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Description: The passage below primarily shows us some useful information about Amazon Fire TV Stick and media streamers in advent of us reviewing the new Opel Ultra HD blu-ray players, the UDP 203.

Today I’d like to talk about media streamers in advent of us reviewing the new Opel Ultra HD blu-ray players, the UDP 203 and the UDP 205,that’s apparently missing in these players, it is the fact that they don’t have any streaming services like the older BD P series.

On the older BD P series, you could use Netflix, you could use Hulu Vudu Pandora, that’s gone with the new Ultra HD blu-ray players and the reason is that they’re focusing all that processing power on getting you the very best in HD video.

The 4k resolution and all the extra color and all the processing, that’s involved in doing that and at first when I thought about that, it feels like we’re going backwards in technology with the newer stuff.

But I got myself thinking about what media streamers have come a long way in the last year or two and it makes a lot more sense to buy a little media streaming device as opposed to letting your blu-ray player or your HDTV do those services, because in most cases, the blu-ray players are terrible at doing this. They’re very slow to deal with Netflix on the older oboe players.

I’m talking about the BD P 95, the Netflix interface on that was terrible. I will not pick on Oppo and even on TVs, some of the TVs don’t even do 5.1 audio when you use the Toslink output, so you’re getting a compromise in many cases when you’re trying to do all this stuff.

All this media streaming through a source device or through a display as opposed to having a get dedicated device,there’s a bunch of stuff on the market, we have Roku, you have Apple TV and we have Amazon Fire TV, we’re going to be focusing mostly on those two Amazon products.

I got them for several reasons. I got them one, because to have an Amazon account allows me to get free shipping on almost everything by being a prime member and because of a Prime member through Amazon, I also get access to their free services, they have dedicated TV shows now and I also get access to Amazon music, so it makes a lot of sense, the fire TV and the fire TV stick the one, what we’re going to be focusing mostly on is the fire TV stick and this one’s only 40 dollars and this gives you a lot of stuff.

Let’s open up the box and I’ll show you what I’m talking about, so you get this now on the side of the box that says it has elective voice control which is cool. I’ll show you the remote control above that says Dolby audio, but in fact it’s Toby digital plus 5.1 and I thought I saw up to 640 kilobits of streams through that when I was watching.

I think it was man in the high castle or Mr. robot to Amazon exclusive shows by the way, so the audio quality is good for a streaming device, it’s not Dolby true HD, if you have Netflix by itself or if you’re doing any type of streaming, that’s pretty much where we’re at Dolby Atmos which is coming soon to Netflix.

I don’t think that’s quite being implemented, so this particular device does 1080p and it’s got a quad core processor and we’ll talk more about that in a little bit so when you open this up, you get a little manual about what you’re doing, but you get a USB cable now, the cool thing about this is unfortunately the fire stick which does not get powered off.

So you either need to use the power supply dongle that they give you which is in this box over here, it’s a little wall wart, so you plug this into the wall and you plug the other end of this into your fire stick or if you don’t want to use this and your device that you’re plugging it into whether it’s an AV receiver or just bleh has a USB interface.

This should supply you the power that you need to power the stick so that we have to dangle a cable down through your TV, so you’re going to get the cable, you get the wall warts, you get an HDMI extension cable which is cool, let’s face it a lot of times, your HDMI port is not long enough,you can’t reach it with a stick, so you stick this on it, you put another cable and you’re good to go and we’ve got two batteries for the remote control, they’re triple A’s and we get the fire stick TV which is smaller than the actual remote control.

This is HDMI and we get this cool remote easy to use,I like the thermo, it’s very easy to put in your hand,it’s intuitive, so this has a little microphone on it and this is when you use the electric command, so you can network this with your Alexa products,I use it when I go to Netflix.

I’ll hit the Bing and I’ll say Star Trek Deep Space nine, so rather than sitting there and typing it out one by one or moving with the mouse to the different letters, it will find the show, you’re looking for it, so you can never get around to screen and you could play games on it too.

It acts as a joystick, you could turn it sideways, the fire stick TV is only $40 to Ramazan, so that’s a good deal now, the fire TV is very similar, it’s a console, what you get for that is $90, you get more internal memory, so instead of getting one gig of internal memory,you get on the fire stick TV.

You get two gigs of internal memory on the end of on fire and it’s expandable. I think you also get video output up to 4k Ultra HD, so you get much more processing capability, if you get higher video resolution through this, I have been go with the Amazon fire, you get Ethernet and it’s the device which is better suited to play games, so if you’re more into the gaming aspects and you need 4k, go with the Amazon fire TV, but if you’re dealing with 1080p and dealing primarily with streaming man, I would go with the fire stick TV.

In fact, you could buy two of them for the price of one Amazon fire TV, so now you have it in multiple rooms, so the basics of the fire stick TV is that it has a mediatek quad-core arm 1.3 gigahertz processor, it’s got a dual band Wi-Fi antenna, it supports all the latest protocols for Wi-Fi.

Its internal gig is one gigabit internal and it’s storage capabilities ain’t gigabits for your apps, that’s decent video outputs 1080p and audio surround is 5.1 Dolby Digital Plus, you’re probably asking why I need one of these,it’s easier device to use than streaming,what is typically found in your blu-ray player or your HDTV,you have the ability now to have a quick interface because this thing is fast.

There are no delays on this. Netflix is easy to use. Pandora is easy to use, you’re almost getting full entertainment, a lot of people are dropping their cable services and their satellite boxes now and they’re doing mostly streaming services, so this might be the wave of the future here and that’s the one advantage that the farc-ep has over apple TV which is easy to use and it’s a great product as well.

Amazon has its own TV network, if you have exclusive TV shows, you got Amazon, Netflix, you got a lot of entertainment coming out of this thing, this device is more biased towards your using the Amazon Prime, so it emphasizes other apps, but that doesn’t mean you can’t navigate around and get to those other apps, it’s something to note that they want you to use hims on Prime, so you’re wondering how you connect it.

You could connect it either to your HDTV with your HDMI connection or you can connect it directly to one of your unused HDMI ports of your AV receivers, that’s the way I prefer to do it, because you’re sending the HDMI audio through the receiver, so if you have 5.1, it goes through that if you don’t connect it directly to your receiver, you’re going to run a Toslink out of your TV into your receiver to get the surround sound and then you’re going to make sure some TVs if you don’t correctly configure the audio like some of them.

You have to turn the TV speakers off, otherwise you only get to channel audio at a Toslink, so check the owners manual, if you’re going to hook it into your TV, make sure you’re getting a real 5.1 screen, put on an Amazon show, put on Netflix or whatever you have.

When you have the sound coming through, make sure it’s 5.1 and you’re not doing two channels and using a Pro Logic two up mixer,because it makes a world of difference there, so once you get it connected, you plug it into the AC, your Wi-Fi network setup, you enter the name of the Wi-Fi network and your password,you enter your login credentials for Netflix Amazon Prime.

Whatever you’re using, you enter all the credentials for that and then you’re good to go, you’re going to have hours of entertainment and I’m telling you this is way more fun than trying to use the streaming services for your HDTV,this has to be probably my favorite product of the year that I’ve been playing with so far.

If you’re not using a media streamer, Amazon is a great option, you also have Roku and you have Apple TV, but those tend to be well, the Apple tends to be a little bit more costly, Roku is competitive, but I like the Amazon, because you get the free shipping with Amazon Prime which have a lot of services and benefits, you get through this package, so check it out,let me know what you’re using for a media streaming device, let me know what shows you’re watching.

I’m curious to see if you are fans of Mr. robot or man in the high castle or any of these new Amazon Prime shows that are coming out and give us feedback on what you like about these kinds of devices and what you’d like to see us cover.

Until next time, keep listening and streaming, I wanted to give you a tour of the on-screen display here, the interface of fire TV and fire stick, they’re essentially the same thing here and when you hit the little arrow of the home button, you get to see all your different apps.

So when you want to watch audio hogs videos, you could do it, we’ve got Netflix, lots of stuff on prime Amazon,all these original shows got show time Facebook integration, if you put them in here, there are all your settings and the best thing of all is that we can ask Alexa if we can’t find it.

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