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How to Sell on Amazon Using for Retail Arbitrage Buying at

Description:  The author mainly shares a great resource with us for the aspect of selling on Amazon using for Retail Arbitrage buying which is the resource to help track down profitable products.

I wanted to share with you a great resource, if you do retail arbitrage at all or if you want to use other people, if you have a team or if you want to use friends and family who live in other areas of the country or even other areas of your state to help you track down profitable products much more efficiently, you might be doing it now.

The tool we’re going to share with you today is the one that everybody knew about and that’s not the case, we have a retail arbitrage deals group and we post deals in my FBI team and I posted the site as a way for people to track down the product that I had posted.

I was surprised when I saw the people who said they didn’t know what the tool was. I want to share that with you today, the tool is called brick, sitcom is the site that used to be a Lego. I think it has a Lego section, but it’s much more than that, it covers two of the biggest stores, Target and Walmart, two of the big home-improvement stores, Home Depot and Lowe.

If there is a product at any of these stores and the product number of every store has their own system of numbering products and you need to figure out in each stores case where to find that number.

I’m going to share a couple of those with you, sometimes they’re on the receipt, at Walmart you can see the number next to the receipt, if you’re in store, sometimes, it’s in the URL which is going to be the case with staples, sometimes it’s on the site, they have a unique place to put it.

Once you figure that out, it’s powerful way to search for a product that you’re looking for, that might be out of stock online, but it might be in stock locally, especially helpful with clearance products.

If you find a clearance product, you don’t want to travel all over town to go to every Walmart to check, if every other store has it, you can go quickly to bricks and check to make sure before you start running all over town to do it and then happen to find nothing.

Sometimes, you get lucky and you find stores that have the same light, sometimes you don’t, but this way you know which stores to go to, exactly what the price will be, exactly how many they have as best as bricks.

Sometimes you can’t control, obviously for people buying stuff by the time you get to the store, but I want to show you a couple of sites where you can use this tool and how to use it, so I picked a random nerf product on here, this is not a bolo, it’s pretty cool-looking toy, but when it goes out of production, I can see this going up, but not the point of this video.

If I wanted to find which are the ways of tracking items, you come down here, under item details, you click this, it’s also a good way to search on Amazon, if you’re doing online arbitrage, if you want to make sure you have an exact match, just copy and paste and right-click this and you can copy that into or paste that into Amazon and do a search, so you make sure you get the exact match.

That’s not always the case, what we want is the DP CI which is here and we copy that and go back to brick seek pick the target inventory checker, I paste that in and I want to paste my zip code, so outside of Indianapolis, so you see some stores in Indianapolis.

I don’t care if this is in stock, because it’s not something we’re trying to hunt down, but if it were, this would be very helpful, so hopefully, this will pull up quickly, it’s not a great search, not a successful search, you can see this if it shows any stock, you can quickly look down and see which ones of these are green and I’ll show you Green in a minute here, these are all red which means they’re all out of stock, they’ll tell you to the best of their knowledge, their on-hand quantity, the best of their knowledge, the saleable quantity and the price which can differ from store to store.

That’s how you’d search target and now go to Staples in Staples case, you can look at the item number here, but it’s also up here in the URL, so you can see product and then under score then the product number, so either way will work.

There’s going to copy it out of here, so you can find a lot of places there, I’m not sure if Target does that, but a lot of sites do so, that’s one place you can look for, so we go up here to the stock checkers, go down to Staples and I put the staples SKU in here and then put my postal code in.

If I try to find this printer and maybe it was on clearance, in this case, it doesn’t give us price for staples, I’ve never honestly used staples, I want to show you how to use a store that you might not be the UPC code or the SKU.

It tells you how they have stock and that they have six on hand,it keeps you from running, whether this is personal use or or business use, you can save yourself some time, if you’re looking for a product and want to know which stores have it at the best price.

You can use it at Target Walmart CVS Home Depot Lowe’s Office Depot and staples, it’s a great little tool, you can get some clearance price drop notifications which I get and those are nice, but this is all free, it should help you much more efficient ra shopper, so this helped you if you’re looking for more tips, tools and resources, be sure to check out Essentials.

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