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The Cool Features That You May Not Know About Capital One Credit Cards Org

Description: The article will talk about some fantastic features of the Capital One credit cards, especially for the part of having no foreign transaction fees which is unusual for an entry level card .

We’re going to be talking about some cool features of the Capital One cards, you may not have thought about one cool feature in particular, so in addition to having no foreign transaction fees which is unusual for an entry level card and also having very small minimum credit limits.

You can get a Capital One Platinum card with a $300 credit limit, it’s great for someone who’s starting out or someone who has bad credit, they can’t get approved for large credit line, so they can get approved for one of these cards.

There is another feature that I want to talk about today, I’m not going to be giving you stats or telling you how to use miles and points or how to get value out of it, this is for fun, so Capital One has a feature that allows you to put your own image onto their credit card.

I’m covering it with my hand, this is me and Mrs. credit refuses wedding photos on a capital one card, let’s split to another photo, you can see it a little better blurring out the information, so that’s our wedding photo and you can do this on Capital One’s website.

It’s a cool service that they provide, so let’s take a look at how it’s done, when you sign into your camper one account, this is the screen that you get, I’ve got one credit card within the Platinum Mosca.

I assume if you had more, there would be more accounts there, view account on the one that you want to use and you can see no transactions, I don’t use my Capital One card very much, but you see more account services, so click the little plus here and under account settings, you’re going to go to change card image, click on that.

First of all, you get brought to this page with these cute animal photos, you got all these beaches, there’s a beach with a palm tree which is like credit one copy for their card, also you’ve got solid backgrounds.

I don’t know why anyone would want that, it’s a black card, but what I want to draw your attention to is this upload your own photo tab where you can customize your cart, I’ve pre uploaded a few photos, but let’s click on upload images.

You can choose a file from your computer, you can upload them, they stay in the website and then you can flick back and forth between them, first of all, let’s click view guidelines, because there are some strict guidelines for this.

I’m going to show you a few images that would not be allowed, I’ll read out the guidelines to you, first of all, there are three written in bold, summarize all of it, it can’t include anyone else for logo or a photo that was taken by anyone else or anything that’s copyrighted, no cartoons.

Children have to be completely closed, you can see three psychos out there, the addition of numbers or text, the top one here that includes non-english text, because the person approving your design might not be able to read stuff, that’s non-English, who you wouldn’t want to start on.

I don’t understand if you’re going to other countries, because the card has no component transaction, if you use your American flag card in Iran, you could get some problems, that could lead to identity theft names or trademarks.

Let’s look at a few designs, if you are putting a design on your credit card, you could use the design of a better credit card, we have a Capital One Platinum, it’s a trump card and obviously this wouldn’t be suitable, because he’s obviously a political figure.

The picture is copyrighted, I got this from CNN, even if you take in your own picture of Trump, that wouldn’t be allowed because he’s a celebrity, so you can’t put it on there without its position and he’s now a political figure.

What about this photo? I took this myself at the New York car show, but there’s a problem, the car is Ford, it’s got a Ford logo and in the back, you’ve also got the Nissan logo, so I think that would probably not get approved by Capital One’s people who have to approve it.

The rules are so strict, they limit it to a family photo with children that are fully clothed of a still-life, you took yourself a landscape or a cityscape, I put this photo of Mrs. Credit Shifu and baby credible that should be right.

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