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Turn An Amazon Fire TV Stick Into A Fire TV Of Amazon At

Description: The passage below is mainly focusing on the information about  how to turn a regular Amazon TV fire stick into a fire TV, and some other details about fire stick modification.

Today I’m teaching you how to turn a regular fire stick into a fire TV, I am going to give your fire stick all the ports that the fire TV has, so if you have the fire stick, I’m going to show you a cool little way that you can add additional ports to it.

This will allow you to use a keyboard, use an SD card USB flash drives, also an Ethernet port for hard-wired internet connection rather than Wi-Fi, so if you own a fire stick, you know that the only port available is this little one for the power, that’s called a microUSB port.

I found out a little while back that fire sticks support something called OTG technology, if you have an Android phone, you might be familiar with it, this is called an OTG cable, it has a microUSB on one side and a female USB on the other side.

The fire stick does support this technology, but there’s a problem, if you use a cable like this, the most common type you won’t have a place to power the fire stick and the fire stick won’t turn on, so I found this on Amazon.

I’ll have a link in the description directly to it, it’s an OTG cable, so it has a USB port which has a male microUSB jack, so you plug the one end into your fire stick, you’ll take your power plug and plug it into the female jack, your fire TV is receiving power from its regular adapter here, but on top of that, you have a USB port, if you’re only plan on using one thing like a keyboard, you can leave it and plug a keyboard into this.

You can use your keyboard to type on the fire stick rather than using the remote to do that for the purpose of it, we want to go out, if you get yourself a USB hub like this, it has to be a non-powered one, so it’s capable of running off a drift, this port without needing any extra power, so this one is a four port non-powered USB hub, this looks ridiculous for a lot of people, but if you’re desperate enough, this will work.

I have four ports that allow me to plug things into my fire stick. I have a USB flash drive and a SD card reader, this cable is a USB to Ethernet adapter,so one last thing that I’m plugging in is the keyboard wireless keyboard, there’s the fire stick power cord, the USB hub flash drive Wireless Keyboard Ethernet adapter and SD card reader.

If this is all hidden behind your TV where your fire stick is plugged in, it’s not a big deal, the functionality of it that matters, it’s a huge obstacle that the fire TV stick doesn’t have a port for a keyboard or any of this other stuff, this is a little thing that I found out.

If you don’t want to go through all this hassle,you can get a fire TV,it has all the same ports that we added, when it’s all said and done, your setup will look like this, if you want to give this a try yourself, I’ll link everything that I use in the description below,if you want to use a keyboard for your fire stick,get this cable by itself, it’s really cheap and it’s sold on Amazon, it gives you one USB port.

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