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My Experience with Angie’s List at

Description: The article primarily refers to Angie’s List which most of the people consider to be extremely wonderful, containing the experience of the author about it, its developments and benefits as well.

This is George Packard, this is a normal edition of shop Talk, I don’t know how exciting it’s going to be, but it’s plain old shop Talk. We’re going to talk about Angie’s List which is an awesome thing and there are a lot of people who believe in Angie’s List.

A girl named Angie started this business and made a lot of money and now is even hungrier for money, apparently, it’s a cool concept, Angie’s List goes out and finds contractors and does background checks and make sure that they’re good people.

What she’s selling is the confidence in coming to Angie’s List to find qualified contractors, because everybody and their brother has been ripped off by a contractor sooner or later, you get it because there are so many bad ones out there, you’re a contractor, there are a lot of bad people that have come before you.

They have done a terrible job for people and screw them out of money or did this or did that, so Angie’s List is set up to help consumers find trusted people,we belong to Angie’s List for quite a while and we still do and I thought it was awesome, because people call us and tell us what they saw on Angie’s List, you have great reviews, we’d like you to do our project for us, that’s fantastic.

We track all of that stuff, so if it came from the Better Business Bureau Angie’s List the internet flyers, we track everything, so Andy Angie’s List works then, they get a call the other day and now apparently they’re after money, because now the person calls me up, he wants to sell me on Front age placement on Angie’s List and I’m thinking about front page placement.

I suppose it is getting so big, it’s like pay-per-click stuff, he wants to sign you up, but he’s telling me that for $400 a month hundred bucks a week, I can be up there on the front page and in the top three spots, so I’ll get most of the calls, so I’m thinking this probably isn’t a bad thing, but I’m leery of it and I’m like my whole philosophy behind Angie’s List.

It was a free service that you didn’t have to pay, that’s why we signed up with Angie’s List, we don’t pay anything, but the consumer is the one that pays, they pay to belong to Angie’s List to have access,they pay for that, so Angie’s already made money.

I think it was a one-year commitment then he came down and said he could get me a six-month commitment, but couldn’t guarantee that he turns around, I’ll tell you what I could see spending $1200 a year, I could see that is good advertising, whatever you can make that happen.

We have a three-way phone call, supervisor tries to get me up to 400, I won’t come up to 400, I stayed at 100, finally they agreed to it and said we’re going to do this, let’s get her done. I’ll call you back when I get to my other desk where I can take your credit card, so the person calls me back and he says ad Georgie says I got to tell you we did a little talk and after we’re done there and we can’t do that for a hundred bucks.

We got to 300, I can make that happen for you, I have wasted more time on the phone with you, by that time, I was pissed, if they gave it to me, I wasn’t about to become part of it. That’s what Angie’s List did to me and that gave me bad taste in my mouth, because instead of them being a cool company out there, they’re making their money off, the consumers want to come, they got greedy and now they want to make it off the contractors on top of it whom without us would even have a business.

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