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How To Set Up An Amazon Fire TV And Amazon Fire Stick With Alexa Update At

Description: The following passage is mainly designed to show us the ways  to set up an amazon fire TV and some details about Amazon Fire Stick Walmart With Alexa Update.

This is Steven from Tech Steve HD comm, I’m going to show you how to set up an amazon firetv, so sit back and relax,here’s what comes in the box, you get a remote control, you get the batteries for it and a power brick to power it up, you get the fire TV instruction book and you get the fire TV unit, so let’s take a closer look at the fire TV unit.

It is a simple box, but on the back of it, you have all the inputs and outputs on it, on the back side, you have the power input jack,you have an HDMI output for sending over to a high definition TV, you have a fiber optic output, you will get the best sound out of it,you have an Ethernet port and you have a USB port good for gaming firmware update and miscellaneous.

The rural control is nice which is easy to get to the batteries on the top, it has a microphone for the voice command now, this one didn’t come with the lexus voice service, but I’ll go and update and see what it looks like.

Once we get it set up, getting start is fairly easy, once you plug the power cord into an outlet, you want to go ahead and plug that into the power,then you’re going to take an HDMI cable and plug that right into the HTML on the back and you see the light right.

It means that the fiber optics ready to go,if you don’t have Wi-Fi, you want to go and connect Ethernet to set up, remote is equally, it comes with triple-a batteries from Amazon, you plug those in the air.

Once you get those installed, go ahead and put the back,let’s go to the TV okay whipped instructional TV set, you want to look for the same play pause button on your Amazon remote control, let’s press.

The next thing is doing scanning for networks, so let me find my network, it does support five gigahertz as well, use the arrow on the remote control to select your Wi-Fi password, go ahead and click on connect.

Once you’ve put in your password,the unit’s going to check for updates, I’ve had this unit for a while, so it will take a moment to update,what it looks like? When it finally turns back on, let’s go ahead and go through the setup process.

Once the unit is updated, you want to select your account the cool thing about Amazon, if you buy it on your own name, it would already be preset up for you, but if not, you can go ahead and create account or register since I have a count.

Let me go and login, so it’s registering your account with your login, so let’s see what we can see inside this remote and the sound of your voice is cool, let’s get started now.

The next thing you have is where you can be able to parent two controls without a pin number, so in other words, if your kids are in a house and they’re looking to buy things you can control, keep it all for now.

Once everything’s set up, this is the home screen you get,you can play the Amazon set up TV guide, if you want to press play, let’s go down to the settings first.

In the settings, first we have display and sounds when you press on that, you can do screen saver, you can have it to automatically fit your display, you can have it to have Dolby Digital and there’s a way you can enable the screen mode from understanding, you need to have an Android device and also make it discoverable. You can leave it on this particular scene and then you can send it over to your screen, but I’m not going to get into that.

The next thing you have is parental control and you can create a profile and parental control, you can also set up time limits subscribe to unlimited thousand videos for the kids, so it’s a good setup, here is where you can set a controller, so if you get the gaming controller, you can set up here or if you want to get additional remote controls or other Bluetooth devices, you can set them up.

You have application here where it can collect data from you to customize your experience, you have Alexa or you can turn it off and on, you have your app store which you can automatically have to update, you can get internal and external links and out purchases and you can manage this description if you want to underscore something photos.

You can set up where your photos come from gaming circles, that’s like Apple Android where you can have people who are planning common games to show those scores and their highlights and here you can manage applications where you can go and see all the different apps are installed and how much storage they can use.

I like to point out on applications that you have four point seven seven gigabytes available, but I love five gigs, the jack on the back of it, you can plug in external storage to store memory and stuff like that.

Next thing is your system and this is where you can have a sleep timer set up about the unit to know which software is installed in it, you have your network where you can change your Wi-Fi, where you can hide all your application notifications, developers and locations.

You can go over quick tutorials, contact and feedback, the final thing is account, so back up to the home screen, you have your home here, that shows you all the different movies and everything you’ve been doing here on the main screen.

Let’s go down this list on the side, if you notice these highlights in yellow, you can keep up with me, you have on Prime that you’ve been watching and maybe things you subscribe to tell you the most popular, you can go there TV shows,if you buy movies or TV shows, they’ll pop up in this list mainly at the top, you have games, libraries.

When you download games into your unit spotlight, it shows you all the popular ones and you can see a list,we have applications, so if you go over there,I have HBO noun, but you can see your a spotlight.

Let’s see what kind of apps are in here, there are 77 apps under the food and drinks and there’s a whole list of them, let’s say fitness and health, you have all your different apps and there are hundreds of different apps here now, let’s go over here to your music, you have prime music set up.

You want to air over, hit continue and then it will bring in all your music which you can play on demand, if you have Amazon photos application,you can go in here and find old photos that you had in your system and new ones, so these are some of the photos I’ve taken a while back.

In the software,free time is a part of Amazon words set up for kids, so if you go in here, everything inside is going to be like a safe zone, so you can create a PIN number, once you create the pin,you can set up a profile for the kids genre the age, so it can customize a profile for your children since I updated this unit.

This remote control support the LexA voice command, so let’s give it a try, we’ll press and hold it down, you’ll see the screen pop up, what’s the weather like today in San Diego? It’s 62 degrees with intermittent clouds, forecast has mostly clear skies with a low, how tall is the tallest building in the world?

When is the next Dallas Cowboys, game boys will play this Sunday at 10 a.m. in Philadelphia against the Eagles, what movies are Samuel Jackson in? Once it pops up, you can press OK to select one and I’ll show you the movies, this is available from Android and iPhone from App Store.

You want to download the Amazon fire out, hit the microphone Amazon fire, once you find Amazon fire TV remote, you click on that and you can go and unjust install that, once you open it, you want to sign in and put in your Amazon account now and ask for the selected device.

We’re going to click on fire TV and there’s a four-digit code that popped up on the TV set, so the application is set up for the fire TV, you have the same controls as you would on a remote, everything is matched up step, you can use your finger to get through some of the screens here.

It’s a really good unit, if you’re a part of the Amazon prime equal system, you’ll love this device which is under $100, you can add an optional game controller and have a game system and the cool thing is the voice command, it is not going to interfere with any echo or Amazon products.

You have your house, the reason is that you have to press this button physically to get it to do something, if you like to buy one each units, I left a link for you in the description or you can go to Amazon tech Steve HD comm and type in keyword Amazon fire TV, they have different kinds of them but they work the same way.

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