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Description: The article has the content that an obstetrician at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center introduces something about the hospital,and the service you can get before and after you give birth to your baby.

I’m an obstetrician here at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, we deliver just under five thousand babies a year here at Beth Israel Deaconess and we can’t wait to welcome your little boy or girl, thank you for taking the time to take this brief tour to find out what it might be like to have your baby here at Beth Israel Deaconess.

BIDMC is located in the heart of Red Sox Nation, just down the street from Fenway Park on Brookline Avenue in Boston labor and delivery and our postpartum unit is in our main East Campus building here at BIDMC were dedicated to providing the best possible birthing experience that you can have when your baby decides that it’s time you’ll come here to this lobby and your extended family and friends can wait here as you and up to two members of your support team take the elevator to the tenth floor for your delivery journey to begin hello, I’m Bonnie Lake, I’m one of the nurses here in labor and delivery.

When you first arrive on the tenth floor, you’ll stop here at the desk and get checked in, it’s really important before you check in with your obstetric provider or your office after hours service so that we can pull your prenatal records and be prepared for you come, this way within a few minutes of arriving, our team will bring you into this room to assess.

If you’re indeed in labor, we ask that you have one support person with you in the triage area because of space issues, if you’re in labor, you’ll have your own labor and delivery room where you can have to support people with you.

Any other family or friends will need to wait in the main lobby where we first met until you’ve delivered and are in your postpartum room, we ask the people to sign in at the front desk and wear a nametag for security purposes inside our labor and delivery room is everything that you and your baby will need to be safe and comfortable.

We have a birthing bed, there’s a cop for your partner, you’ll also have access to a television, a large shower, other tools that promote natural relief of pain during labor and delivery like a breathing ball a birthing bar we have a warmer for the baby and other equipment, should your baby need it?

You’ll be assigned a nurse during your labor and delivery, but you’ll also see other nurses during that time, we have a central monitoring system,when we monitor you, we can see your baby’s heart rate and contractions.

Here are our anesthesiologists who are here all the time for quick access for you, our ORS are located right here and the NICU is one floor down, they’re needed to assist in any way during or after your baby’s birth in most cases, once the baby is delivered to mum baby, the support person can bond here in labor and delivery for a few hours mum baby and the support person are tagged with matching identification bracelets for identification and security purposes then you’re off to your next stop, a few floors down the postpartum unit come on. Once your baby has arrived, it’s just the beginning of one of the most exciting times in your life.

My name is Alison Durant, welcome to the postpartum unit, we take security very seriously here on our units, all of our staff members have to have a special ID to allow us to get on and off the unit and we ask all of our visitors to ring this doorbell, so they can get on and off the unit as well.

All of our guests are asked to sign in here at our front desk, we have a book that you’ll put your name in and we ask all of our visitors to wear one of these ID tags in a visible place, so we can keep track of who’s coming and going.

We also have 60 private rooms here on our unit, you’ll spend two days here if you pad a vaginal delivery and four days here when you’ve had a c-section, everything you’ll need during your stay can be found here in your room, we have a private bathroom with a shower in it, a chair here for Mom support person, it folds out to bed if they choose to stay overnight, you have your own phone line to your room, there’s also wireless internet service, we provide a small refrigerator if you’d like to keep some snacks in your room and we also have a safe for you to lock up valuables.

We have a newborn channel that runs 24 hours a day the programming covers all the basics from breastfeeding your baby to beating your baby and it reinforces all the hands-on teaching that will be done here with your nurses as for meals, it works like a hotel’s room service, we keep this menu at your bedside and you can call down to the kitchen any time during the day to order what you’d like from this menu.

It’s brought here to your room, the importance of security extends to the nursery as well, the nursery doors are kept locked at all times when you come to the nursery to get your baby or get some supplies, you can ring this doorbell, but to gain access into the nursery you need a swipe card to unlock the door while you’re here, we encourage you to keep your baby in your room with you as much as possible, it’s a great way for you to know your little one in a supportive environment with staff who’s here to help you get to know him or her.

But you may choose to keep your baby here in the nursery as well, our expert staff is here to care for your newborn until you’re ready for him or her to return to your room, you’ll also notice everything your baby will need in those first few days, including diapers and wipes blankets and t-shirts bottles and nipples.

All you need to bring is your baby’s going home outfit, there are a few other benefits, we’d like to let you know about the hallway from your room, we have a solarium overlooking the city feel free to gather here with your family and you can join our staff of lactation consultants here for the daily breastfeeding class.

We also offer a service called welcome newborn which allows you to set up a website, so you can share those first pictures of your baby with your family and friends and upon discharge each of our babies are truly the newest members of Red Sox Nation.

As the official hospital of the Boston Red Sox, your little one will receive a cap, a bag and a certificate for a free tour of Fenway Park when your baby turns five, finally our nurses will be here to support you every step of the way even after you’ve gone home.

If you or your baby are sick, please call your obstetrician or your pediatrician, but our phone number will be included with your discharge instructions, welcome to the newest member of your family, our postpartum units here at Beth Israel Deaconess our goal is to treat everyone who walks in our door like a member of our own family, we are so thrilled to welcome your new baby, boy or girl, be sure to check out the links on this website, for more information including what to bring for your stay and commonly ask questions.

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