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My Ethnicity DNA Results in

Description: In this passage, we can find a large amount of information about the ancestry DNA results of the author, analyzing for us about different reasons why he has those kinds of DNA.

I will share with you about all my DNA results that I got back from for my 30th birthday, my husband got me the test kit, I was telling him that I want to know where my ancestors come from. I wanted to know exactly where in, it can narrow it down to a tribe or village per se, but they’ll tell you the continent and the country.

I’m not an expert on this DNA stuff, it’s ancestry DNA calm and I’m sure that’s where he ordered the DNA kit, it was a little over 100 dollars for one kid, but honestly, if it’s something that you want to know about your ancestors of your history or your DNA, that is completely worth it, so it took less than a month for us to get our results back.

My husband and I did it together, because I think he wanted to know too. It is easy they give you step-by-step instructions, the hardest part was getting the courage to do it. I don’t know why courage should even be that serious, but I feel like I have a lot of secrets in my family.

It was on the 22nd of September, when we received this information and these are mine ethnicity estimates and it gives my entire name here, they have all for my government names, they write the results word.

I am a 65 percent African,I was a little shocked by that, because I thought I would at least be in the 70 range. I don’t know why I had 79% or 82 percent, I have no idea why I had that in my head, my ancestors came from other than 65 percent which was Nigeria and Ghana, so Nigeria’s 23 percent,Cana is 22 percent and I have Nigerian blood.

The people of Ghana do not identify themselves as Guyanese, that is not the proper term,if you’re from Ghana and what’s the proper term, I was so happy to be able to identify myself with these two countries.

If they give you a breakdown, it gives you all the countries in which your ancestors came from, they give you the percentage, so the ones with the highest percentages are the ones that most of my ancestors came from, so they are probably the ones that I can mostly identify myself with and the other ones nine percent was southeastern bantu and then I have to go Congo Senegal North Africa South Central hunter-gatherers and Mali.

I have Asia South less than one percent, although they’re important, I feel like I can’t even identify myself with less than one percent, it’s very easy to understand they break it down for you and then they color-coordinated and then up here in the map, they coordinate your color on the map, you don’t know where these areas are.

They’ve identified it for matching the colors from top to bottom, so that was cool, this is the part, there’s the second sheet, I am a 34 percent European, that was a little hot, I was expecting this to be 20.

I am 26 percent Great Britain. I love my UK people, some of my closest friends here on YouTube are from the UK and I can identify with the fashion world over there, when I saw this, somebody’s got some explaining to do, that’s my Ricky voice, when I Love Lucy, somebody might be too young for that, when I saw that Great Britain 26 out of the 34% European blood, that flows through my body, 26% is from Great Britain.

I had presumed that my father and my mother’s father were from Scandinavia, so that’s what I always thought, according to this map, Sweden is some miles away from good Great Britain, so DNA doesn’t lie.

Let me tell you more about the Great Britain, Europe West which is like Germany and France was 3% and I have Iberian never even heard it two percent and then Scandinavia is 2 percent and then European Jewish is one and then Ireland is one.

Those ones in Bulow’s are insignificant, what it means is that at some point, my ancestors might have had a higher percentage, but as far as where I am on the chain, for my grand grandparents, my great-grandparents,it’s almost on down to me, the DNA has slithered out of my body and I can’t explain it any other way than that.

As generations passed down, you get less and less DNA of your ancestors, so at some point, it was higher,as far as me, I am a 65 percent African and 34 percent European now, let’s go back to the Great Britain part, so I was so confused,because I was always told that we have Native American in our blood,this is probably very popular throughout the African American culture because a lot of us believe that were mixed with Native American.

Maybe my great-grandmother does or something like that, but I was a little taken back, I told my mother, she was confused, because she heard that from her mother, when I look at my ancestors’ pictures, they have features of a Native American, the cheekbones, the hair, the skin color.

According to my DNA, I don’t have a dot of Native American blood in my body, let’s go back to the Great Britain percentage, Great Britain is the United Kingdom, so I had to put my papers down with that. I was confused by that not being a big history buff, that was confusing for me, so I quote up my mother and father on my FaceTime and showed them my results.

During the time of slavery, Great Britain was like the central hub,that’s where majority of the slave traded, they came from Africa to Great Britain and then from Great Britain to other countries, but I know Great Britain was like the central hub for slave trade and things like that naturally because of that interaction, the Great Britain and the slaves were intermingling,they were around each other, some slaves got pregnant by some Great Britain.

African Americans should have Great Britain DNA, if any of you got this test done and you identify yourself or the DNA identifies you as African-American, let me know if you have Great Britain, I want to know if this is true or not, because it makes sense, but I wonder about the results of everybody else.

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