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Ancestry DNA Test Results With My Mom

Description: The following passage mainly focuses on the key words about ancestry DNA. The author is expecting the final results of his ancestry DNA test result, finally he gets the results and wants to share with us about the details and some exact percentage of his DNA.

The finally moment has arrived, everybody’s been waiting for my DNA ancestry results, we got both results, I’m going to take a look at them, I’m going to see where I come from, I’m going to have to give a call to my mother, I could already see that something seems to be up here.

What’s going on here? This is my DNA story, 27% great Britain, I want to see what this is all about, because it’s already a little jarring, migrations puerto ricans Pennsylvania, what’s going on here? Though England, Scotland, Wales, I guess Pennsylvania, but I thought I was more.

So there is some Spain, Portugal in me, there is some Latin in there, it’s detecting some, but not as much as what I thought, 18%, this is my breakdown, I’ve got some Native American, some Togo, but Benin what is that? I spit in a tube for this, this is what I spit in a tube for nothing else, wait a minute, I could have some cousins in here because of their clothes, their parent, wait a minute, Junior W parents.

Wait a minute, those are my initials relationship, that’s not real bit, there’s no way, who is this? A saint is my dad, the confidence is extremely high, you can’t tell me that somebody has an extremely high chance of being my father and then not let me discover how we’re connected unless I pay forty five dollars, you can’t sit, you can’t do that, so 23andme has a little bit more information here.

It seems that I’ve got traits, I’ve got the ancestry, you got genetic health risks, I did everything here in terms of spitting in this tube, so do the basic ancestry first and let me see what my report is, thank you very much, African 14.9, this seemingly goes a little bit against donut where’s the African come in at, this is my chromosome painting, I could get this framed, it’s so beautiful 67%.

I have 5% of me. that’s unassigned, how does 5% of me, go untested, what about my genetic health risks, what Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, I have reports about your piece, show me the report, you do not have the variant they tested.

I think that was OK, I was scary stuff there, could I check the other report? We’re good, you do not have the two genetic variants we tested, it’s not covered by the test, it doesn’t mean that it can’t happen, but it can smell the asparagus odor detection, it’s true, both spot no bald spot bitter taste, it can’t taste cheek dimples likely no dimples, that’s wrong.

I think I have at least one likely note cleft chin, likely detached earlobes, likely no hair loss, likely wet earwax Rock, likely brown or hazel eyes, you got it, but if you’re going to pick between two, it’s cheating a little bit of freckles straighter waving it from my hair texture, that’s wrong, sweeter salty, I likely prefer salty, likely a little bit of a unibrow.

I don’t know YouTube route, what my mother says about these, this is going to be terrible in it, I finally got a chance to look over my DNA test, why are you laughing? I’m going to tell you what I found out, I don’t laugh, there are some things that have been found here on these, between these two websites, I think I deserve some answers.

Please look, I spit in two different tubes, they can’t be lying to me, look for the first DNA test, this was like more of a breakdown of everything, this one says that I am 67 percent European, it also says I’m 14.9% sub-saharan, Saharan African, what’s the hottest?

So it’s a Horan’s, I don’t know how to pronounce it, out of that, 14.9% 12.2 12.2% of that is West African, you’re being rude, I have 11.3% East Asian and Native American, you told me I was Asian, there’s also 5.4 percent, that’s unassigned.

Here’s 5% of me that they don’t even know where it came from, look, if I go through the traits, it gets close though, it says I’m likely to smell asparagus odor and I can smell that it says I’m likely to have a little bit of back hair which is true, back hair, it says that I don’t have a bald spot, it says that I’m not likely to have a cleft chin which I don’t have a butt on my chin.

It says that I’m not likely to have hair loss, I don’t have any hair loss, it says I likely have brown eyes like all this stuff is true, so how do you explain that? It even says that my skin pigmentation is likely to be a little bit lighter, how do you explain that?

They get wrong about the Asian part, it has the Spain and portico and like the Latin, like background as well, that came first, that’s hilarious, I’m going to tell you what’s not hilarious, you think that these things are a joke, there is an option here, there’s an option here to build a family tree or something like that.

When you go on here, it shows you who could possibly be like cousins and 1,000th cousin, it gives you DNA matches of random people, when I view my DNA matches, there is one thing here that sticks out mother Johnson.

There is the top person under my DNA that I have some kind of relationship with their username, it says in terms of relationship, it says this person is my father, it says confidence extremely high that this person is my father, look at the username, the username is j RW, they are my initials, it says it’s extremely high, it says it is your father.

I don’t know what to tell you, it says it could be petty, it says it could be parent, I know that I don’t have a kid, so it has to be, it says this person is your father, I can’t look into it, they want 45 dollars for me to look into it, so you’re saying for sure, I shouldn’t think that this person is my father, I could send a message to them, they’re going to tell me to the subject, hi dad, I’m your son, what else should I hit? What else should I message?

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