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A Week on The Wrist of The Apple Watch Series 3 Edition at

Description: The article refers to the topic of the Apple watch Series 3 edition ceramic 42 millimeter, which is currently in production. The author will show us more details about it after using it on the wrist for a week.

Today we’re here with the Apple watch Series 3 edition ceramic 42 millimeter, this is one of the most expensive Apple watch which is currently in production, you may remember the original edition watches that were available in Rose and yellow gold selling for upwards of eighteen thousand dollars, this is not so intense, but this is still over a $1000 Apple watch, the new Edition comes in both gray ceramic and white ceramic.

It is the benefactor of new processor, a new altimeter and several other kind of technical innovations that make this kind of the ultimate in smartwatches, so the biggest change for the Apple watch seriously versus series 2 is that series 3 is a cellular device that means there’s an actual antenna in this 42 millimeter watch, also available in 38 millimeter watch that allows you to unpair your watch from your phone for the first time, which means I am in DUMBO on the other side of the river from Manhattan and all I have with me is the Apple watch, my wallet, my house keys and my Apple earpods, what I do not have with me is my cell phone and that is probably the case for the first time in the better part of a decade.

You can text message, check email calendars without having to use your phone, that means you feel liberated in some way, do you go out and do more? Because you don’t have to have this giant object in your phone anymore, so you do pair the watch with your existing phone number and with that, you get the ability to make phone calls from your watch.

I think something that hasn’t really been mentioned enough is what allows this watch to be so much more functional and I mean exponentially more functional than the series one or series two is the addition of these little ones here and I’ve owned these for the better part of a year.

Your air pots and I use them with my laptop and I use them with my iPhone, but they come into their own when you’re talking about the watch, because you can take one you don’t even need to use and I can dial somebody, so what I’ll do here is to go to recent.

The last few people I will call is Holloway, so we’ll let it go to voicemail, I hope all is well, remember that time, we played pitching five Gulf down to Palm Beach Africa, for everything else, you can listen to music and write to one or two air pods, it’s all about the Benjamins cuz, that’s what I’m into, you put a second one in and you’ve got real quality and it sinks to it and I think that the brilliance of this concept of the air pods with the watch.

I think it will not be appreciated until these get out there at scale, because for the past five days or so, I’ve been able to live my life phone free, you can’t enter a destination on the Apple watch app, I’m sure that will change very soon, but I don’t have my iPhone anymore.

I think that there’s something to be said for the other thing that I enjoyed about this watch, I’ve used Apple watch series 1 and 2, but what I found myself doing here is using it as an actual watch, so I keep the Explorer face which looks like a watch, but when you go inside, you can go into this timer function here.

I’m a chronograph nerd, you’d be able to use it as a split second chronograph, so let’s top push down, go into a graph, you can see how each lap compares to the last and in fact even though it’s digital, it removes the technical, they’re required to make a split-second, but it’s still fun.

What I’ve talked about so far has been true for all of the Apple watch Series threes those with cellular capabilities, that is a whole of a lot of money in particular for a digital device and this makes sense.

I think the manufacturing on this watch is spectacular. this is Apple’s own version of ceramic that takes 70 CNC machines to produce this beautiful polish here, it takes about six hours to manufacture the case across the 70 CNC machines and two hours to polish it itself.

This is a stunning piece of industrial design and a stunning use of ceramic, we wanted to take this Apple watch edition full ceramic and compare it to a watch that is also ceramic, so what we have here is a zennith el primero in a ceramicist aluminum.

This watch retails for over $8,000, it has an in-house self-winding chronograph, in fact one of the first and this watch has the same fit and finish, as the ceramic Apple watch dad said this is full ceramic, full ceramic watches tend to be rather expensive in many cases much more than $8,000.

However, there are some caveats to that and what we have is a very similar product with completely different hearts and goals, so this watch is intended to last forever, they both use a rubberized trap, this is over $8,000, this is $1,300, but you can still see that the way that Apple has integrated the strap.

The way that Apple is integrated the screen is equivalent to the crystal and the dial of the zennith is on par with the watch, that is much more expensive than itself, does it make sense to spend this much time manufacturing and polishing a digital device? That will be useless or at least outdated within 18 months.

I’ve only had this for about a week, it’s all about the weekends, it’s all about the quick run to the drugstore, it’s all about going for a quick Drive, it wears exceptionally well on the wrist, Apple is a master at making things fitting into people’s life and for the first time, I can see this becoming a part of my life, because particularly of these cell phone operability without that, it becomes another digital device that will throw into a drawer soon.

The other thing about it is that it has a new CPU that is up to 70 percent faster than the last one, so one of my complaints of Apple watch series one was that it felt a little bit slow to update, if you hadn’t used it for a while, it would take a while to get all your data.

It keeps working when it’s not near your phone, so if you’re near your phone, it will use bluetooth, if you’re not near your phone, it will jump on to Wi-Fi and if you’re not in your Wi-Fi, it will jump onto LTE or cellular, so it uses whatever is the most efficient network nearby.

You have a constant stream of data, the Apple watch Edition is for sure the most complex and most comprehensive and creative SmartWatch out in the market, I think it is the most beautiful, I’ve used the Tag Heuer, I’ve used them on plonk, I’ve used the Louie Vuitton, if you select the Google devices, this is the most elegant and most useful of all of them, it fits in your life in a way that I don’t think what the others do, it is so much a smaller more compact, a more powerful and I think that’s what it comes down to this powerful SmartWatch.

I think what this watch will do to smartwatches and the Apple watch will elevate it from a toy, an object that you use, because it might save you a little time to something truly useful and a big part of your life.

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