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How to Use Capital One 360 for The Second Part of Electronic Sinking Funds at

Description: The article is going to indicate us with Capital One ATM, the ways to set up a card like capital one and the methods to use Capital One 360 for electronic sinking funds.

I’m going to show you Capital One, I promised in my 2018 singing funds video, if you liked the video, I would show this and how it is now set up, you can’t see the account numbers or anything like that, it shows the last three, but that doesn’t matter to me, since it doesn’t show the whole account number, so the ones that I have on Capital One for my singing funds and everything I have my IRA, my retirement account on Capital One.

I have a CD with them, so that’s one of them, the other one is my car maintenance, I also have my medical and I have Christmas, I have my tattoo, my travel, my home repair, I have it on here, because I used to be saving for this house, but I don’t ever need to repair anything, so I have that and I’m keeping that since I will be getting in a new house and if I ever need to put any money in there, if I have an account set up, I also have my car insurance and then I have my savings account on here.

I have moved over to Ally Bank, so this one has 80 cents in it and I’ll keep it on there and then this one was my moving fund, this account is closed, because I did move that to a lay bank, because it does have better interest in Capital One and then I have my plain IRA, it’s not in a CD, so with this, it has the CD and the IRA together.

It is showing two different ones, I also have my property tax, I have YouTube, because this is where my YouTube money goes into, because I have its own little account for it, I have my checking, so I can withdraw money out of any of these singing funds.

If I have one for my sister Burnie until I have everything in order and until I have my house and I’m all set and I will start putting stuff into my sister’s account, I have one set up for her, because she is younger than me and she’s not a part of the Indian tribe, so she does not get money every single month and she’s struggling to look for a job.

When I have everything set, I want to give money to her into our own account so that she can start learning how to save and get her own apartment so that she’ll be set whenever my parents pass away, because she lives with my parents and my parents are old and if they ever go, I’ll be helping her out, so that’s where I put money and to help her out.

If she needs it, I have a vacation fund, the weird thing is that I do have a travel and I have a vacation, the travel is for little mini trips, if I want to go five hours away, I will put some money into there for travel trips and vacation is for big vacations.

If I go to Los Angeles and go to Disneyland or if I go to Florida or if I go to France, it doesn’t matter big huge vacations, go into here, I have my pets and then the emergency fund, I move that into a lie bank, so it gets better interest the closed accounts, they stay on here for at least three months and then they totally go off of here, so that doesn’t matter, but those are all of singing funds on Capital One.

Capital One was the interest was 0.75 and now it is 1% on Capital One, so it is so good for the interest rate, but for my bigger savings, I do have it, I can’t show you that one, because it doesn’t have the layout, as this does, we’re all the different accounts.

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