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How to Use Capital One 360 for Electronic Sinking Funds at

Description: The article below is primarily going to cover sinking funds, the author will reveal some useful resources about how to use Capital One 360 for electronic sinking funds.

I’m going to be talking about sinking funds, because I’ve already told you about how I do my cash envelopes, someone wanted to know if I have any singing funds and I haven’t put that much money in them and I have some that are online and ones that are involved.

I don’t know how to blur the things out on Capital One 360 and I do use capital Capital One, 360, so I’m sorry about the lighting again, but I do use cover one for my sinking funds and I will show you because I printed it out.

I did cross out all the account numbers, but I will tell you all the singing people, I have one here, so I have an emergency fund and that is how you get a thousand dollars for an emergency fund, I only have 90 dollars in it.

I could open account, I have that singing friend and then I have savings fund and that’s because I like to have even more of an extra cushion than just $1,000, but I am doing the baby steps, but I am going to get my emergency fund for the thousand dollars a little bit slower, because I am putting money into my actual savings fund.

I have credit card, because my parents are paying for my credit cards, they’re putting $80 a month to it to help me out, because I loan them some money a few years ago, so they’re paying me back by paying off some of my money towards things.

So for credit card, I have ten dollars into it, but there will be a lot more, because I do need to pay off my credit card and even though they’re doing $80 a month to it, I’m putting some money every single month into an envelope, so I can give to them probably by the end of this year to pay it off.

There are four 2,500 and since they’re paying eighty, I want to match it or put some to it and then I have tattoo, because my fiance and I want to get a tattoo next year before we get married or maybe afterwards, I’m saving up for that and that one has ten dollars in it.

I make money off of that I make three dollars on there and you can get it into your PayPal, so I put it into this one, that one has the $3, because I did get three dollars last week and I’m almost up to the three dollars to get another $3.

They’ll be six dollars and there’s two and then I have YouTube money, it’s for my first channel that I made when I was 16, I do get some money from that, it’s still up on YouTube, so that’s where I put that YouTube money.

I think 24 savings account, I don’t have any checking on here, because I don’t need to, because I’m trying to save all these and not take it out, but if I do need to take it out, I can put it, I can transfer it to my bank, so we’re out all the ones that I have, but if you don’t know about 360, it’s cool, because it also gives you more interest in regular, because I am with Bank of America and it is not even 0.04 for interest and for capital one is 0.75 for interest, so you get a little more, but I like having it into a different bank, so I don’t use it.

Once it’s in my bank, since I am doing the cash envelope system now, I am not doing that anymore, but I still like to have it in a different Bank, you get what I mean, but if you don’t have Capital One 360, I will have a link down below of a link that I have that you can get twenty-five dollars into your first checking and into your first savings account.

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