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My Ancestry DNA Results Are in

Description: The passage below continues to show us about the final ancestry DNA results of the author, telling us several other details about the ethnic background that made him who he is today.

I got my ancestry DNA results, if you don’t know what that is, the tester tells you everything about you such as what your ethnic background is made of, so I did the test and it’s been about three weeks and I finally got it today.

I haven’t looked at it, other people might want to do it, they can see what it is, what you do, so I’m not excited, so your DNA results are here, I’m black, if it says anything else, other than black, it probably doesn’t work.

I asked for a refund, so I’m looking at it now, take a look, turn it down, ethnicity estimate for Deon Washington.I am 23 percent European of the 76 percent African which is broken down to what exactly I am.

I’m 31 percent Ivory Coast Ghana, 16 percent Senegal, 9 percent band to 8 percent Nigerian and seven percent Cameroon and five percent Mali and less than one percent Togo geez, I’m 1% Asian, I didn’t see that I had to scroll down.

I’m 8% Ireland, 7% Europe West, 6% Scandinavian, 1% Great Britain, 1% Europe Jewish, I am Caucasus cut casos, I don’t even know what that is. I want to look it up. Caucasus is from Iraq Turkey Iran Turkmenistan and Syria Psalm 1 %.

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