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People have been caring about the jobs related to Air Force and Air Force tech school, so this article will tell you what does it feel like and what jobs are good for those who graduate from Air Force tech schools.

So this article is going to talk about the Air Force tech school in Pensacola Florida, home of three jobs low observable, non-destructive inspections and aircraft structural maintenance which is my career.

A lot of people ask me how I got aircraft structural maintenance as my job. How did you get ASM as your job? Actually, it was my second choice. When I went to MEPs for the first time in February, 2012, I swore in and put down my job list of what I wanted to do. That list included a low observable which is also here aircraft structural maintenance and metals tech.

Those were my top three. But after further looking into this, and putting those I wanted, I finally chose aircraft structural maintenance. If you watch my older videos, you might have noticed that I’ve loaded a video about receiving my assignment.

I put that on my list at BMT, your 7th week of training, you will fill out a list of your dream sheet, where you want to go with Air Force career as your next base after tech school now on this list, I took the stateside and I didn’t want to be stateside. If I could be overseas, I wanted to be, so I put all overseas, this is exactly what you will fill out at BMT your seventh week of training. I kept it because I don’t know what we would need and what we wouldn’t.

First of all, Aviano air base in Italy, I didn’t get that obviously. Hickam Air Force Base in Hawaii and that is stateside, but it’s technically considered to be an overseas assignment. Alaska Ramstein Germany was my third choice while Osan in Korea South Korea was my forth choice. Mildenhall in the United Kingdom was my fifth choice. My sixth choice was Lakenheath in United Kingdom. Kadena in Okinawa which was the assignment that I received and this was my number seven choice.

I got literally one of the last picks because my eighth pick was Yokota Japan, so if you put down eight on the list, you’ll get one of those eight, I believe two of the five people that got something they put on their list, I got something on the bottom of my list.

So, if your recruiter is telling you that when you pick your list, you’re guaranteed to go somewhere on that list. Your recruiter is not really telling you the truth. I want to tell you that they’re lying to you because they can say if you put some on your list, you’ll get it cuz look I got.

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