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3PO Financial Planning Mobile Application Capital One Wallet

Description: The article is about capital one wallet. The 3po financial planning mobile application can give you the best service. It will design a goal for you based on your situation and select the best one for you to choose. You will have the plan which is most suitable for you.

What are your priorities in life? Do you have a financial plan for your vacation? Have you thought about your retirement? Can you afford to send your child or yourself to college? Have you thought about buying a house? Do you have other financial goals? Do you have a financial plan for these goals and can you afford that plan?

We’re here to help with that. I am now introducing EUI 3po. It is a mobile app that allows you to create goals quickly and plan to achieve them in many ways. We will help you determine your goals based on your demographics. We are not help you determine your goals but also guide you through the uncertainty of how important the goal is to you,how much you need to save in order to reach your goal and show you the real time goal affordability.

I will take Emma for example. Emma has a retirement goal of sixty one thousand one hundred and fifty dollars that starts when she turns 65. Based on her demographic profile and goal priority,3po suggests a monthly contribution to reach her goal. She can enter her desired contribution instead in case she cannot make the suggested monthly contribution. Since Emma can not make the suggested monthly contribution 3po suggests an initial investment to help Emma reach her goal.

Emma can enter her desired initial investment in case she cannot invest the suggested amount. The real-time affordability updates for Emma to see her progress. 3po doesn’t stop there to help you reach your goals. Since Emma can not make the suggested monthly and initial contribution,it suggests that Emma can delay her retirement in order to achieve her goal. Emma can enter her desired retirement age instead of the suggested one and see her final affordability.

3po differentiates itself from other applications in the market by allowing users to see the effects of prioritizing one goal over the others. For example Emma has a retirement and a vacation goal. After creating both goals if she chooses to prioritize her retirement goal over her vacation goal,she can simulate the effects of increasing her monthly contribution towards her retirement goal while decreasing her monthly contribution towards her vacation goal.

3po allows Emma to view her updated affordability for the two goals as well as the updated monthly contribution for each. 3po also allows Emma to see her recommended asset allocation for each goal. When she swipes up,Emma can also see her recommended product allocation for the goal.

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