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Description: The article is intended to deliver the ways to use the brick website to locate the new Veliz Star Wars Force awakens figures, especially the resistance ray hand solo assortment.

I’m here to help all of you use the brick website to locate the new Veliz Star Wars Force awakens figures, especially the resistance ray hand solo assortment.

It is for using target item numbers, it is not for the Walmart portion of the site, I have the Walmart item numbers that you will need to look up, it seems that all of the Walmart’s are doing a toy reset and the numbers are not working, so I can’t help you with Walmart, but I can’t help you with Target.

We will start a web browser, any web browser will do and we are going to go to now, brick seek was originally created to help people in search of LEGO sets, but it works for tons of other items including Star Wars figures, so we scroll down and I select target and it is going to bring up this window, the window for a mobile device looks very similar, you’ve got three fields.

You need to enter the zip code of the area that you’re looking in the DPC which is target’s item number, you can select that or search by UPC, if you search by UPC, it gives you the target item number and searches.

Here is where you would enter either of the target item number or your UPC, so we’re going to enter a zip code, this one is relatively close to me for security purposes, I don’t want to use my personal zip code even though I’ve probably dealt with many of you on trades and sales.

I happen to know the D PCI number of what we are looking for off the top of my head, so it’s zero eight seven zero six three nine four seven and we are going to hit search, so now we will give it a minute, because it’s searching all the targets in my area.

I have a ton of them, don’t be thrown off by this, it’s resistance trooper, it will show you how many are on hand, these numbers are very accurate, Hicksville does have 35 pieces on hand, but those 35 pieces are what the remnants of three cases, they are nothing but pose resistance troopers and TIE fighter pilots which were the repacks from this particular assortment.

I haven’t checked them in a while, if you click on it, it gives you a stores info normally for more than a day, it was giving you the entire month and I was looking for stores that had low quantities and then huge jumps to large quantities, because they got a delivery and they got a case or two cases.

When I went to the stores, they have them, so that’s something that you need to look at for your area, hopefully, you’ll be able to find a listing that has more than a day, but I believe all of the targets recently did a inventory reset and that is why you can’t see more than the last day.

A few days ago, they had thirty four and then they were down to 32 and then they got a jump to 44, they got some in remember, it’s 12 per case, so 32 plus 12 is 44, somebody bought one and then things started to drop at one point.

I remember this saying 60 something, because there were three cases at this location in particular, so that is how to use bricks each one.

If you go to a store and you are in the aisle, it’s supposed to have 15 pieces on hand sellable and you’re looking at three pieces, that means that there is a case in the stockroom, I would suggest grabbing a sales associate that has a scan gun having them scan the price tag that’s hanging.

Make sure they scan the one with the correct item number and it will tell them what they have on hand and what’s in the stockroom, it’s called a backroom location, if it tells them that they have 12 in the backroom, that’s a sealed case and you can request that they go to the back and get you the case, target has a wonderful corporate policy that if something is in the store and sellable and a customer requests it, they have to get it for you.

Don’t be discouraged if you get to a store that supposedly has 46 pieces and you only see 10 because the rest are in the stockroom, that’s pretty much about it for using brick seek with target.

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