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My Ancestry DNA Results Are In

Description: The article is about a woman does the ancestry DNA test to find out where she come from. She shares her experience on how she did this test and what the result is. She also suggests that everybody can do this test to find your identity and feel the culture of the country that you belong to.

I am so excited about this. I’ve been waiting for my DNA results to come in. I got the email this morning and I had to wait till I was able to record so I can come in and share my results with you. Both my parents were born and raised in Haiti. They came here in their mid-20s. I always ask myself that do I know anything else? My sisters in the room now because she wants to find out what my results are. Should I say anything else?

My dad talked about his grandmother. I think that was his maternal grandmother. He describes her as fair-skinned with long curly hair that she used to wear a single braid. And then she used to wrap it in a bun. I don’t know. That’s all I know. I’m properly nine ninety percent African descent. I think I’m from Cameroon. I think I’m from my Cameroon because when I meet Cameroonian,they seem to have exaggerated features and I have these big eyes,nose,lips. I don’t know. A lot of people who are from Nigeria say that I look Nigerian. I am going to say migrated. Most Haitians didn’t migrate. They were brought to Haiti as slaves from West Africa. It’s likely that most of my ancestors came from those areas. That’s all I know.

The only thing I’ve been mistaken for is if I am Nigerian. A few people asked me if I’m part of Asian. I think it is funny. I am so excited and also I’m nervous. I don’t know why I’m nervous. I’m so nervous. I find this so funny. I don’t know why I feel like I want to get emotional. It turns out that I am 47% Cameroonian. It is not crazy. That’s what I thought. Every time I saw someone from Cameroon,I can feel something. If you’re from Cameron,you can talk to me. I have the big eyes and when I look at my eyes and I feel like probably I am from there.

I am 47% Cameroon/Congo;31% Benign/Togo;6% Senegal/Senegalese;2% Nigeria;1% Ivory Coast/Ghana. I am less than 1% North Africa. That’s where I’m from. I was right. I remember I have said this in the beginning that I felt like I was over 90% African. According to this,that’s what I am with. I’ll read out some of the other places that have high matches. The highest one was Native American which I find it funny and interesting. But other than that it looks like I’m mostly West African which makes sense. I’m very happy. I’m happy and proud about that. I don’t know. That’s amazing to find out. I don’t get a lot of questions about whether I’m mixed with anything different. But I always felt like I’m black.

I have strong roots in Cameroon because of the futures. I think it is interesting. For those who always think I’m Nigerian,you are not wrong. I have 2% of that. I think everybody should do this. I bought mine on ancestry or I bought it over Black Friday if you can believe it. So it was 50% off. I want to come back. I want to do the African ancestry DNA and get my results. But it’s interesting if you have ever done this or start planning to do this.

You may think that you’re going to react one way. As I was trying to get it pulled up on my laptop because my phone does not operate well. I was getting anxious and when I first saw a camera at the top. I don’t know. I became emotional and I feel like I wanted to choke up. I grew up with strong culture even though I were here in the US. I was born and raised here. My parents are not born here. I have strong influence from Haiti and grow up with that culture.

At the same time,I am knowing that that it wasn’t our original home. We came from somewhere before that. Knowing where it is makes me feel amazing. I want to try African ancestry. It’s expensive so I have to save up for it. I will try to narrow it down. They can even tell you what tribe you might be from as well. You can look that up and gett to know those people in the culture and see if there’s some personality traits maybe I have inherited. I recommend it to you. I’ve been waiting to do this and that is so exciting. I want to look into this more.

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