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Description: The following passage wants to indicate us with the information about the collaboration with ancestry DNA, we will be shown about the service which takes a DNA sample and uses advanced science.

I am doing a collaboration with ancestry DNA, it is a service which takes a DNA sample and they use advanced science, I don’t know how it works, but they predict your genetic ethnicity and they tell you where you’re from, so I’m excited it takes six to eight weeks for the process to happen.

There’s a big tube, that’s the black line, you will have to sit down every 10 minutes, we do not drink, smoke or chew gum for 30 minutes or we have a cup of tea, what about a chocolate? I’ll take another look.

I managed this with how I spell or something so simple respecting,we’ve shaken them up a vial on mate and there’s an important code on you, we’re going to go on punching the code, they can track that, this is my spit, nobody else’s, and we’re going to put them in these boxes, send them off and we’ll find out where we’re from.

I don’t know whether there’s a breakdown, a Scottish line yet England UK Scotland. I think there should be a tiny bit Irish, I think I’m about eight Irish, so my dad has done a lot of researching into our family history, he’s probably got a bit more of an idea of where our ancestors came from, but I heard a bit of Sweden, we have to connect with Sweden.

I think the Swedish a bit of German or Russian, I think that’s on your mother’s side,so you’re going to put these in the bags now and then, you have to write your name, you have to get the code,you can send these off,so it’s easy, we sent off that little bottle with a saliva sample ancestry DNA ran it through their systems, analyzed it, they have over four million other DNA samples.

Millions of family trees and billions of historical records,they have this advanced DNA science that they used to send me back, hopefully, a pretty accurate prediction of where I’m from and I’ve seen a few other videos, but people do this,it’s exciting to be able to do it now.

I hope to do it, my father is not with me,but when I get back to the UK and I’m sitting down in my dad, I would do this with him as well, I had asked him not to check his results,so we’re going to do that together in a vlog in the future.

I can do my DNA matches,I can find relatives, this is amazing,so 58% Europe West, thirty percent Irish and four percent British, four percent Scandinavian Sweden Norway and Denmark, that’s the Viking and great-great-great-grandmother from Swindon four percent Iberian Peninsula.

If you can see on the image, that covers Great Britain, you can also find in Ireland, France, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria and Italy, but it seems to put most of my DNA genetic heritage to Europe West which I think there is this overlap.

let’s further down, so we’ve got 30 percent island, San Island also includes Wales and Scotland, so they are like big rings around the kind of regions, the more people log on and submit their DNA, the more accurate they’ll be able to get the data, because the database is going to be a lot bigger, so my DNA links with these orange dots here, this is where my mother Tyler and my family’s from.

I’m a McGregor while not on a Gregor, but my mother’s side of the family is McGregor as much as my clan, this is the ring, I’m confused about the 4% from Spain and Portugal. I guess this doesn’t make sense, it’s overlapping, this is the connection in Norway and Sweden, so this is a complete puzzle, I honestly came into this, I’ve got a good breakdown.

My parents give me a lot of information about my relatives, but this is mind blowing,there should be the whole regions and it didn’t know us from Spain. The history is a Spanish for Portugal connections,I cannot wait to sit down, my father looks at his, because I want to know whether they are the Spanish cultural connections and my parents’ side will be able to find out my ancestry DNA results that was fascinating to find out about my genetic heritage and I would highly recommend you do it yourself and see where you’re from even if you’re confident that you probably don’t know, so check out forward slash Louie Cole and that’ll get your 10% discount.

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