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The Review of Capital One Short Term Gig Free money $1000 Instant Pay at

Description: The following article has the content of Capital One ATM, the author wants to advertise the position for Capital One and shows us how to create some quick short-term income.

I was advertising this position for Capital One and you can create some quick short-term income and I’m going to show you how to do this, I show you proof, I’ve been getting paid and everything that I’ve advertised is supposed to be true.

The first thing I will do is that I am going to log in here and show you my earnings and what I’ve done with the accounts is the real Bank Capital One, it’s a a big company, so you don’t got to worry about this.

Blurring out the routing numbers for safety reasons, you can see this is the email that you emailed me, if you found me on Craigslist and let’s show you what I’ve made now, today’s date is July 1st.

I have to edit out my account number, my routing my card number, so my current balance is at 114 dollars, but I’ve been using the card, I’ve been spending it on you dirty if I bought some Chinese food for the family spend like sixty dollars Boston Craig.

I’m not crisis, some Facebook Ads, I’m using the card, I actually got a penny deposited, this is July, so pay attention to these deposits customer referral bonus, I got paid twenty twenty dollars, if you’re scrolling down here.

You can pay attention here, I’ve no hot food and regular thing, but look at all these $20 deposits quickly and I do have the screen bunched, but I’ve made the account June 22nd, so about eight not nine days ago, I hope there is no minimum, so you can literally start a checking account with Capital One for a penny.

You can literally start with a penny or $1 to the dollar, I have 17 referrals, I’ve helped 17 people on Craigslist and Facebook creating new account, new checking account and they’re paying $20 a person so far, I’ve made 340 dollars in nine days, awfully posting some ads on Craigslist and Facebook groups.

It’s a simple process, but I’m showing you proof, all you need to do is that you click on the link below this video or in the email I have the steps on how to register for this, how to take advantage of this opportunity, you can earn up to a thousand dollars, so you can only refer this to 50 people 50 times $20 makes a thousand.

I will send you this link, you can go ahead and pause the video, if you like, type this in, so you can follow along or click on this in the video description below on YouTube or Facebook or in the email.

You’re probably reading this from and I go ahead and show you my address bar here, go to the link now, see refer-a-friend so that link it codes back to you, so you get that credit, the first step you want to do is to click on the $50 bonus, no Fee and access to over 38,000 fee free, all point ATMs.

I’ve had a few people who are clicking on the savings, that’s not the right one, you want to click on this, I still log in, apply down and this is the screen that you can see, I’m new to Capital One 360, I was already banking with them.

I had a credit account with them, I didn’t have a checking, I don’t even know they had checking till recently, referral program motivated me to go ahead and open an account up, so click continue, go ahead and read over this stuff, you want to know what you’re doing click on single, because you’re opening a single account, go ahead and click continue, fill out this information, the SSN.

You have to be the United States, apologize if anybody is outside the US, this was a global opportunity, you want to leave this by default, your IRS stuff unless your taxes and you’re more familiar with your tax purposes.

You can go ahead and change it if you need to, but typically most people should leave this by default and then click continue, once you click continue, it is going to be an account setup, you do not have to fund the account, you can set this account up, you’re probably busy, you can skip that.

Once you’re on step 2, skip it, you’re signing in for creating a username for your Capital One online account, create your password, whatever you like it to be, once you log in, there’s going to be an option that says fund my account and you can fund it, I show you how I fund in my account.

If I still have it in my desktop, I wrote myself a check, because I had a bank, 622 is the same date, I’m showing you the screen share, I mean 622, that’s when I fund at $1, I downloaded the app for Capital One, this will all be in the website and you click on the tab that says much love net.

I’m still logged in, it’s going to say deposits, it’s going to say deposit checks or image upload, you click on this and we’ll tell you how to download the app, if you write yourself a check to make sure that you write it to your name, the amount 0 over 100, whole number 4 memo, I put Capital One 360 checking.

I sign it and you sign the back, once you do that with the app, you can go ahead and take a picture of the check, they’ll instantly upload, it’s very simple to do now, if you’re not too technical, you can go ahead and wait the two to three business days.

You can receive your Capital One debit card in the mail, it came in two days after I signed up and it’s a debit card, you can use it like every other card and you can go ahead and both one ATM and hit the deposit feature and deposit a dollar or whatever the amount you want to deposit your checking account.

Once you do that, your account is going to be fully quantum quote active and they’ll go ahead and let you hit the refer-a-friend now, if your account isn’t funded, there’s no minimum, so you literally put a penny in this tab, that says refer-a-friend.

It will be locked, you have to fund your account first before you can refer it to a friend and then you’ll be able to share on Facebook, recommend it by email or send out the links.

Another way to fund your account, you’re waiting on your debit card, you have to wait on your PIN as well, so that might take you about two to four days, if not, contact me at jr. Serrano a gmail calm and make the subject something, I’ll gladly send you a penny, it’s free to do Capital One.

You give me the last four of your new bank account that you opened up and checking with Capital One and send me the last four email, I’ll go ahead and send you a penny to help you fund, so you can start referring people.

I don’t mind helping you at all, it’s a penny, I think the fee is two three five dollars maximum and then you go to your local gas station and give them your routing number and your account number which will be available to you.

Once you get approved, most people get approve with this, once you get approved, you sign up through my link, you’ll be able to make your own username, password, you fund your account and then you’ll be able to refer people, you get twenty dollars to pay.

You can transfer this to the bank, you can cash out at an ATM, you can use this to pay bills, I’ve paid a bunch of bills on this, if you haven’t seen India the screen share, so you have people from Craigslist, this is the short-term gig, I was talking about people from Facebook.

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