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Walmart Bissell Crosswave Allin One Multi Surface Cleaner

Description: The article is about telling us the Bissell crosswave. You can buy it on the Walmart. The Bissell product can wash and clean our floors at the same time. It saves your time and energy and you can deal with many messes.

I hope today is special for you. Thank you for turning into HSN. My name is Marlo and I’d like to introduce everybody to Ginny bond. Ginny will give us all sorts of wonderful products which will make life around the house a lot easier. Today she is bringing to us a Bissell product. But it is no ordinary Bissell. This is called a cross way. Let me quickly tell you what this does. It will set you free and do a lot free job for you.It is vacuum. It washes and cleans our floors at the same time. How in the world can one thing do it? We’re going to show it.

You’re scrubbing right. That’s it. Let’s do one more thing. I’ll show you how to use the machine. I watched it and I scrub it at the same time and best of all is this has been on a rug or runner as well. It does it all. You have to show me that again. I can do that for you. This is why there is a customer pine now. People love it. We’re going to give you a full demonstration of it. However now I want to slow down a little bit. I want to extend an invitation rate. We don’t have a lot of this. It’s offered on Flexpay for today. We have it on five credit card payments of $49.99.

I don’t know how in the world they’ve created it. But it vacuums and washes your floor at the same time. I’m going to say it again. It vacuums and washes your floors at the same time. It is saving your money and also the time. It’s perfect for your hardwood floors or your sealed hardwood floors. You’re going to make your floor gorgeous shine. You’re never going to saturate your floor. If you have pets, maybe you know the messes you get with pets. But you are going to be able to do it all by washing and scrub. I’m going to do it from the bottom up.

Can I show you this? I love this. It’s a pistol first of all. I want you to look at this. It’s our multi-surface multi-purpose brush roll. You’re going to get the microfiber plus you’re going to get these red nylon bristles which work with those rotations per minute to scrub your floor. There are two tanks and I have to show this. You can’t get this in reels. You have two of the brush rolls and two of the multi-surface formula.

Now I want you look at the picture. It’s for your hard floors and it’s for your area rugs. It’s for your tile. You will never switch out the formulas. You can do it on your wall-to-wall carpet. That is what it does. That’s why a customer pick it. Tell us why you love it. You can think about a scene like this. It’s Easter Sunday. You probably have messes on your floor. Here we have cereal and milk. It is going to vacuum them at the same time.

Now I need you to be focus. When I put these lights on,that means I’m applying the formula directly to that rush roll. That retro Messimer stroll is constantly being refreshed. Here we have ice cream and sprinkles. I’m vacuuming it up. It scrubs linoleum tile. It doesn’t matter to be pasted on. Now it’s disappeared.

Here we have sticky applesauce. I want you to look ahead as well. All of these things are horrible on our floors. Now we can use the dual brush roll. It helps to scrub and even get that caked on this. What I want you to look is here. Are you ready? Because this changes the game in cleaning your home. It’s incredible. It is twelve inches wide. Now look here. First of all,it weighs over six pounds. Anybody can use this.

You’re going to do the cleaning when you get it in your home.The Assembly’s so simple. You’re going to take this tank to your sink. You’re going to feel it to here at the hottest water. You’re going to add about two ounces of that multi-service multi-purpose solution. You can put it here. There’s no other button to do this. That’s your tank now this is your dirty water tank. I want you to come here. now yes this is a mess. but life is messy and that’s what Bissell knows.

They want us to be able to clean up those messes fast and easy. You’re going to get that special filtration system for the wet and the dry messes. If you have pets kids messes,you can use this. It is spilling underneath the table. You can rinse out your tank if you want. You’re done and you’re ready to go.

Most of us have a vacuum whether you have a stick vacuum or an upright one. There’s no vacuum that you can pick up the wet stuff. It’s like a wet/dry vacuum but it’s washing your floor’s at the same time. What is that you don’t have to use here? You don’t have to pull out the broom or the dustpan or the bucket or the mop. This is a total upgrade. These are tools that we’ve used all these years to get our floors clean. They have magnificently put them all in one easy design machine. That’s why it’s a customer pick.

We’re showing you some of the reviews that you can read at the bottom of your screen. What people are saying about it? People have written that this is the most wonderful things. If you’re seeing this for the first time,there’s a reason to be excited. This is an investment. It is no doubt.

But if you’ve got a busy home especially if you’ve got kids and pets,we probably need to get our floors some attention on a daily basis. So for keeping your floors clean,this is an easy choice. You don’t have to pull up the rugs or runners when the spill happens. This is going to do all of your floors and it’s going to do all the worse messes.

We have some applesauce. It’s not about doing the wet messes. It’s wet and dry messes together. You’re able to vacuum them. This is the difference between them. This is the technology behind it. This is ticket and stars. It’s fun. You can pick it all up and watch this. As we go over onto this slate we have spaghetti here. I’m able to pick up that spaghetti. It’s gone. But I want you to see what’s happening underneath on the slate floor. As soon as you see those lights coming on no matter what you pick up,I’m ingesting that.

There is multi-surface multi-purpose solution on the brush roll so that is always a new clean brush roll. That’s the difference. Now you’re done and you’ve cleaned up all the worst messes. You are also going to get our cleaning station when the MER illnesses are happen. I want you to see the difference. You can simply pop up the lid. You can see the brush drill that you are able to pull out pet hair and everything.

You can switch out your brush roll as easy as possible. It will pop this down. All you’re going to do is you can take your water. You can even take some of the solution if you want. I will pop it into the tray. You can’t do it wrong. When you pull it back I will turn it on. Now I am scrubbing the brush roll here.

That brush roll is clean. When I put it away you can see that everything’s cleaned up out that brush roll and you’re ready to go. You can pop it on my formula.It is in the back. I’m ready to clean up at any other mess. I want to go over for you. I still love you to call if you own them.

I want to answer some questions that you may have. Number one is about assembly. I always want to know the answer for this question. Is this darn thing going to be easy for me to assemble? It takes one person less than five minutes. You can do that. One person needs less than five minutes and half of that time is probably taking off the packaging. So setting this up is going to be a cinch.

And there are a lot of people asking about the warranty. It comes with a 2 year limited warranty. The time is 2 years. That’s Bissell. That’s a brand name that you have known all your life. And another question is what does it come with. It comes with the brush roll. It comes with 8 ounces of the multi-surface formula. It comes with another bottle 8 ounce a bottle of the formula. It comes with a storage tray that Jenny showed you. It comes with a brush roll drying tray. You will have another brush roll so you can get a total of two,the handle and the cleaning body. It weighs approximately 11 and a half pounds. But there is nothing like it on the market.

I recognize this as an investment. You may think about how time consuming it can be to do our floors. Nobody on the planet likes to walk on the floor either with your bare feet or with socks on. You can see the dirt on on the bottom of your scarf. You can see the grittiness on the floor. None of us like that.

What are your options? Your options are a bucket,a mop,a broom and a dustpan. We are cleaning it at the same time by vacuuming and washing. I knew that it can do on the hard floor. You can use it on your runners. I’m scrubbing this and I’m vacuuming at the same time. This is the difference. I have cereal and milk on this. Are you ready to watch? It is not a problem. This can be pasta. This can be baby food. I’m scrubbing it.

I never switched out the fresh roll. We will do it again. We have some more cereal and milk. You can watch that. You can see that everything picks up and you have a huge tank capacity. What’s amazing about this is I have refreshed and cleaned this whole rugger runner. You can deal with any rugger runner in your home. But I’m going to take the same machine and now we’re going to go here on the sealed hardwoods. Bissell knows so many of us have both of them. I will push the rug button when I am on the rug.

I will push the hard floor button. It is going to apply a different amount of solution for your hard floor surface. The machine knows what to do. That’s why we buy our sealed hardwood floors. We want them to look shiny. If you add up how much it costs to get the right formula of the chemicals,you can move on and clean your sealed wood or clean your tile or clean your laminate or clean your rugs and runners. You’re getting all of it here. It’s a cross way. You can maneuver easily. I want you to watch this. We’re scrubbing the floor.

We’re not leaving a wet soggy mess. You can look how you can maneuver. You will get a gorgeous lovely clean floor surface. You can look at that shine. You can see that gorgeous shine. This is th difference. You can’t find this anywhere else in the cross wave. I will never find this in other places. I’m not going to do anything. This is going to be such a game changer. I’m vacuuming around the dog bowl and the kitty litter and any of those areas with a pesto,melted ice cream and sprinkles. You can think about how you deal with that.

You have to use a paper towel then you have to get out some muff. You have to do something or spray it. How about you do it with one easy pass. Here we have our apple sauce and then sticky stuff as well. You need to remember with that microfiber breast roll and those nylon bristles as well You’re scrubbing it. There are thousands of rotations per minute here which working with that formula.

I’ve got my trigger on and I want to watch how it scrubs the floor. This was going to dry and the wet mess. This was the worst caked on mess. Now you’re ready. For the absolute worst messes which is Spaghetti,you can do anything on the floor. You’re getting that wonderful suction and that powerful scrubbing action. We did it on our rugs and runners. We scrub them. We took the cereal and we vacuumed it and scrubbed it as well. We did the worst messes here on our linoleum floor with egg and pasta. We did all of them all with the same machine and same formula and same brush.

I couldn’t help but look at all the food on the floor. I am thinking about the little ones who are so independent. They insist on feeding themselves. You need to let him cringe a little. Things are always end up on the floor. You want them to grow in those wonderful ways. You have to admit that it can be wonderful. You have mentioned this filter,so do we have any maintenance? Now I want you to look here.

You will be able to do with the worst message. You’re seeing how you fill it up. It’s your regular tap water. You’re getting two of the bottles. It’s a large tank capacity for the dirty water. You can empty it into your singer to your trash and you can see the filter was on top. You can pop the filter out and rinse it. If you have to it,it comes with that self-cleaning tray which I love. I hope we have time to show that again. We will and I want to do this a lot of the court.

A lot of people are asking for the cord. It’s about 25 foot cord. This is I mean this is a leader when it comes to deep cleaning. This is the top of the line. They’re giving you the best when it comes to their formulas. You’re getting that cleaning tray. We’ll go do the spaghetti in the carpet again. The worst messes is pets. I have to speak to this because I have pets.

I have horrible messes that I have to make up everyday. But I love them. But I don’t want to get down on my hands and knees anymore. So now I can go ahead and clean it up. I put it back in the cleaning tray here and watch it to do the cleaning as soon as I turn it on. Bissell is great and that’s why we buy from Bissell and we love it so much. It’s the quality. Everything is made so well.

This brush feels great. Even if I want to take the brush rule out and pop it and take it out and rinse out and clean it underneath this thing,I need to make sure it’s nice and dry. It’s great. You can store them here. You can store the brush. It has good quality. You can feel it.

I think most people don’t question when they’re buying a Bissell product. You also get a 2-year limited warranty along with this. I know I addressed a little bit earlier but it takes one person five minutes. We’ve got larger bottles on our website so they are very limited. If you want to order,save the money today with the free shipping and handling. You can also do the flex pay of five flexible payments. I believe that’s a two date only flex pay.

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