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The Buyer’s Guide of 7 Best Apple Watch Accessories at

Description: The article contains the information on 7 Best Apple Watch accessories, we can track and analyze our heart health on smart phone tablet or Apple watch without a trip to the doctor.

This is a camera, a band with two HD cameras that connects to your watch with a self facing camera, what time are your parents coming over for photos and video chat?

This is cardia the proactive approach to heart health, Kardia makes it easy to give yourself an accurate medical grade electrocardiogram anywhere, so you can track and analyze your heart health without a trip to the doctor Kardia works with your smart phone tablet or Apple watch to give you an accurate EKG in about 30 seconds to use kardia band width.

Your Apple watch select the cardia app on the home screen, open the app and tap here to record an EKG, place your thumb on the electrode and if you’re experiencing any symptoms, say them aloud as the clock comes down from 30 and feeling tired all the time and having mild palpitations.

When you finish, you can save your results, cancel or play your voice memo back to make sure you covered everything, you want to tell your doctor, you gave yourself a medical-grade EKG, cardia is easy to use on your smartphone or tablet.

Here’s how kardia mobile works open the app and rest your fingers on the electrodes, a recording screen will appear, describe any symptoms you are experiencing in a voice memo, I’ve been drinking more coffee than usual.

I think I’m having palpitations if heart rhythm is normal, if atrial fibrillation is detected, your EKG can be shared with your doctor immediately when the journal appears, you’ll see your EKG and analysis results from here, you can play your voice memo back review and edit your EKG or send your recording to your doctor, use kardia with the cardia app to collect and share important data with your doctor easily and securely.

It’s a proactive new approach to heart health and a breakthrough in personal medical technology, you meet Pedro Gomez design director of unity together, we present pocket, the world’s first six in one multifunctional charging dock for your Apple watch pocket is all about multi functionality.

It’s your charging dock case on-the-go portable power bank cable manager and iPhone dock all of this with integrated simultaneous charging for multiple devices its multifunctional, but we made it simple, it all starts with our Sony little, that charges your Apple watch up to ten times, lock the cable manager over the battery place, the magnet holder connect and wrap the cable place and beautifully hide your cables forever.

Dock your Apple watch and tilt it in any direction place, the lid and lock the Apple watch in place just perfect for charging on-the-go talking about multifunction remember our battery, you can take it with you anywhere, anytime and charge all your devices.

It’s also your iPhone dock and you can charge your iPhone while ducking unity is all about modular functionality creating unexpected solutions to answer your everyday needs pocket is perfect for charging on-the-go, keeping your watch protected and giving it the care, it deserves charging multiple devices, it’s the right fit when traveling for business or working on the go, at the office pocket can dock and charge both your Apple watch and your iPhone, so you can keep up with all your notifications.

But life isn’t always about work, when jamming with your friends, our battery bank is easily removable, so you can share the power with your friends and they can easily charge their devices at home, pocket works, it is your beautiful charging dock, so you don’t tangle all your cables and make sure you have full battery the next day.

Pocket is all about unity packing, an amazing six in one features for your everyday needs together with the passionate team at Pedro Gomez design, we’ve worked for the last months, getting the product far along in the development stage.

We have a fully working prototype and we need your support for tooling and production back us up now and make sure you get your own pocket, we hope you support us on Kickstarter.

Have you ever wanted a charging case with a built-in battery while we’re making one? It’s called Amber, check it out, first insert and twine your Apple watch charging cable around the spool, then place it back in amber, next, use the shell to cover up the spool, then amber is ready to use at night, charge your Apple watch and amber during the day, put amber in your bag in case you need it.

Amber can be used any time in any place to charge your Apple watch even while walking Amber’s design shares the same style with Apple products. Amber can charge your iPhone use amber to charge your watch while taking a break and grabbing a coffee or use amber to charge your Apple watch while driving.

Sometimes, we want to get away on the weekend for an outdoor adventure, don’t forget to bring amber with you and you go camping, amber comes with its own app, you can get notifications when your watch has been fully charged, amber comes in multiple colors, amber can charge your Apple watch up to eight times.

Using amber is safe, we have already completed a working prototype and now need your support for the next stage of production, we hope that Apple watch users from around the world will support Amber, thank you.

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