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A Warning for Apple Watch Owners at

Description: The materials below are mainly related to the warnings given by the author to the apple watch owners about something important to be paid much attention to.

Let’s talk more about Apple watch for those of you who’ve been subscribed or watching this channel for a while. I’ve been a big proponent of this little gadget up until a week or two ago. when I had a mishap, I’ve caught a big dent in my positive relationship with the Apple watch.

Apple doesn’t tell you when purchasing the Apple watch, Apple watch was absolutely no exception as soon as you have to watch off the floor, I could hear you, you hear like a popping noise, it’s the entire front screen of your electronic devices, completely spider webbing Shepard.

I heard that pop and it hurts my heart, imagine the Apple watch is facing down on the floor, I turn it over and behold a nice little spiderweb of an Apple watch piece, at the time of purchasing to watch at Ottoman to our $50.00 for Apple care and then it’s subject to, I believe it’s a $70 or is it seventy thousand $69 so $70 service in the Apple watch and Apple watch knighting for the Edition is $10, more than $79 out the door ,120 bucks.

I don’t have Apple care, I knew that was the best, what you’re supposed to do? You make a Genius Bar appointment, you bring in your damaged Apple product to the Genius Bar to tell me what happened after having a very nice conversation.

I love going the album store after talking the genius, you get all geeked out, you talk to the genius about the new products coming out, we can fix this, I’ve seen this before he slaps me with what would be $199 flat repair rate $199 to fix a shattered.

You drop the watch a hundred percent, but they’re out the door $120 to fix a shattered Apple watch they or $199, if you don’t have Apple care, that’s ridiculous, if you don’t have Apple care, that’s like tooth, there’s the price of a brand-new Apple watch.

These days, I was like $199 to fix the little shattered glass on this Apple whoa, I’m a huge Apple fan, that’s no secret, but I hate when I positively review or talk about a product on this channel and then have some kinds of negative experience.

If you’re an Apple watch owner without Apple care, be careful, because if you break your Apple watch, it’s going to be $199, no budget you can fix your shattered Apple watch face if you drop it on a tile floor.

If you slam it against a week, you’re diving through with the finishing line and the ten-mile run if you damage your Apple watch, it is a flat repair cost of $199 to fix this girl, if you have Apple care, you already spent 250 dollars on Apple care to subject to a $69 service fee in addition to the Apple care cost to get effect as well.

Compare that for a second $199 or $120 with Apple care to fix the glass on your Apple watch, if it’s shatter now, nowadays, you could get your phone whether it’s the plush or the regular size of the pen, but anywhere between 100 and 150 100 99 for a device that is 8 the size of an iPhone screen and you got to charge 199 to fixed it, but probably a max of $150 to fix the phone.

It doesn’t add up, take the fact that the phone cost $1000 in the watch cost like $300 the percentage. Do you see what I’m saying here? I want to put that into perspective here. because this is the problem. I still love the Apple watch. I think it is a great little device. I’m still going to use it.

I got to replace if you have the Apple watch with or without Apple care, it’s a hefty price to fix if you shatter your screen, if you don’t have the Apple watch and you’re thinking about getting the Apple watch, how we want to consider getting Apple care and even if you don’t know it’s a hefty cost to get this thing fixed, I do know they make cases and screen protectors for the Apple watch.

I’m not trying to have a huge case on my Apple watch, I want it to be slim, to be adage, it’s not so break up and I understand that dropping it onto a tile floor is not exactly normal use, that does not typically happen, but I had slammed it hard enough against a door or a door handle or a weight or something like that.

Please make the repair replace cost of the Apple watch and make that more reasons, you have a device the Apple watch which is still on its developing stages of becoming a normal device that everyone’s purchasing, if you’re throwing $199 service beyond that to get it fixed, if you don’t have Apple care or $70 plus, if you have Apple Care that makes me think I got to walk around with my hands on my Apple watch all the time now.

When I’m working out, cover it up, don’t look at the time, it’s an Apple watch, you got to cover up with it, this thing shatters buck 99 like that going out the door, having said all that or everyone else watching this as a friendly warning.

I still love the Apple watch, but be careful because even though Apple is marketing it as a sports watch with the sports band and they’ll have a high-tech device that has a very high cost, if you’re going to get it fixed as a result of accidental dam, if you want to see all the reasons why I still love the Apple watch, an annotation will pop up, check it out.

I’m going to like it for those of you who are either considering or have the Apple watch, be careful enough to consider this as a warning and it’s a hefty price tag to get this Apple watch fixed, if you shadow the screen or do some accidental damage to a flat rate repair cost of $1.99 which I guess that means I have a cut ice cream out of my diet for the next two months j/k, that will never happen.

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