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My $37 A Month Car Insurance Quotes Beat The Bush

Description: This passage is mainly about car insurance quotes. In this passage, the writer tells us how low his car insurance is and how to get all the discounts that we are entitled to, the writer also shows us some of the discounts that Geico or any other car insurance company that will allow giving a lower rate.

This is BeatTheBush, some of you are quite baffled that I have paid 37 dollars a month for my auto insurance and I drive a 2001 Porsche Boxster as well, today I’m going to show you my insurance statement and show you all the discounts that I’m getting in order to get my rate lower, after I show you my statement, I’m also going to cover all the other discounts that are possible, in case I don’t get it but you can.

Here’s my GEICO insurance, so you can see that I only get liability insurance here, this is a main factor of having my insurance low, because essentially I am self insuring by myself, if anything happens to my car, I can pay for it and do any repairs, so it helps a lot to have enough emergency cash so that you can do something such as this where you can not pay for full coverage.

I used to buy full coverage and it used to be two to three hundred dollars or more, you can see maybe a year or two of painful coverage, you can essentially have a thousand or two thousand dollars to do any kind of minor to medium type level of repairs, the coverage here that you have selected is variable.

You may find that going from one care to another may not increase or decrease your payment premium, there are various factors that contribute to my premium, the first one is that I always pay in full six months at a time, this causes a discount to be applied and this is the discount shown and you can see that two hundred and twenty three dollars divided by six is thirty seven dollars a month.

These are the types of discounts, I have subclass factor, multi-line cycle which means that I have a motorcycle as well, I have California good driver, I haven’t had an accident for five years, I have California persistency, I have passive restraint airbag which means my car has an airbag and I also have a seat belt in it.

I have professional group insurance rates, this has to do with me holding a Geico share and it says that I’m affiliated with Geico, therefore I can add this insurance discount on top of whatever this time I have before, so I have all these discounts added to whatever I have to pay to get this $223, here’s a list of this concept for Geico insurance.

But I’m sure that any other car insurance also has something similar where if you do certain things, you will get additional discount, the way that it works internally for an insurance company is that they look at these various factors, and when you have certain things, your risk goes down, therefore they can insure you for less and less.

With that in mind, let me go over the discounts, out of all these discounts you can see that the circled ones are the ones that I already have on my policy, those two there are anti-lock brake system and the ion tights, I have those except that it’s not on my policy, so doing this article is great because I suddenly realize that maybe I can call in and get additional discount.

I’ll let you know if I get additional discount in the article description below, go to check there, I’ll update that a bunch of these things, it depends on your car model and if your car has that and if it doesn’t have it, you might be able to add it, such as the anti-theft system.

If your car has a airbag, most cars have airbags and anti-lock brake system, most cars have those these days, and if you have the daytime running light, it will lower your premium, if you never have an accident in five years, I will also lower your insurance rate which is great, if you always use your seat belt all the time, you can tell them this.

You can get another discount, they have no way to verify this and I’m not sure how they can verify that, I think this is based on the honor system where you say that every time you get in you use a seat belt, then they’ll honor you that discount, if you take defensive driving classes, I believe this only lasts a certain number of years.

So if you take it, you have to renew it in order to get this discount all the time, if you take driver’s education, you can get a discount, if you’re a good student, if you have good grades then you can also get a discount, if you’re on the emergency deployments, they have to deploy you, you’ll also get a discount.

You also get a discount of your part of military and you also get a discount if you’re a federal employee, there’s also a membership affiliation discount where they have about five hundred groups that you can be a part of it, look through that group and you can see if you’re a part of that, then you can also add get a discount.

Even if you’re not a part of one of those groups, you can go and buy a Berkshire Hathaway, I believe that one share is about $170 in your brokerage account, then you can call them up and say that you own a share of Berkshire Hathaway which has owned Geico, then you can claim this membership willfully and get a few percentage off of your policy.

If you have multiple cars on the same policy, you can get a discount, if you have multiple policies, I don’t know other kinds of insurance things, for me I have a motorcycle insurance on top of that, then you can get a multi-policy discount.

Getting any recurring expense low pays you back month after month, because once you do the initial work of trying to get it low, in the first place you have to sit there and it’s always going to be a low payment all the time, all of this is based on getting a good cash flow, when you have the expenses, you minimize them.

For any type of income, you try to maximize those, and you’re going to get a good cash flow, I hope this article helps you for your GEICO insurance or any other insurance, call them up, knock their doors out, ask what kind of policy discounts that they have, or on the website you can see what kind of policy based counts that they have and you can see which one you can actively obtain.

I’m sure that you’re going to find some of them that you have already done, but you’re not getting the discount, don’t forget to give me a like on this article, comment down below, let me know if you’ve already applied this method and if you are getting the maximum discount on your auto insurance.

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