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Description: The passage is designed to show us a review of Amazon fire TV stick walmart which is a new product, your AV receiver or any other HDMI device enables you to effectively turn it into a smart TV platform.

It will be a full review of this thing, it is the Amazon fire TV stick which is a new product that is essentially a chromecast competitor, both this and the chromecast are HDMI sticks that plug into the back of your television, your AV receiver or any other HDMI device and enables you to effectively turn it into a smart TV platform.

Whether you’ve got an older Smart TV, that’s a bit pants, it’s a cheap way to get loads of great content to your TV without having to pay a stupid amount of money for anything like a home PC server or going out and buying a whole new TV, because you want the Smart TV platform, so that’s what the m’s and TV stick is.

But what does it do? It is an amazon product, if you’ve already bought a lot of stuff from Amazon via apps music or if you’re a Prime member, you can access all the amazon benefits, so this is like a Netflix video on demand like service, so you can get all sorts of TV streamed straight to your stick at no extra cost as long as you have that Prime subscription.

If you don’t have a brand description that you can watch anything on the Amazon Marketplace as long as you’re willing to pay per thing that you watch, so some stuff is available as soon as it comes out on blu-ray or sometimes before that, so it’s not included in the Prime subscription.

You’ll have to pay a little bit extra for that, so if there’s a film that came out this week, you should probably be able to watch it on the stick, it depends on what it is, but this will be at an extra cost, so it’s another way of renting or buying your titles outline.

If you don’t like Amazon stuff, you’ve got Netflix which is one of the big things I’ve been using, so if you’re a Netflix member and you don’t have anything like a Playstation 3 lying around or you want to turn a study spare TV into a smart TV, this is definitely a sensible way to do it.

This is your home screen, navigating is very simple and you do it with the included remote, this is one of the biggest differences between these, the chrome cost doesn’t come with a remote, you use your TV app, it’s going to do a screen saver, because I have been sitting and talking but not using it.

If we scroll through, we have our home screen which loads of the featured apps or the recent apps, if you’re a prime video subscription person, this is going to be the screen you’re looking at most because you’ve got all of your Amazon stuff here, so if you want to watch something, it’s a case of scrolling along to it, clicking the play button, choosing an episode and watching it very simple.

If you don’t have Prime, you can buy things outright, but if they are available and prime them, this is definitely a much more expensive way of doing things, but you don’t want to pay the yearly fee or something like 60 pounds or thereabout or your regional equivalent for a year is reasonable but a lot of people don’t want to be doing it, so it’s nice that we have the option to buy things pay-as-you-go moving down, these have a separate movies and TV section which is all from the Amazon Marketplace.

We have a watch list similar to Netflix, I want to watch to the month, let me pick something and play it simple video library, if I rent or purchase stuff, you can see I haven’t done that James and Crossy Road, we’ve been playing that a lot of downstairs, if you haven’t played before it’s quite popular on iOS and Android.

It’s essentially a mini game smartphone game theme that gives you a few 1530 minutes of entertainment, if you want to be playing better games than you are burning a games console, we need the Amgen games console which is a middle of the road that can play more high powered games and comes with a remote with this, you can only play the games that support the remote.

You’ll need more functionality than five buttons moving down, we have the apps page, so the main thing I use here is YouTube and Netflix, it’s worth noting that has a pat mode at the moment, I’m going to change my mind at present.

YouTube is like a web browser thing that’s optimized for TVs, it’s not a true native app, but we are told that one is coming, you can use Netflix as well, if you want to do that and the other cool thing is that you can control all these things with your phone which I’ll get onto in a moment, but as I have bought plenty of stuff from Hanson and the music plays, if you’ve bought CD not even the mp3.

If you remember, it all comes with rip, so you get your mp3s included whenever you buy an audio CD, so a good example is the berry white one that I bought, I can play all my music now and through the TV without having to think about it, because I bought the CD a while back and it is now in my catalog, but it is definitely worth noting.

I don’t think the quality of the music was brilliant granted. I normally listen to the CD itself, but I don’t think the quality of the actual music from the streaming services was that brilliant, photos will pop up there, if you have any photos that you’ve stored on the cloud drive or anything like that settings and there are plenty of different settings.

A Wi-Fi only stick and it doesn’t support an Ethernet jack, because obviously it’s quite a small device and it’s pretty much the size of this remote, but you should see that from the Bevo’s now. I mentioned earlier that this whole thing is controllable with the included remote and a remote app, so if you have a smartphone which majority of us do now or the tablet you can use this as a remote, so if you want to do some basic activities, you can swipe up and down and that’ll go up and down.

There’s a text search that you can do with the remote, but it’s a lot easier to use the smartphone app, because you can use voice search, there is another remote that you can buy separately, if you don’t have a smartphone, that will have the voice search, but from what I can tell the app is surprisingly accurate if I want to watch, we’ve got a good route and downstairs but that is surprisingly quick.

I’ve seen for a service like this, I’ve used quite a lot of them don’t always work, but this one seems to be very good if you want to do tech search, you can get the keyboard or your phone up as well, but all the other functionality is there and if you accidentally go into the home screen, you don’t need to worry about it.

You open up the app, I don’t want to write it at the moment and it will go right where you left off, so this is a good service,that was my guided tour of the fire TV stick,the remote app, but not all streaming sites,streaming services and streaming sticks are created equal performance that is going to vary content, so is this a stick that is worth buying.

If you or Amazon customer and you’ve got a lot of Amazon’s stuff and you’ve got the Prime instant video, this does make a lot of sense, because you’re getting all the benefits of an Amazon service through an Amazon stick, so they work quite nicely.

I like the search with the smart phone, it is good if you’re looking for something, you can’t find it in your recent activity or something like that or someone told you a program, that is a good amount of functionality, the performance of the stick is very quick, I’ve never noticed any slowdown in anything other than games.

It’s worth noting that you get an included power cable in the box, but you don’t have to use this, you can plug the USB cable into the stick and then into the USB port on your television now. I’m not sure whether you should do this,because whenever you do it comes up with unrecognized power source, this isn’t helpful because of some power sources.

I’m going to be fine whereas some are going to be a bit underpowered, you’re going to get some chugging and things like that, so even though I’ve been using it with a mixture of the included power adapter and the USB cable, the performance between the two has in pretty similar, so it’s worth giving it a go, but if in doubt is probably worth plugging it straight into the wall and then you’re not going to have any problems setting it up, it’s difficult of logging into your Amazon account and that comes up this video explaining you how to use your stick the same with a smart phone app.

It tells you everything you need to do and how to do it, the app itself is good for the phone, but if you want to use the remote which is slick, it’s got all the buttons you need as for the actual playback quality which has been good.

It’s not always as good as I would like, this is a Wi-Fi only stick, so that could be the reason I mainly used to using ethernet devices, but when I start streaming something pretty much nine times out of ten, it will start streaming in quite low quality before or maybe ten and fifteen seconds later popping into the apt qualities out.

It’s not a big deal, but it is definitely something to mention, but that’s the only problem I have with the stick, but this is all available at the brilliant price of about 30 pounds, it is probably a tiny bit more than that.

I think it’s brilliant. If you don’t have a smart TV or you have an older Smart TV, it doesn’t have any of the apps you want, this is a great way not to waste a good television, so that pretty much brings us to the end of it, the only other things which worth mentioning are that in the box, you get power cable USB cable the stick and that HDMI extender, so if you can’t easily fit this device into the back of your television for whatever reason, you will be able to do if you use the included extender.

If you want to play games on this device, it’s going to be a little bit generous depending on the game, because it’s quite high-powered, it’s not high powered enough to be playing all these amazing titles, because you’ve got this remote with it.

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