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Angie’s List Hides Negative Reviews for Paying at

Description: The author intends to show us how Angie’s List manipulates reviews for paying contractors, and  some other details about Angie’s list hiding negative reviews for paying.

I am going to show you how Angie’s List manipulates reviews for paying contractors. As a paying contractor, I must have two sites, I must have a dashboard, a business center, I must have a site where our customers can go to and look for us, so I can see how they see us and where we rank.

I’m going to log in and pull up our reviews, when a customer review, you have the right to respond, this individual wrote us a March 6 2015, giving us some angry remarks, so in the spirit of protecting my company, you can pause this, when you’re done, this is their response.

So I responded to that, we’re ridiculous, but anybody knows that you can’t keep everybody happy, this is the reason why we’re still in business, we paid forty three thousand dollars roughly a year thirty three hundred a month to be on the first page of a rotating list of contractors in a certain area on the same day, March 6 2015.

We did work while we’ve completed work and this individual had time to go on guessing, the work was completed on February 1st and gave us all As now, this was $26,000 and she was very happy with us and we appreciate the referral, so she gave us a name.

As a paying customer,I need to go over here, so I will go over here and search for where that sea went, so what I’ll do here is that I’ll type in the location where we advertise under the area of kitchen and bathroom. I’ll search for my company.

None of these companies manipulate reviews as well as everybody else and that’s how it works and I can show you how to do that later, here’s my company, 15 years in business and click on that and they got these big deals that only people without workers compensation usually afford to do these deals for people which violates all the Virginia workers compensation laws, because the people that purchase these pay Andy’s list, then Angie’s List 1099 disease subcontractors to do the work and usually the cheapest deal gets the work.

Three weeks ago, here’s the one that’s you know $26,000 review, it’s a negative review, they get aggravated, especially when it’s not warranted, so Angeles does not like to post them and they claim ignorance.

I will show you something even more disgusting on the cross and AB Angie’s List in 2013. A company named picture-perfect home improvements which belongs to my brother and I decided to join Angie’s List as far as an hour, because they were manipulating people, you can’t pay to be on Angie’s List, you can trust the people in our community,believing that either we play or we cease to exist, nobody was doing anything as far as the illegals on there and the workers comp.

I have emails last year about all the people ahead of us with the legal, they weren’t even licensed on Angie’s List, because they were paying advertisers and I have emails on that, so I will go picture perfect home improvements in 2013.

My brother and I signed up for advertising on the first page, in June of 2014, they decided to change the terms and conditions of the contract, we’ve signed up, so that we would rotate in the top five positions on the first page and that’s what we paid into 2014.

They ceased that contract, never informed us and threatened us that if we didn’t continue paying that, we would end up with a disclosure on our website, but on Angie’s List site seeing that we were its quote important, I called the deadbeat disclosure.

If I’m a consumer, I’m looking at picture perfect home improvements and I go in here and I looked at that, let’s see how this person does, he deserve reviews, what does that mean? He has 238 reviews, so Angie’s List took it upon themselves to change the terms and conditions of our contract where my brother was paying eighty thousand dollars roughly for first page placement in top five rotation where I was paying first place page meant for top five rotation.

I have that email, I can forward that, they never warned us and never did anything, but drop our placement on the page, so what they told them was that I will go back if you don’t pay us this and they told me the same thing, this is what we will put on your page even though he’s a highly rated contractor.

I have 20 employees. I could not afford to have this place on my page, my brother’s a little bit of a smart business, he’s more flexible and this is what they did, so it’s corruption, I have many other emails, this is part one.

I am ready to send this stuff out. I have an A+, it’s a better business girl, I have an A with the Angie’s List. I’m tired of going into people’s homes and they feel that these are reviews, I could show you the corruption that this company goes through for their own purposes not for the consumers benefit which they claim that they are morally corrupt or justified in addition to this.

When I contacted on Angie’s List, what happened was that the lady called me and let me leapfrog in the waiting line to be an advertiser and I have that on a form phone message, there’s a ton of corruption going on, they hide reviews, they manipulate, they slander businesses, they change the reviews.

Let’s go back to this one, they got picture-perfect and they slandered him, you sign a contract with us, but in this disclaimer here, it says we could change the terms and conditions of the contract without your having any rights, that’s totally illegal.

We’re not going to replace your tub or toilet and we have every right to do that, but we will remodel everything else and you still need to pay us, that’s the corruption, so this is,part one, I will forward more of these as it goes on and I’m waiting for some repercussions and some backlash.

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