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I Am Not What I Thought in Viewing My DNA Results

Description: The following article mainly refers to a notification of the Ancestry DNA results the author received, he wants to analyse some details about why he is not what he thought before.

I got a notification of my DNA results at about 10 o’clock yesterday, I am going to take a look and see what I’m made of.

I’m Irish. I’m more than 50%, so I’m 52% from Ireland, 94% European, it says a 52% Irish or Ireland area 14% Iberian Peninsula was Spain Portugal, that’s a huge surprise to me,11% Europe west only 7% Greece Italy isn’t that interesting which makes a little sense.

Sicily would be near Iberian, that’s Italy Greece, I have to get my parents to get their DNA, so break down the range which is between four, Irish is anywhere between thirty seven to sixty six percent and the on their testing and the average came out to fifty two percent, so some of the results came back at 66 which is close to seven thirty five percent.

I guess more than fifty as low as 37 which averaged out to 52 percent, but it extends out from Ireland out through Scotland and UK area, 14 percent breakdown is Spain and Portugal which extends out all the way through France and Italy, but isolated in Spain 14 percent which would make some sense for the Italy visa Sicily and Italy part.

This goes back tens of thousands of years as well, so that’s where the genetic makeup is 11% France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic primary Central Europe most is your West, but from what I think of your dead center in the middle of it and the 7% Greece and there are no huge breakdowns on underneath.

I’m a smidgen of Italian, it must be my appearance and 21% Great Britain or 6% grapefruit in the range is 0 to 21%, so a 6% Great Britain and there are 4% trace regions break down to 3% Scandinavia and less than 1% Finland and Northwest Russia which is still in there, so all equates to my 95 percent in for 94% European.

There are West Asian traits trace regions 4% Cox’s which is a Middle East part of Middle East includes Turkey Iran and Iraq and then there is 2% Middle East, 2% Middle Eastern interesting, I’m 52% Ireland, still the majority which I figured wonder why I look at the way, some people say this is an Irish look, I don’t know what Irish look like. I know that what I look like, I can’t smell some stuff well, it is my can that wonders what you’re made up of.

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