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How to Negotiate on Angie’s List at

Description: The article below is going to show us two sides of the organization named Angies List, mentioning several methods on how to Negotiate on Angies List.

I’m going to talk to you about Angie’s List. There are two sides to this organization, the general public can find what she wants if your residential customer come in, it’s a way for contractors to find out more about us.

There’s one side that people don’t know about, that’s where she makes her living contractors. I’m going to teach you how to negotiate with Angie’s List, if you’re a contractor,, I’m going to ask you to do me a favor, we need to spread the word, if there was a stands list out there that existed, Angie’s List would be the first company on it, they’re the companies dealing with the things not only in the terms of ratings and reviews, but in how much they charge us for advertising.

I’m going to walk you through a story. I will teach you how to negotiate with Angie’s List and then you can apply this directly to your company, hopefully this helps you,because this is one of those companies, one of those organizations that you got to watch out for.

Let’s talk about negotiating with Angie’s List and what that means as a contractor, which is the truth? You cannot advertise or pay to be on Angie’s List, which means you have to have two people send in reviews to you.

Once you get those two reviews,expect your phone to start ringing off the hook, their advertising agents will be calling you to optimize your listing, they will go for the jugular, they’ve done it to me, I want to make sure that you’re protected, so here’s my story with Angie’s List, they were calling me off the hook, I gotten my two reviews and they weren’t awesome reviews, they were just average reviews, but as soon as those two reviews came in, would you like to optimize your Angie’s List review?

I didn’t know anything about this. How could you optimize a review well? What I found out is when you pay Angie’s List, they take the keywords that make you sound like a super hero and they put them in big bold letters and you pay a premium price for that.

It was against my core beliefs, but I talked to a company where advertising on Angie’s List was their sole means of getting business and it is a great way for contractors to get working, because a lot of people use Angie’s List, but when they start calling you, be careful, here’s what you got to do.

My story with Angie’s List starts like this. I’m driving down the road and the representative calls me up and says if you’d like to optimize your listing on Angie’s List, we can do it for just $33,000, I laughed at the person, I wasn’t friendly to him, I laughed, let’s take that price, let’s cut it in half.

We could even start talking. I figured it was the end of the conversation, nobody sells anything, it’s going to start on a $33,000 and be willing to drop down to below three thousand dollars, but not Angie’s List, let’s see what we can do for you, that should be a big red flag, how can you drop your price down that much? They have that capability now, you’re going to find that when they first contact you for advertising, they are going to give you the Cadillac with all the options, you don’t necessarily need this part, what you can do with Angie’s List is to define down the areas where you are optimized in, so you don’t have to be optimized across your whole metropolitan area.

if you only work in a certain zone, they will try to get you to optimize across wherever the largest possible region for the most possible money, they can define which area you want and then negotiate aggressively, don’t give in a friend of mine Meridian tree, he didn’t know about negotiating with Angie’s List.

I think one of their opening offers which was $12,000 for the year which wasn’t too bad, unfortunate truth is that they didn’t optimize his listing to get his attention, so he was for $12,000 for the year, he was getting about one or two phone calls a month from it, so you’ve got to be very clear on the area that you want to focus on.

How much are they going to optimize your listing? They’ll throw in more bells and whistles and let’s cover some of those as well, so I’m trying to beat up on Angie’s List, I advertise with them and get a large portion of my work from my advertising with them, so don’t feel like you should write them off, because you can get a lot of work from them.

Once you establish in the Angie’s List system, they’re going to continue to call you, they’re going to offer you specials and different service plans, if you’re getting enough coverage,on your normal advertising,if you want any of those bells and whistles, I have tried them out.

There’s nothing special about them, there are so many different options you can do, sometimes it’s better to say, I’m sticking with what I have, so be careful, because you sign on the dotted line, it doesn’t mean the calls will stop there.

In summary, Angie’s List can bring you in a ton of work, it can be a great Avenue for advertising for your company as well as establishing your reputation, but don’t cave on their first realms of negotiating, set your price and standards, let them come to you.

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