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Online Arbitrage Power Sourcing with The BrickSeek AddOn at

Description: The article mentions some information about the brick seek walmart add-on, including the approaches to solving problems when you’re online sourcing at the stores that brick seek supports.

I’m able to launch it and I’m excited about this, so it’s called the brick seek add-on and what it will do for you is when you’re online sourcing at the stores that brick seek supports, you’ll be able to check inventory at all the stores around you in case you want to go and pick it up.

If something is the time-sensitive like the Chewbacca masks recently, what this is going to do is that when you right-click on the brick seek add-on and click options, you’ll have the ability to put in multiple zip codes.

You can check stores in maybe cities that are close to you, you can check stores in other cities, maybe you have a sourcing partner in another city and you want to check for them all kinds of cool things that you can do here.

We will be expanding this to more and more zip codes that you can save and then here’s what it will do, let’s say that we’re looking for this first-years, we want to know where you would go, it’s a hot selling item.

Once you click that brick seek add-on extension, you will open up several tabs, so I don’t suggest that you open up, you save ten zip codes at a time, because it can slow your browser down, but I’ve done five, so what we’re able to do here is that it will automatically open these up, it will pre fill in all of the information for you.

You can scroll through and see who is out of stock, Walmart is closest to me but it is out of stock, the second closest on Marsh Road has one or less, all of the rest of these are out of stock except for the one in rent burg, so I know that I could go there and grab this item, this is another zip code, that’s close to me, that pulls up most of the same Walmart.

I probably should change that to a different zip code, here’s a zip code down in southern Columbus, it pulls up a lot of things, but does pull up Circleville and Delaware and Marysville which weren’t on the other one.

Here is a zip code from about an hour, north of us, so we can see Mansfield new works out of stock and then it pulls Brownsburg, so you could Sainz Ville Ontario Ohio, so we could take a road trip to grab these things, so that’s what this does.

We will be rolling out CVS and a few other stores like Lowe’s and things like that, if you buy all of those updates, you get for free over the lifetime of the extension, if you have any questions, shoot me an email, ask me in the comment section, I’ll be happy to answer and if you want access to this, you can click on the Gumroad link below.

We’re throwing out the first 50 of them for 1995 and then the price will go up, because we will be developing some new things with this.

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