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Get Rid of Cable and Get An Amazon Fire Stick at

Description: The following article primarily wants to tell us something about how to get rid of cable and get Amazon Fire Stick Walmart, and some solutions to the problems when watching YouTube.

I have had the Amazon fire stick for about a month now and it is the best decision for me and my wife has ever made anything you can think of on it, you will not be at a lack of anything, I’ll show you my recent here.

I watch YouTube all the time, Hulu Plus is something we signed up for a trial and we are going to keep it because it is that good. I was surprised honestly. I wasn’t expecting for there to be that much good content on there, but it is definitely worth the $9 a month.

I checked out too much of that, you get your music services Pandora Spotify use a lot you got games like flappy bird see, I never got in the Netflix, I was never too big on and I had it before and I think not my type of thing Netflix and chill hook, but there’s another thing now, I saw it’s not in the feature apps and games I looked on here before I started this little review thing I’m doing right now.

I noticed it seems to be a big up-and-coming thing where you can watch live TV and there are a lot of big channels that you can choose from and it’s $20 a month, so if you’re like one of those people like live TV which I don’t care too much, because I was always the DVR man where I’d watch show record shows and watch them the next day or within the next week, so that’s why I think this is good for me.

There’s an Amazon Prime which even makes their own shows, there’s a rare original and exclusives, I’ll show you other things, here’s the control, let’s get a good view of it, in the light, it’s a cool little thing, basically having c6 buttons, it’s on a scroll wheel just presses up-down left-right and then the center is the press button, so if you want to select something, you got recommended games, all kinds of stuff you go over to prime video, you have to pay for that.

But the majority of it is free and it got an abundance of movies, there’s like a million different things, you can watch and save things, your watchlist got your video library. I think your dad was up here a couple of weeks ago, you saved an abundance of games in the library, you can buy a game controller where you get more games offered to you.

I guess so many apps and music galore, you are not at a loss of things to do on this device. I think you should get rid of cable, do yourself a favor, save probably a thousand dollars a year, I think that’s what we figured out and what we’re going to save, because we’re paying $80 a month for DirecTV.

It doesn’t get you anything, that’s base package and it’s a big waste of money, I was never using and now we have this, I can’t stop turning it on, it’s like the first thing I do, you can search for things and find anything you’re looking for.

I’ll show you how it took up in the back, so I can get good enough of you,it’s just plugged in like that, it’s an HDMI, it has a little Wi-Fi thing coming of it and plugs into the wall and I haven’t had any problems with it.

If you have any problems, all that you’ve got to do is to restart it, I always watch YouTube, so the only problem I found is like after running for a long time, the video will start getting choppy and it will pause itself and all you got to do is to restart it, it’s like a phone and you’ll be able to play it for hours and hours, I hope you liked this review, please give me a thumbs up if you did, I hope this showed you more of what you need to know to possibly buy this device and sign up for Amazon Prime.

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