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3 Ways To Get Your Music On Spotify iTunes Apple Music Pandora, Google Play Tidal And More Walmart Apple Watch

Description:The article is about apple watch Walmart. The author tells us 3 ways to get your music on Spotify,Apple music iTunes and Pandora. Those are three different applications in which you can enjoy different kinds of features and services.

We’re talking about three ways that you can get music on Spotify,Apple music iTunes and Pandora where you can put your music. You can start getting paid from your music or at least start to build a fan base on those. In either way you need to have your music on these and I’m going to tell you the best three ways you can get your music on those sites. I’m going to talk about that after the introduction.I’m Rob Louisville,you’re going to get some more money for yourself today and you need a smarter write to the introduction.

I had focused on the one that I always using at the time. But now there are new options. There are better options. I’m going to let you keep pace with the upgraded stuff. Let’s go into the first one. Number one is an improvement over the one that I had been recommending before. The one that I’m using. I’m already using because I’m already used to it. We’ll talk about that when we get to number two.

The number one option for you is to get your musical and spa to find everything because of the features. I’m going to recommend you Distro kit. You probably heard of Distro kid if you haven’t googled how do I get my music up on Spotify. There’s a good option. You can upload unlimited songs all year. And all those unlimited songs and albums you want are for one price. It is very good because usually on other services you pay per single. You’ll pay 10 per single or 30 per element and 50 recurring per yea with Distro kid.

The reason I like this is because you pay your money to one song and you can upload all the music you want. You can keep creating and I have to worry about. This is a big deal. I remember when I was broke the time was hard to go through. You can think about this. If you have six albums and it’s $50 a year for each album. Every year when that 300 dollars comes out of nowhere and you have to pay it to keep your music up,you may think 300 dollars is a big amount for you to pay. That is your debt and that’s a lot of money when you’re starting out.

So you don’t want that to happen. With this it’s one price a year which is the feature that I love the most. I know that for you that’s going to save your money. That’s going to save you time. That’s going to not make you feel this fear and anxiousness of all the renewals coming. Then one time that I couldn’t even pay it,they had to take down my snare to take it down in that I couldn’t afford to pay the money at that time.

That’s a good thing. I like this. Additionally in that is they’ll help you get your verified checkmark on Spotify. But please note this. It’s free to get your verified checkmark and it’s not even hard to get your verified checkmark on Spotify. That’s a cool thing if they can help you make the process a little bit easier.

Another cool feature is they distribute your music to the other sites such as Spotify and iTunes and Apple music 10 times faster. It is important for you. I remember when I was uploading an album around the holiday season,it didn’t get uploaded for over a month and a half because it was the holiday season at that time.

So I start to Apple’s because they take longer with this. I realized that I need this. I was trying to sell it around Christmas to make more money. People get iTunes gift cards so having the ability to upload it faster and get it up there quicker is useful. I don’t know how much quicker it can be but I’m excited to see. If you want to know how much faster they are I can say that they get up there in two days. It is amazing because it usually takes a week of two weeks to get it up through the option number two which we re going to talk about next.

Another cool feature that I think it can be useful especially with the way that I tell everybody on a smart wrapper to collaborate with each other is you can do splits. I can give 50% of this song and now 50% of its going will go to this man’s account. In this way you don’t have to get the money in one lump sum and you can’t trust him.

I don’t know him and he’s never going to pay me. I’ve written songs for major artists and their managers,for paying us I sought to sue them for the money with number tens of thousands of dollars. In this way you can be think that you’re going to try together. We’re going to split it and you can say 50% goes here 50% goes here or X amount goes to the producer. That is a cool feature. I love that.

I looked up to see what kind of discounts disc district has. The only discount that they have is if you’re already sign up as a member,you can get another member on. What I did was I went and purchased Distro kid even though I’m not going to use it by purchasing it. I paid the money for the whole year to give you the discount code so if you want to upload an album up you’re going to get a discount by using the code I’m going to give you. You can go to WWE AFRICOM/DK and it’s going to give you the discount. It saves youalmost I think 30% total if it’s the $20 package. it’s 20 bucks for a whole year’s. I’m always trying to help you.

let’s go to number two. Number two has been using for the last six years. It’s still good but when I found out about what district has I think this district gets better so I put it as number one. But I still want to sell you the options. Number two is two more and you probably heard of Tim Coors. I’ve been tune core artist of the week for two times. It is cool. Another cool thing that I like about tune cord is a feature for district kid but I didn’t see it on their list.

You can track every times what have been played every day. When I get a hundred spins on the song a day on Spotify,it shows me that a hundred people have listened to your song. This is the song of how many listeners you have. I’m sure your kid has the same feature.

Another option with chunk is it goes individually. This is where we’ll do the good option. If we’re going to use district and you’re going to upload a lot of music you can use district kid. If you’re going to upload one single you can upload it to TuneCore because it’s ten bucks. If you want to start there,an album is $30. The thing is that is a recurring fee every year.If it’s thirty for the album first year then next year will be$50 fee.

For every year that should keep it up at 50 bucks like I said at the beginning of this article. But for a single one single for the whole year is ten bucks. I think the recurring is only ten bucks it might be 20. I won’t doubt if it went up to 20. But tune core is good. If you want to do tune core it’s wws smart and I’ll put all these links for you.

Number three is CD Baby. We are going to talk about its advantages and disadvantages. You probably heard of CD Baby. It from a fantastic company. It is a good things to say about. I’ve even talked to the people who started CD Baby. He has watched my life story. It was cool and I respect that person and I like him. Let’s talk about the features. It’s a one-time fee though forever. I have checked that out and looked at it so apparently.

It said obtain a recurring fee every month. If you pay $50 for an album first time and is there forever. That’s fantastic. You can get paid weekly through CD Baby which I feel like this is the best of it. It is the best feature that I can get paid weekly. I don’t know how if you get favorite district hit but I will assume that is every month. But looking at CD babies,it is paid every week.

It is amazing because if you get paid every weekend you need that extra money for groceries and other things. You’re a struggling artist.I wish I could have used this before and used that feature. For the CD Baby,I don’t have any discount. If that’s your option you want to go with, the one-time fee and then getting paid weekly,it is fantastic. You can go to CD and then there’s a way to sign up there.

If you have any questions you can ask me about it so I can possibly answer them. If you have any suggestions for people to use any other services that maybe I had missed you can also tell me about it. I will add them up to my article. It is great that you always want to learn and grow yourself and get smarter I appreciate it.

I gave away all those discount codes when I put a link for you. I’ll add more discount codes so people can get that if they want to. We’ve already got amazing ratings and reviews. I will teach you how to shoot music videos with your cell phone next time. I’m going to go into that later. Thanks for being a part of this. Thanks for sticking with me. I have a show coming and I got a deal with a company affiliated straight to Amazon six pieces of content. I’m going to see you tomorrow.

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