expect you to be reading this book, so anybody that’s worried about the end of course test don’t worry because you have eight and a half weeks to read this every day .

so if you were so reader like me, you’re over fifty days to read this. When you get time read it, you’re a parade rest for 45 minutes, you should be reading your book that entire time. Then later that day before lunch, they’re like why aren’t you reading your BM TSG and then before dinner you’re standing in formation well another flight and a flight in front of them gets called in a challenging up to wait 45 minutes again.

you’re going to be reading this so literally hours a day ,you will read this, so the end of course test, don’t worry about it.No one in my flight failed and test all you have to get is a 70 or higher and nobody in my flight got below a 70, so it’s really not that hard I haven’t heard of anybody failed and of course test if you go through basic training in eight and a half weeks. it’s almost impossible to fail if you paid attention to anything, so we keep going there, pay attention to detail .

Someone also ask if you’re tired. They want you to monitor yourself if you have to go to the bathroom. They encourage you to get up grab a wingman and go to the bathroom and not interrupt class by going. They expect you to get up and do it that actually ties into another person’s question about when can I use a restroom.

I can’t hold it very long. I have a small bladder. They encourage you to not bother everyone else. If you have to go do business, there will be times like during PT, for instance, they don’t want you rushing off to the bathroom because you should be doing PT, because it’s like why are you trying to get out of PT we gave you 20 minutes before PT just stand in the hall and hurry up and wait so you should have just gone then ,but yes if you are tired in class and falling asleep instead of having the instructor in the class call you out and tell you to stand up the back of the classroom Do It Yourself.

They’ll actually brief this at the beginning of most classes on going to the bathroom or standing up and retired in most of the classrooms. They don’t even require you to give a reporting statement.

A lot of the instructors that teach the classes. I actually want it to be in available, because people learn better in an enjoyable environment, so I actually encourage you to laugh when you raise your hand and I call on you, you don’t have to give a reporting statement, you just say what you want, but make sure as soon as you get out of class, you have to give your reporting snake.

A lot of people also commented about beast week and that’s what they’re worried about. Don’t worry about Beast week, it was the best week that I had at BMT.

It was the most fun week of BMT, you actually get to conversate and actually have fun and joke around a little bit, it’s almost all training run, so for a lot of time a cadre there or the instructors that watch over it, because you’re MPI is not going to be there, but they watch over how you guys operate, because I want to see how you all work together as a huge unit of like 200 people in one camp.

It can be a little bit stressful, because instead of waking up at 4:45 ,you actually wake up at 4:00 and then you go to bed at 9:00,so you’re missing almost an hour of sleep and when I was there in the winter our heater didn’t work in our tent ,so it was like 50 some degrees they made fun of me when I woke up one morning.

I slept in my a be use with my parka on and then they give you those sleeping bags with like the little head thing that you can like tighten. I had it so tight that all they could see was like my mouth, my nose, it went like this and that was all I could see,it pulled so tight and I was like sleeping like that and then woke up in the morning.

I woke up to like three people standing over my cot like laughing at me. He is that’s just how I slept the whole night, because I was freezing cold and on top of that everybody has to do tent guard,because my tent broke it down to one hour shifts for tech guard, you have to have two people at a time on tent guard, so two people every hour had to get woken up and switch that means that seven different shifts, that means that’s 14 people.

So every other night, we had to miss sleep while we were there I missed an hour to sleep three nights, when I was there,that was the most stressful thing was being tired all time, but then you were like hyped up, because it was more fun being there, because you got to wear like bulletproof vest and like a helmet and you got to carry around this fake m16 that’s like bright blue.

It’s like serious now. she’s like you can’t get caught with your finger on trigger, you have to hold your finger like up above the trigger and you have to have a low position like every time you walk in anywhere ,you can’t point it in anyone and they will actually get mad at you. If you do, because they’re trying to train you in your head to just pay attention of things, because if you were in combat, you were given a weapon and you were careless with it and just point it around and it were to discharge, you could possibly hurt someone ,so they want you to treat it like real life.

I also thought beast week was a joke. I felt like it was pointless, because we’re never going to do this again, I was wrong, it was very important as soon as I got to my new base which is Kadena Air Force Base in Okinawa Japan which is where I’m at right now.

I got issued chem gear right when I got here two weeks ago. They actually did my first exercise of being here and it was exactly like beast week all the stuff. We did the same things here except it was on a large scale over an Air Force Base, so I thought the chem gear and doing par sleeps and all that stuff which will learn a beastly. I thought all that was a joke, it’s actually all in this Airman’s manual right here, this is also another book, you’ll get a BM T which you only use at be sweet, but everything we just did the exercise is in this book.

This is a very important book if you lose this on your way to your next base and you have an exercise and you need it, they’re very hard to get a hold of, so I suggest you hang on to this – I wasn’t sure about this when we left tech school. I was like why I need this.

I almost left this at home, but I have been told by some other people that you need it at your base, but no one knew why I found out,when I got here, because this is actually a requirement when I was in my chem gear to have this on me and not to mention at be sweet.

You get MREs and MREs have candy and that BMT candy makes you happy, you also get things like cappuccinos or desserts like cake or brownies stuff, you don’t really get at BMT so when you go to beast week, you’re actually eating better some people didn’t really like the MREs, but a lot of people did, because it was something new than the regular DFAC food was like a stock market exchange.

I have this you want to trade for this and you have like 200 people in this harden shelter all trading food and eating nobody gets like a half hour tea, so everybody’s there having a good time ,you get so relaxed for just a little bit loved it.

I actually had a bunch of leftover MREs from our exercise and these were some of the snacks that were inside. You get actual snacks, actual candy skittles and evidence our big one these first strike bars are like a dessert energy bar.

I think they’re just a protein bar, they’re really good, so for those of you that are worried about be sweet, why are you worried in just a little hint the vegetarians, t actually doesn’t taste that bad either and you get two candies in it, sometimes three on top of beast week, we have the gas chamber, because they actually moved it when I was there, we did it during fourth week then you do be sweet during sixth week.

But I was the last week of basic training to do the gas chamber in fourth week, they actually moved it to be sweet now, so you actually shoot the m16 into the gas chamber at be sweet now , most people would think that to be a very terrifying thing, but if you think about it how many people go through basic training each week now, that means five to six hundred people are going through this gas chamber every single week and there’s somehow graduating BMT so the gas chamber can’t be that hard right, because like hundreds of thousands of people have done it before you and you haven’t heard anything terrible about it, because it’s gas and it sounds scary they make you all line up around the edges and you stand there and you have your mask on.

You never like your hood up and everything you start to feel it burn on your face and you’re standing on your mask and they make you give like you’re reporting statement and do like jumping jacks and then they tell you to take off your mask, so you have to take your hood off, you have to take your mask off and lift it up and put it on your chest like this and then they’ve made you stand there and then for my group, they just made us yell our reporting statement.

Some people didn’t yell out enough, so they made us yell again,so in the second time of course most people had to breathe in and that’s when it like went down in your chest now, you would think this would be horrible, it’s going to bring your chest and then after that, they just let us turn and then we had to march out and then when you get out, they just tell you put your arms up.

Once your eyes tear up, it gets really hard to keep your eyes open, because it stings really bad, so you can see what you’re doing as you like limp it around, you get out and you’ll hear people telling you where to go like turn right walk over that way flap your arms or keep your arms out one of the other, as you’re walking like this, like coughing and you have snot drooling from your like face.

But after you’ve been out of it for like 30 seconds and you’re walking around and you keep your arms out, it actually wears off of you, you have a scratchy throat, afterwards,you have a sore throat, but you can actually breathe, now a lot of people get sick at BMT but after the gas chamber, a lot of people actually sinuses were cleared up, I actually had nasal congestion when I was there or the gas chamber when I got out ,I could actually breathe really good for the first time since I’d gone BMT, because throughout the whole thing, most people get sick a lot like.

People get colds pack in the morning, everybody can sign up, don’t be that person.I never go and then it gets so serious that you’re like on bed rest, you have to go to med flight, because it’ll just keep you a basic longer, because they freeze where you’re in training.

If you have to go to med flight, it’s just a little tickle in your throat ,that’s nothing major and try to tough it out for a few days, but if it gets to be serious where you know,I’m actually sick, then go get a cold pack,don’t be scared of the gas chamber, because so many people have done it before you and so many people do it after you have to do it, so it’s just one of the things you got to suck up.

It was actually one of the most fun times we have there as well behind beast week and you can’t touch your face though. That’s why you have your arms out to let all the gas get off of you in the wind and you can’t touch your face, because it’s actually on your face, so you’ll actually push it in your pores.

That’s why they don’t want you to touch your face, so you just have like snot hanging from your face, you can’t do anything about it, so when you get out better people are like laughing at you and then you get to see them do the same thing and then you get to laugh at them.

So it’s really not a bad time. I don’t know why you are so worried about it, it’s gas but eventually you come back with some great stories. I’m 24. I’m scared of being the oldest in my flight, you’re not going to be the oldest in your flight. We have a 35-year-old in my flight, it’s actually older than my MTI is older than any of the mtrs over there and our squadron.

So if you’re 24, you’re really not that old. I would say yes, maybe half of your flight is going to be 18 to 21 year olds, you’d be surprised how many people come like 21 22 I was 21 when I was at basic my wingman for most of time is 22 being 24.

I’m sorry but you’re getting old especially for the Air Force, because that’s like the cutoff 30,but I don’t know what the cutoff for active duty is, but if you’re in your mid-20s to low 20s really not that old for the Air Force, you’ll be surprised how many people you meet around your age range or within a year or two.

This is a really big one, a lot of people asked about PT and PT requirements and being able to pass now my look on PT and the minimums is why are you so worried about the minimums almost frustrates me to a point when people are like what are the minimums that I have to do.

Why are you trying to do the minimums? Please don’t do the minimums, please don’t join this airforce and just try to do the minimums, if you really want to be in strive for your best ,so if you try your best, you won’t have a problem overcoming the minimum, if you’re worried about the minimums, you’re going to get stressed out if you just try your hardest, all the time say you can’t meet the minimums.

If you’re already trying your hardest, then the Air Force clearly isn’t fit for you because there’s not much more you can do, if you’re not making the minimums and you’re trying your hardest, so if you just don’t worry about the minimums and you try your hardest and you know you can.

If you try your hardest, don’t worry about the minimums, because they don’t matter when it comes to PT you can’t just do as much as you can to get,that’s not what you should be doing, because you should actually take a pride in your PT score, you should take a pride in the way you look.

Do not just try to get by by the minimum of things, don’t worry about the minimum score. I have to get on my EOC, don’t worry about the minimum score. I have to get on PT, because it doesn’t matter, because if you do your best which you should always do your best in life.

No matter what you’re doing, you should take pride in what you’re doing, don’t go for that minimum bar try to set the bar higher than that you should be looking at what’s the maximum. I can get that’s what you should be striving for not the like 13 or 12 minutes something mile and a half. that’s not something to be proud when you’re like barely passed my PT test.

That’s like one of my biggest pet peeves, don’t worry about the minimum cuz.I don’t even know the minimum, so you want to know why I don’t know the minimums, because even with hundreds of people asking me that I’ve never looked it up, because I don’t care what the minimum is, because when I go through my PT test.

I’m doing my best and that’s why you should do what you are worried about a PMT. People say getting recycled, you want to know how many people get recycled at BMT, not that many you want to know how many people get recycled at the MT.

Once an EMT literally slim to none I did see, it happened to three trainees when I was there, that were actually very motivated trainees, they are conscious joking around with the other trainees and they actually got called out for it and someone was offended and they got recycled into my flight now these three trainees that we got recycled into our flight.

We’re actually the most motivated, they honestly tried harder than anyone else. I had seen in my flight now that was a rare occurrence of trainees getting recycled that actually wanted to be there all the other times. I heard of trainees getting recycled which was like 10 maybe 15 times .

Thousands of trainees that have been there during that time trainees that you’re recycled are ones that don’t really care. I just joined the Air Force for a job. I don’t really care I’m just here to get by those are the people to get recycled fact that you said, you’re scared to get recycled shows me that you’re not going to get recycled because if you’re there to be there for a reason and not just cuz then you’re not going to get recycled, because I know you’re going to try and stay out of trouble.

The people that get recycled other ones that don’t care the ones that try to get away with stuff the ones that don’t do what they’re told. We had one person get recycled out of our flight and he actually got put in our flight from that hold, so he wasn’t even originally in our flight, but he got in trouble and then he tried arguing against the MTI and they took it to our training superintendent and he argued with him when she was a senior master sergeant.

It was a bad thing he kept telling them, when you’re a trained EMT, everybody knows you’re wrong, so that’s a horrible thing to do, obviously, he was going to get recycled, because he kept telling them, he was right and they were wrong which why would you do that you just admit your fault and you keep going, so if you want to get recycled just act like you don’t care and don’t try your best but if you don’t want your recycling try your best, act like you want to be there and I guarantee you won’t get recycled if you actually take pride in what you’re doing there like most of my videos.

This one took a little bit longer than I expected, I didn’t plan on saying all of this stuff,  I know a lot of people are worried, so these are the reasons why you are worried about be empty but I got a no does the minimum requirements for PT matter.

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