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The Culture of Angie’s List at

Description: The article shares some information about the culture of Angie’s list with us, containing its creative approaches to work, how employees collaborate to solve problems and move the business forward.

Angie’s list’s a fun and creative, there is never a dull day, because everything is fast-paced, we’re always working together, collaborating and working to solve problems and move the business forward.

We’re going to enjoy this, because the company and the product is on the edge of a very large untapped market, we’re finding ways to leverage technology to redefine and solve a lot of problems that people deal with the home services industry and that makes it very exciting to be a product designer here.

If we have an idea, we have the freedom to run with it which I think is an important part of the culture of a company, our micro services architecture is designed to accommodate multiple languages.

It has built a cloud first approach so that we’re taking advantage of the latest innovations, so we are an agile shop here at Angie’s List and the teams get to pick if they are doing scrum or Kanban based on the teams that they are working with especially the business, we try to adopt scrum Kanban and any other agile framework that fits appropriate the unique thing about the Angie’s List campus.

It wasn’t built to be an office, it was built to be an open collaborative space where you could have coffee with someone in 1950s diner, you can meet people at one of the oldest fire houses in Indiana, you can work in some of the open spaces, we have in a restored tile warehouse.

The idea is that the character is a 150-year-old campus, you can get together, meet in an open collaborative way, it’s great to be able to sit down with five or six people and everybody is comfortable, proposing a way to a tackle a problem and everyone is open to those ideas.

It’s all about logical, my job title allows me to be the person to do all the talking. I’m proud to work at Angie’s List, because I feel like it’s a bunch of people who are passionate about their job, they don’t work to live, they are passionate and they have innovative ideas, they’re collaborative people.

We have a lot of opportunities for employees to be engaged, one is our soap box derby where we can go out and race soapbox cars, we also have a bring your kids to work day which is an opportunity for your kids to come in learning about Angie’s List in our culture.

We also have opportunities of volunteerism which is important to get out in the community, get everybody know us a little bit, but also go out and clean things up a little bit the connections, I’ve made at Angie’s List invaluable, it’s the people here that make the difference, we laugh and have fun every day, working in the Angie’s List gives me a sense of purpose, I love knowing that I can make a difference and see the results come to light.

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