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The Demonstration of Bissell Crosswave at

Description: This is a demonstration of the Bissell cross wave, it is going to show you how to use the Bissell cross wave to clean the house and what the differences are between the settings.

I’m going to demonstrate Bissell cross wave to you in this article. It’s a three-in-one vacuum, and they work at the same time, but I normally run with vacuum cleaner.

Now I’m going to demonstrate it to you, so it sets in its own tray which keeps it off the ground so I take the machine out, here is where the dirty water goes, it got a slug valve and it would shut itself off to reach a certain level, there’s a filter with a mesh bag to collect bit, on the back, it’s the water bottle where keeps the solution on the clean water in.

Now there’s a bit more water because this pollution is already in there, then you pop it upside down and push it in, click there and check it. There are two settings here, hard floor setting and a rug setting, the only difference I notice is rug setting throws out a bit more water.

So you need to switch it on, I’m going to flick it onto the hard floor for a twist action, as you can see, there’s a trigger underneath and that’s what releases the solution, so you hold it progressive 10 seconds when you first switch it on to prime it and then when you actually clean in, if you hold the trigger in which pops out the solution, as you go forwards, release the trigger, unfold back and that sucks up the solution.

I think it’s good, it thoroughly scrubs the floors, if you’ve got a lot of animals like I do, this is perfect for you.

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