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A Review of Bissell Crosswave at

Description: This passage is mainly focusing on the review of the Bissell cross wave, it introduces how to use the cleaner and how to clean it after using.

Today I am doing a review on the Bissell cross wave, it’s all-in-one multi-surface cleaner like vacuums and mop laminate floors, tile or any kind of hard floors, also a small area rugs.

I ordered it from Bissell because it also gives you the cleaning tray, an extra hard floor brush roller for area rugs as well as three types of cleaners. This one looks like there’s a tank back here, pull it out with on hand and if you are in a small area, you’re going to fill it up to the waterline and then you’re going to fill up to the formula line which is about a three hundred square feet. If you are in a larger area, you fill it up, pop it back

When you first start using it, you’re going to prime it, so what you’re going to do is to put the hard floor button down, there’s a trigger underneath here that helps the fluid come out, but you don’t need to do that often. Now prime it for about ten seconds, when you pull the trigger, the lights light up on the top of the vacuum.

It can pick almost everything from the floor and clean it. Now this is better than any mops because you don’t have to dip the mop in the dirty water, all you need to do is to click this and it pops back in. After using, we can set the vacuum on the cleaning tray, pour water right into the tray to the max fill line and tilt the vacuum handle back, push the hard floor button and we’re going to let it sort itself out here.

After it’s cleaned, it’s got a little rack, so you let it dry and to put it back in, you stick the one end on right there, take the other side and push it down, that’s back in this cover goes on like that pops closed, empty your dirt tank and you’re set to go for the next time.

If you do buy it at Bissell, you get the extra of cleaning fluids, the red brush roll and an extra hard floor brush roll, Bissell also gives you the option of doing payments or paying it all up front which is a nice option. It costs $249 but I think it totally worth it.

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