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Prior Service Reserve to Active Duty Air Force My Entire Process at Portal. Com

This is about the prior service reserve to active duty Air Force, which will tell you some basic information and it will help you understand what to expect after Air Force.

Let me do one condensed vlog for prior service. Entering back into active duty, specifically for Air Force, we will go to the whole process up until now the stage of acceptance and then from where, I’ll give you detailed information, so that you will have an understanding of what to expect.

First of all, I can only provide you context as a reservist. If you come from the outside, it’s a little different, so you have to obviously get with the recruiter to find out. However, that’s why I say always staying in the desert because there may be a situation where you might want to go back in.

Now, I’m going to reserve ours for the depart of interior. That’s why I’m shirt and tie and I have made my way back into it, so as a reservist, you basically belong to a unit, now you have to get a form 368 which is going to be a form that allows you to transfer or move into a different unit ora specialized division.

Now along with that, you need to add the process from your unit, a certain units requiring special or specific information. I need to have a staff summary sheet which had all the specified offices within the wing, so it went from my commander to everyone else up and down FSS and finally the wing commander signed it off. Now, you will get what you need on that staff summary sheet.

I needed my cutie scores, my surf and some other information. If you are within reserve, you should understand what all that entails, keep in mind that the Air Force now is accepting the BEC duty which means that you don’t have to cross train. The rates will determine or will be determined by the first-come first-serve Asst, which AFSC you would like to cross train into, experience all the different factors. But as to the direct duty, there is no list so despite what you’ve heard the PGM 500 for the fiscal year 2017 is that there is no less.

Now we’re coming on and approaching the fiscal year of 2018, so you have to be aware of that and start making decisions, instead of waiting till up to 2018 because by that time you may not even have an opportunity to get back active duty. I’m just saying you need to wear your options and understand where you are.

So after now you have the serf, you’ve got everything through the the wing, ensure that FSS because this section on the back that basically states that you have no negative markings, that’s going to come back to haunt you, no articles, no derogatory paperwork that’s going to prevent you from being released, one step SS annotates that.

Afterwards, they will submit it to the recruiter and then the recruiter will get yours. As a result, you have to go back and fill out paperwork. If you have dependents, all the goals of the paperwork that come along with that should be provided, including your birth certificate, high school diploma, social security card and all relevant materials as well as the same materials of your dependents.

Once you fill that out, that stuff will go to a FRS which is the Air Force Reserve on our recruiting services. Then they will process all that information and pull out some materials they need.

You’ll also need your EPR and especially for reserves, we get a year or two, so you may only have to submit one, from which, they’ll pull whatever that they need and then they’ll send it up.

After sending it out, they now have to send it up to a FPC, so that you will get approved, talk to your functional manager feel for that career field determine your rank, your age and all the materials if they need and then they’ll say yes or no.

Once you are approved, you’ll meet back with the recruiter, who will then process you for maps, ask you all the questions that you need and then from there sign you up for maps, now in between the time that you submit that information to the recruiter and an Akula, clear this emitter to his leadership which is the fr-s and an AFR depending on how much paperwork is missing.

If it gets kicked back from a FRS or it is required to get more information from you, it should be like one to two months if everything is thrown. Keep in mind, most recruiters don’t understand the prior service process so they may get hung up, so you have to try to walk them through this.

You can provide the information to them and make sure that they’re looking at the spot the PGM 504. All the required information that you needed is going to get kicked back to the recruiter. Then you’ll get scheduled for maps depending on how your maps works. They’ll call in and give the pre-screening that all that paperwork I’ll talk about later on and then you should be scheduled within that week or two weeks depending on how busy your map is.

When your information gets to the the functional, they’ll determine whether you have a job or not. Afterwards, it’s going to get kicked back again and then right before you go to maps, your package will be submitted again for final walkthrough, so as to make sure everything is okay.

That extra step that they make from maps will be submitted, it should take from three weeks to two months. Now I’m going to give you a word of caution, keep in mind that no one is going to know anything.

If you’re a new at this, once it comes back, you’ll get your orders and then your password passcode, which will go to a FRS. A FRS will reveal the information your assignment and then from there your assignment and dates no later than will be given to your recruiter.

If you’re going to a tech school, you’ll get your tech school date and all that materials. Then you will know what have you and you’ll have to report to maps for your final office, including your weight and height and then you will get your your contract and you’ll ship out.

You have to call maps and maps is going to provide you with the orders and then from there you still have to meet with them for that final on process and ship out, but instead of now, you should be out to your duty, state out to your school or what have you, you’ll be going back to your home and are processing and doing whatever that you need to do.

The PCs and contract Family Services TMO annoying stuff, keep in mind that window body prior service is basically nobody. It’s a small program. A few people get through for various reasons whether it be medical. People do not know what they’re doing, so you need to keep that in mind, but you got to stand tall, be resilient.

I’ve learned the hard way in the past about giving recruiters pressure, even the human resource HR personnel for various career fields and departments that I’ve applied for. Be patient and do your best to fix this.

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