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Description: This article is mainly focusing on the Bissell cross wave all-in-one multi-surface cleaner, it shows how the vacuum work on different surfaces including the hard surface, the carpet and QVC

This cross wave is an all-in-one multi-surface cleaner, when you buy it, you will get it along with a brush roll for multi-surface, a wooden floor brush roll as well, the cleaner for both and a very easy to use machine.

Bissell is a mop, a duster a mop and a vacuum all-in-one. So it can pick up everything from the floor with a strong suction power, if there’s a little dirt left on the ground, you can turn on that, pull the trigger, light goes on, the solution goes down to start cleaning up all of the dirt.

You don’t have to do anything and it’s putting solution down on the floor and it is suctioning the dirt up because there’s a brush roll in there. In this way, you don’t have to bend over and clean with a rag.

Now if I crack an egg on the floor, and I run the cross wave over here, what we do is we covered it with a tempera paints and the cross wave is cleaning and scrubbing the floor, now it makes the floor look like new.

I’m going to try it on two more surfaces, first this is a combination of mud, soy sauce Brown and graded coffee down on this linoleum, the cross wave is cleaning, and it dries fast too because it’s not putting a lot of liquid all over the floor, it puts it on the brush roll. That’s what separates it from almost any other wetback, you find it’s not throwing the solution on the floor, it’s throwing it on the brush roll, that’s what allows it to clean.

It also works on carpet, because you get the multi-surface brush roll and wood floor brush roll as well, the multi-surface cleaning formula and the wooden floor cleaning formula too. The vacuum has swivel steering and the two-tank system, so you’re noticing it’s sucking the dirty stuff into the bottom tank and then the clean tank is up at the top.

If you want to suck liquid up from the floor, you can use the vacuum and it sucks up to dirty water, there are two tanks, a dirty water tank and a clean water tank, so you never reuse dirty water, you’re not using a bunch of paper towels and you’re not spraying a cleaner on the floor either that might damage the surfaces or be bad for your pets to walk around on because you can use this with or without solution.

Now I shall show you how it’s self cleaned. This is a docking station where you put water, if you want to put a little bit of cleaning agent in there, you can do that too. All you do now is to set the cross wave into the docking station, when I turn it on and then all the brush roll engage and it is cleaning itself. While you’re using the one, you could store the other one to let it dry.

I’m going to demonstrate you why you want a cross wave for a darker hardwood floor. So the first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to vacuum without the solution, as I go through, you’ll see a little bit of residual leftover. So I’ll engage the solution in it and I’ll take another pass with the solution that will start bringing up the dust and leave your floor nice and dry.

You can even put it on a carpet, I will show you how it refreshes your carpet. We’re going to take a piece of construction paper and put it underneath this carpet, I’ll put this down and set it on the on the carpet, press the rug setting you, engage the solution. I’m going to leave one side dirty and one side refresh, now we wait a couple of hours, now as you can see nothing got soaked but the carpet got refreshed.

If you have a pair of shoes that is made of QVC, and you have some pets, as we all know that pets like shoes, so there is a lot of hair in the shoes or on the surface of the shoe, this vacuum can help you to suck them up and take your shoes back to life.

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