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Online Arbitrage Power Sourcing and Ninja Tricks with BrickSeek AddOn Google Chrome Extension at

Description: The passage is designed to show you some ninja ways that you can use the product or use the brick seek add-on extension to make a hybrid of online arbitrage and retail arbitrage.

We’re getting ready to launch wave, three of the brick seek add-on Google Chrome extension, so I wanted to show you some ninja ways that you can use the product or use the brick seek add-on extension to make a hybrid of online arbitrage and retail arbitrage.

The first thing is that I use tactical arbitrage which is a piece of software by Alex Moss, I know that Nate McAllister has been sharing this with a lot of people, but what I found is that I was able to find something online, I can order it to pick up in Westerville which is close to me, but I also want to know where else this is.

Since I can’t order this to be shipped to me, I can click on my brick seek add-on extension and then I can see what stores has it in stock, so this is close to me, I don’t have to bother going up here or any of these other places, but I can go down High Street, but I wanted to check another area, I’ve got some friends down in Cincinnati.

I like this particular border dude calendar board to flip, I’ve got some folks down in Cincinnati who can pick up things for me, I’ve got some down in Colerain and another one here in Cincinnati and Cunningham Road and it even shows that the prices are a little bit different at each store, so next time I go to Cincinnati or if I want to call my friend, they can go out and grab a few of these for me.

If I want to go deep on an item or if it’s hard to find, so that’s one way, you can use it finding things that are out of stock tactical arbitrage which you are able to do, you can remove out of stock products or you can let them stay in your report when you look for them and you can use your brick seek add-on to find out what locations they’re at now.

The other thing that I use is that I was lucky enough to get into Sean mayose backend sourcing and this is a killer tool, he’s got 2.3 million products, downloaded into his database that has item IDs for Amazon or for Walmart as well as the UPC codes that go along with those products.

I could download this and go through it and see what I like using an x-ray and then I could open up the spreadsheet inside of Google Docs, as long as I have this item, I can click after I highlight, go down to my brick seek add-on, hit the Walmart button, I can see where Kellogg’s original special K i.

Apparently, they’re out of stock at the two Walmart’s that are closest to me, but they’ve got some up at the Super Center in Lewis Center, in Cincinnati, I can see who has it in stock and it looks like everybody has it in stock down in Cincinnati, so this program does brick seek, so they might have some at the Super Center nearest me and they haven’t updated their computer yet.

It gives you a target to go rather than definitely going somewhere that doesn’t have these in stock, so those are a few ninja ways that you can use the brick seek add-on for Google Chrome. if you have any questions or you have any ideas of a better way to use this. please let me know in the comments or shoot me an email and if you go ahead and pick this up now. You can be eligible for all the updates.

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