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Description: The article is about america first credit union login. This is the introduction to the relationships between America first credit union and glory teller infinity. America first credit union highly admires their relationships between glory teller infinity.

America first credit union has been around for over 75 years, we have 125 branch locations throughout four states, Utah, Nevada, Arizona and Idaho. We pride ourselves in taking care of our members, we built the Innovation Center as a way to understand the future of banking, one of the things that we were excited about the Innovation Center was the feedback mechanism.

Membership comes in and provides us with feedback on what solutions they would like to see out into our branches. Our membership said that they wanted to use assisted self-serve service, we took that to the next degree, our membership said that they wanted to use the glory teller infinity.

One benefit of this solution is that our members have always been used to coming up and talking to somebody. We want to be able to continue the conversations that allow for relationship building, relationships are built through people and not through machines, we knew that we needed to do that in in a degree while we wanted to advance technology, speed up the transaction, remove the simple transactions from a teller line and move it to automation.

We found that through the teller infinity machine. It adds value and complements to our sales culture. Branches as a whole have been large for us, we know that footprint needs to be smaller, we need to be able to change that footprint and be able to do more with less, that’s where solutions come into play.

We want to have a smaller footprint in our branch design, teller infinity allows us the flexibility to get rid of this massive teller line that we have at some of our branches, we are able to consolidate that space and still allow the flexibility of tellers interacting with members, building relationships, the teller infinity machine is the key to our branch transformation.

One great solution that the teller infinity machine has helped us with is the integration with the tablet, they have helped us decide what we should deploy and how to help members give feedback of what they enjoyed, we had a system in place called in branch and we were able to take in branch and reuse a lot of the investment that we had done within branch.

This provides an overview of who is in my branch, who is using the machines, the status of what their account is. There are some sales opportunities that we’re able to engage with. We have a great relationship with glory and we have it for a while.

As we looked at deploying a solution for Self Serve or assisted Self Serve, the partnership with Glory has been valuable. Glory is an international company that has experience worldwide, they’ve been able to deploy solutions and understand banking in a way that we haven’t, that helps us gain confidence in what advice they will give us, they’ve been a great partner to help build the strength of America first credit union.

We’re excited about the feedback that we’ve gotten with teller infinity, we’re excited about the results that we’ve seen so far. We enjoy what it does for our culture and what it does for sales efficiency, we’re looking forward to the positive experience that our members will have because of the teller infinity solution.

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