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A Review of Capital One Platinum Credit Card Org

Description: The following article is primarily about the review of the Capital One Platinum Credit Card, the author also mentions something about the credit building card.

Today we’re going to be reviewing the Capital One Platinum Card, although this card has platinum in the name, we do not think it is anywhere near the League of the American Express Platinum Card, you have a high class credit card like that.

This is a credit building card, it’s a very entry-level credit card and it shouldn’t be called platinum, this is a credit building card and it’s a very easy card for someone with low or non-existent credit school to get, so if you’re a new immigrant to the United States, so you’re a kid fresh out of college.

As long as you have a U.S. Social Security number, you should be able to get this card now, when you first get it, if you have a low credit score, they’ll give you the basic credit limit which is three hundred dollars.

After five months worth of on-time payments, they’ll raise your credit limit to five hundred, so there’s a set of plans on how they’re going to increase your credit from the start, because this is a credit building card, that’s the idea of this card, it does not accumulate any sorts of air miles points cashback.

It’s for building credit, once you’ve had this card for a while, you build your credit and you’re able to get other cards, you won’t use this card anymore, I take it out maybe once a month, buy a cup of coffee with it, put it back in a drawer at home.

It is a great card for those building credit, it is twenty four point nine nine percent which is on the high side of average, a little bit high, there’s no annual fee on this card and there’s also no transfer fee although you will be charged interest on bounced transfers at twenty four point nine percent.

If you’re doing that, if you want to transfer a balance, this probably isn’t the card for you, I’d go for something like a chase slate and there’s one more feature that’s worth mentioning, there are no foreign transaction fees on this card, because this is an entry level card, it’s not aimed at people who are traveling, who are globe-trotting.

It doesn’t give you lounge access or air miles like the American Express Platinum or the Chase Sapphire Reserve, these are cards aimed at people who travel, this is an entry-level credit card, so the fact that it has no foreign transaction fees is very welcome, because you can use it abroad without paying extra, but it is a little bit weird, so that’s my review of the Capital One Platinum Card.

This is a great card to get, if you’re starting out, in fact, this would be my recommended credit card for all those who have a U.S. Social Security Number, but do not have a credit score and most probably get approved for this card and your credit score will build very quickly with this card.

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