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Releasing A Song Spotify Apple Music Student iTunes And More Complete A Song Episode 16

Description: The passage is about apple music student song release. The whole content is related to releasing a song on different apps. The author is willing to show us several useful ways on how to release the songs in GarageBand in iOS to iTunes, Apple music, Spotify, Google Play and all the other online and streaming platforms on PC.

It is Peter for studio life today and over the past 31 days, we have written recorded mixed and mastered a complete song here in GarageBand in iOS, so today it is the end of the month and it’s time to release this song, so today I’ll be showing you how I release to itunes to Apple music to Spotify to Google Play to all of the online and streaming platforms here on my PC.

Unfortunately, as I alluded to in the last video, there’s no real way to do this on the iPad, so I’m going to take my master, bring it across to my PC and I’m going to release this song, so let’s go, we are in GarageBand, the birds master is the one we’re in the last video, we took our final mix and we put it to one stereo track and did our final mastering.

So I’m going to need to do one little thing here, because if you recall this particular plug-in looses its settings every time, we close and open which is a pain in the bum, but we are going to deal with it, so that is all done now.

So this is our final mix, we’ve got our EQ on there, we’ve got our peak limiter, it is ready for us to now, send this over to my PC, so to do this, I’m going to go back to my songs and I’m going to hit select and tap on this one and then down the bottom here, I’m going to hit share, so hit share and we’ll hit song, so we’re going to export this as a high-quality uncompressed WAV file down the bottom here.

We’ll hit share, so it’s going to be 44 point 1 kilohertz 24-bit file that is going to tell us where we want to put this, we could say iTunes, but I’ve showed you in previous videos why I choose open in, because I want to put this directly into my garage band folder, so when I go to iTunes in about 30 seconds, you’ll see that I can easily access this and save it out to my folder here on my PC.

So we’re ready to go now, I’m going to do save to files and we’re going to wait for it to pop up and then we’re going to choose eventually Garage Band, so we’re going to hit add and I already have an item here, I’m going to hit replace, because I’ve already done a practice run, the drill here.

I should delete that before I do this not to confuse things, so that is now Jana, I can hit done and now everything that I need to do on my iPad is done except for one more thing, the iPad is plugged in here, so I’m going to go to iTunes, let’s bring iTunes on across and pop the iPad out of the way for a moment.

So if we come in here, we’ve got the iPad connected, let’s bring that full screen, we go to file sharing over here on the left, we’re in our iPad, we go to file sharing, you can see all about apps down the left-hand side here, if we tap on GarageBand in a moment, it will pop up and here all of our files, so here are all of our GarageBand project files, but more important here are our actual exported files including this one here called for the birds master.

We can check the right one, because it’s got today’s date here 9:43 a.m., so let’s now save this now, we can’t drag and drop from here, unfortunately, the only way we can do this is to scroll to the bottom, hit save and then tell it where to go, I’ve already got my folder ready to go here under my recording completed for the birds folder.

So I’m going to hit select folder at the top here, it’ll say copying and when it is done, it will be done, so that is now over in our folder, if we go to that folder that we have here and there it is so there’s the old versions that I was playing around with and here is the latest version of this file.

I also have my album cover, so I’ve made an album cover ready to release the song, we’re going to how to make an album cover in this video, but basically you need a square graphic file of some sort, if you use Photoshop or canva or Microsoft pavéd or whatever make yourself an album cover or need that when we go to release this track in a moment.

So before we move on, let’s double click on this master, give it a quick play and if anything you probably noticed this when I was exporting, I’ve probably left about two or three seconds, too much time at the end of this song, so we’re going to live with us a moment.

It’s a very long fade-out, but ideally I’ll probably trim that down to about 3:05 instead of the 307 seconds that it is there, we’re going to move on here, so what I’m now going to do is that I’m going to release this song which is exciting and to do.

So I’m going to use a service called destroy kid, so you can see here I’m logged into my district heat account and I’ve here all of my previously released songs from my EP recoil that I released on this day or on the first of all-first an April 2017 and this is my last year’s worth of releases since I’ve started using destroy kid.

So it’s cool here, I can see all of the songs and all the EPS I’ve released and then all the platforms that they’ve been released to over that time so district, it will release to a lot of different platforms, you’ll see that when we jump into the upload section of moments.

So let’s do that now, we’re going to click on upload up the top here and we’re going to upload this, log in, you won’t see that, because you don’t need to see my username and password, you don’t want you to be releasing songs under my name.

So here we have all of the different stores that we can release to, so I released to as many as it can distribute to, because we’ve got Spotify, iTunes, Apple music, Google Play and YouTube Amazon Pandora Deezer and Medianet which pushes it out to a bunch of other small outlets.

We can see what they are from here, so let’s jump in and do this now, we’ve got a number of songs, so it’s going to be one song, a single, we can do one up to 35 songs, if you’re doing a big double album or something our artists band name, we’ve only got the limited account here.

So I can only release under my name, if you go to one of the more expensive producer accounts, you can raise under multiple different artist names, if you want now, I’m already in iTunes and already in Spotify, so it’s going to automatically put these alongside all of my other releases on those platforms which is very coo.

My release date I’ve got today, because I’ve got the bass level account, I can’t do it any other day account, you do the future releases same with pre-orders if you do pre-orders to be available, you need one of the more expensive producer accounts which are still only about 30 or 40 dollars.

They’re good record labels, it is the same deal, it’s going to come out as district kid comm which I’m not too fast with this year, now that I’ve been using it for 12 months and I like it, this is a year when I upgrade, so I can have my own studio live today records or something like that.

Let’s go and at our image, so here is where we can add our album cover, so if we click on here, it will come in and it will ask us which one we want, we’re going to choose this one which is here in our folder, click open and bingo for the birds.

It’s got a whole bunch of details here about what you can and can’t doing with an album cover, so if you’re not sure, make sure you read through all of that as well the language is English, she’s all right, this is where I get into trouble, because I’ve always thought my music is alternative.

It’s very much not alternative these days, this one’s probably a rock song, it’s closer to rock than anything else and my mother recently asks me who is singer or songwriter, this is a singer or songwriter, I’m going to put alternatively, because I like to think that I’m still producing alternative music, the title now.

This is where there’s some controversy here, because I’m going to name this for the birds, you notice I put a capital T in the T, so I’m using title language here, title grammar, there’s a little bit of conjecture, it could be capital T or it could be a lowercase T, I’m coming with capital T for the birds.

I think it snaps a bit more and hopefully, it’ll be fine, the song writer is me, I wrote this, it’s an original tune explicit lyrics, I don’t think so, now this is the important part, the audio files, so I’m going to choose file and I’m here and I’m going to make sure that I select this file here for the birds master dot wave.

I’m going to hit open and it’s going to pop up, so it is for the birds master, it’s ready to go, this song contains vocals, here are all the optional extras, I won’t go into details on these, but there’s a whole bunch left that you can choose to do and add on to your and to your song and that I’m going to not do any of that for, the mandatory it checkboxes at the bottom here.

So I’ll selected YouTube music as a store, so it’s going to distribute to that, I recorded authorized to sell it, so I’m not ripping anyone off not using any artist name in the album title without their approval and I’ve read the Terms and Conditions.

I find that one fun, it’d be great, if I put like beyoncé featuring be on sale something, a drag get more clicks and then they’d be like that, this isn’t Beyonce, we’re going to hit done, we are ready to go, we have our album cover and we’ll do a quick check or make sure that our spelling is correct.

Look at that, it has corrected my title down for the birds which is interesting, so it obviously is not allowing me to use that title, because it’s like this one, it’s the end of the world, the capitalization, so I need to go back and update my album cover to match that, because I’m going to be a pedantic.

Let’s do that, I’m going to do it now, this should only take two seconds, we’re going to go back into my canva, you get a little bit of a look under the hood here, my thumbnails will go into that, my album cover will change it, I’m happy to be corrected by people who know better than me.

It’s now for the birds, let’s save that version will download it as a JPEG and will download, it will download this where I’ve got that over on my other screen, we wait for this one to download and a couple of seconds, it’ll be ready, so slap his one across and here it is, so you can see here, we’ve now got this one here.

So I’m going to click on this, we’ll get our second version, we’ll open that and we’re corrected, I’m humble enough to be corrected by people who know better and if they think that the title needs to have that as a non capitalized T, let’s go with it, so we’re ready to go, we’ve got our master file there, we’re going to hit done and then it will do on all this Lode.

So we hit done, it’s going to verify and it will go off and do its thing here, so it’s uploading the album artwork and then it’s going to upload the track, so this will take a few minutes, we’ll return back at the end, we’ll finish off and get this song released, so we have done and it hasn’t been a whole day.

I did go away and had to change clothes long story, we have done here, it says that was easy, wasn’t it? It’s easy process here, you can see here when will this single be released well, it says to give stores two days to a week to put your album live in my experience, it usually takes around that one day sometimes even quicker, sometimes within about four or five hours.

I’ve had up on iTunes and Google Play in particular, Spotify is usually one or two days later, but it’s a quick process and then all the smaller distributors tend to do it over the next few days and it will keep updating me and sending me an email.

Every time I’m live on a different platform, so we have links at the bottom here that we can go ahead and share that, this is coming out if I did want to do that, but I tend to wait until they’re available on the platform, so what I can do now is that if I can click on my music, it’s going to take me in and show me all of the music I have released.

Here is my brand-new for the birds single and you can see it’s already been pushed out to all of these platforms, so it doesn’t mean it’s live on those platforms, but it means it’s been submitted to those platforms, so it’s all there ready to go.

I’m on the 1999 musician’s plan at the moment, so if I click onto the upgrade button here, it’ll show me the options I have, so I could go to the musician Plus for $35.99 with some additional options or up to the label option for $79.99 and I showed you some of those limitations being able to schedule a release for the future changes.

The price of albums have my own record label name, all of those sort of things, so they’re not important to me at the moment, maybe they will be in the future, but now I’m going with the musician plans, it’s a cheap and effective way for me to get my music released to all of these different streaming platforms.

If you are looking to distribute your own music and you were thinking of joining up to a program or a platform like distro kid, then I’ve got a VIP link which is a distro dot StudioLive which you’ll be able to see down below there.

If you go to that page, you’ll go to my VIP affiliate link, so if you sign up using this link, you’ll get 7% discount, so off your $20 a year that brings it down to about 18 dollars 50, so it’s a small saving, but what they’ll do is that they’ll break off a piece of that.

They’ll send it my way that helps me to continue creating this content, so if you want to support me, if you want to support the channel and the work I do here and you’re going to sign up, you can go ahead and do that.

If you’re not interested and you want to send it to SoundCloud, send it to YouTube, absolutely cool, but I figured, if anyone is following along here and they do want to distribute their own music, then there’s an option for you there and then it’s going to do it, thank you to those who have been with me for this video for the previous videos, for the whole series, it has been a long month, but it’s been a rewarding month here in the month of March.

We’ve completed, we’ve written, we’ve mixed, we’ve mastered, we’ve done an entire song here and we’ve now released this song, so I will keep you in the loop and updated here on the channel, once this is available or depending when you’re watching it, it may be available now.

So check out the links in the description and as it is added to these services, I’ll be updating and adding it down there, if you want to listen to the song, if you’re interested or if you want to support me and the work that I do here, have a listen and stream the song, add it to your play lists, share it with your friends, do whatever you like to do, but thank you again, everyone, if you’ve got comments questions or suggestions, leave them for me down below and I’ll see you next time.

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