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The Review of Capital One Platinum Credit Card Org

Description: The main idea of the article is about Capital One platinum card, the author primarily mentions the price protection on the account as well as the secured version when you use capital one.

The topic today will be Capital One platinum card, there’s no annual fee ends cards, there’s no annual fee of hamdi card, you get price protection on the account which means if you purchase something and within 60 days, you see an advertised price of it, lower than what you purchased at Yash’s submit a claim to them.

I paid for it, they get a refund for the difference to your account, that’s nice and has some travel insurance, if you get injured, this card has the same thing which doesn’t match at some of the higher end cards.

There is a good credit report tracker Capital One, they have their own system to track your credits a gift topic credit score, you could see how much debt is on, I’ll show you everything, I’ve have a mortgage for your mortgage, it’s a good way to keep track of everything in debt total.

It’s the first credit card I ever had, because I couldn’t get approved for those higher rewards cards, after I had this card, there’s a good intro card and if you can’t get approved for the cash back reward cards, this would be a good one.

I would apply for that for some reason, you can’t get this version of the card, I would get secured credit card version of this, let’s say a $500 down deposit on the account and hold up stuff, they increase your limit and make it a positive back.

If you can’t get the unsecured person, gets a secured version, it’s a good beginner credit card, so if you don’t have great credit rebuilding credit or getting starting out on your credit, don’t get the cash back rewards, there’s a good way to get credit started and get you on the road to getting those cash back rewards cards, so if you want to hear more about cards like these, you can start it on or rebuild your card credit.

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