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Description: The article is about america first credit union login. This is an introduction to the America First Credit Union. The author introduces some services provided by America First Credit Union and how they value their customers.

We’re in a spontaneous work, we’re in an instantaneous worlds, you swipe your card, you get the purchase and you can go. My name is Tammy Gallegos, I’m senior vice president of marketing communications and service quality at America first credit union.

My role at America first is responsibility for marketing for product management, I’m Rich Simon, I am executive vice president with America first credit union. I’m responsible for any mobile services of the credit union including mobile banking and mobile payments.

I’m Bryce Bender from America first credit union. My job can boils down to the delay of our members. We have been focused on mobile for many years, we had a first mobile solution in 2001. My father was working at America credit union, they started the internet banking. As mobile has taken off in the last few years, that is where we’re concentrating, we think that is where we have to be.

Our strategic priority is to offer the very best mobile experience you can possibly offer, we’re always looking for ways to give more power to our members, it blends your mobile device with your Visa card and I can control my spending and not have to go into a physical branch or call a call center if I have a problem or want to stop a charge.

It’s a product that not a lot of people have, so you can differentiate yourself by offering, the possibilities were endless. We were going to build a proof of concept, the goal was that we were going to implement from day one. That’s what we were so excited about, when you can put something in a members’ hand, they can start using it immediately, it’s simple and easy, our members have jumped on it.

The response from the membership has been amazing, we had a member who had lost a card. He called me up and he said that he had to tell me about this. He didn’t know where it was. I took my phone out and I turned my card off. It came up that he was getting declined at all these individuals places but he was so excited about the fact that we did for him.

We were proactive in our approach that we provided the member with a proactive approach that saved him money rather than having to get your card reissued or get your PIN reissued. I use card guard to control how my card is used and when it’s used, I love that, it has the ability to set a threshold amount so you can limit transactions. It’s the privacy of that, it’s the confidentiality, but it’s also that peace of mind. I smile every time I use it to do a card transaction, it’s an amazing system.

The credit union is great, it is pushing the message out to all of our employees to make sure that the employees cut out to the members’ question. We found out that there are not the questions, our members are telling their employees how great it is to use it, it’s a self-serve tool.

During the implementation process, there were clearly some bumps and some hiccups, we had an extra field that was left blank. Leaving this field blank caused a number of double postings on our accounts, we were the ones that left that bill blank, we handed that field back to a blank state.

They walked into the meeting with such a great attitude. We had a good relationship and worked well with each other, but I know a lot more about these processes. We’re consistently and constantly looking for new products, new services, new ways of doing business to be able to introduce those to our members and have them interacting more with us through those meetings.

We absolutely feel that we can acquire new members with card guard, we feel that the members are always looking for different features and benefits of their Visa Card, this is one way that we can help them achieve those needs. The number one criteria for me is that I want people who care.

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