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Banana Republic Credit Card Review Something to Consider

Description: This article is about banana republic credit card login. Like most store based credit cards, the Banana Republic Credit Card sports a high APR for carrying balances but at 21%, it is lower than most store cards. Their penalty fees are more reasonable as well.

This is a credit card review of the Banana Republic credit card, we’re going to go through a brief analysis of the Banana Republic credit card including the benefits and rewards as well as some terms and conditions that you should be aware of.

One thing you’ll see is that the rewards aren’t that bad five points for every dollar spent across any of their brands including the Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic and Athleta, that’s both in store and online, outside of that you get one point for every dollar spent anywhere that visa is accepted.

All this equates to five dollars of rewards for every 500 points earned, it is not a bad rewards program, you can see some of the key terms and conditions, their interest rate is at 21%, that’s on the low side for store based credit cards, there’s no annual fee.

Their penalty fees are even on the lower end of 25 dollars, the grace period is 26 days which is better than most, all in all, the credit card rating for the Banana Republic credit card is three and a half stars, that’s our review, more information can be found at credit card, thanks for reading.

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