capital one

Capital One

Capital One offers a wide range of banking products and credit cards. It can help you finance your car purchase or refinance existing loans. The Capital One Auto Navigator Tool is at your disposal to check rates and get pre-approved before heading to the actual dealership.

It is a great tool to set a baseline financing rate without affecting your credit score in the slightest. However, potential applicants might be wondering how accurate Capital One Auto is pre-approval. Capital One gives you the option to pre-qualify for a loan with a soft credit check. However, the final approval occurs at the participating dealership, where a hard credit check is conducted. Pre-approval does not guarantee that your credit application will be approved at the dealership.

If the information you provided initially is accurate and complete, then you shouldn’t come across any unwelcomed surprises or major alterations at the dealership. People that have a decent idea of their credit score and were pre-qualified using the correct information should encounter no trouble.

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