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Top 5 Car Insurance Quotes Companies

Description: This passage is mainly about car insurance quotes. In this passage, the writer gives us another insurance advice which is going to be the top five insurance companies for 2017 and explains the reasons why they are good.

This is Mark Flockhart giving you another insurance advice, this is going to be the top five insurance companies for 2017, and most of this information is going to be based off the JD Power Associates from the reports of 2016, so this is very accurate information.

I’m not going to get into the stability details, because 90% of these companies or probably all of them are going to be in the A+ or a range for as far as stability goes, the fifth spot is going to be auto owner and they’ve been around for a long time, their reputation is on their website, the reputation is being Z.

So when you have an issue, if there’s any issue, there’s none with them, they’re going to take care of it, jump on the ball, that’s one of the more important things, as you go into 2017 a lot of companies are going to streamline their process based on the customers, they’re trying to appease us because they know that the rates are fluctuating now, because of all the claims that have happened in the last year.

So what they’re trying to do is that they’re trying to focus more on customer service, they’re going to sell you the value of the company more than the cost or the prices, that’s something different, we always shop by price, we always have most of us do.

But they’re focused on the competent planners, because your confident planner is going to be someone that’s not likely to leave the company after a year or two years, if the rate changes they’re going to stay, because if they like the company, they’re being taken care of, they’re not getting taken advantage of that.

They are the type of person that these companies are looking for and they know that it’s not going to be based off a price, which is going to be based off of value and a customer experience, this company ensures modified vehicles or they call them converted vehicle if you’ve got a conversion van that you have turned into something else.

A lot of these companies don’t do that to separate auto owners from the rest of the people, there are other companies that do that, these people stand out and do that, I don’t even think in the top five, I’m aware of that any of them have converted vehicles because that is something that a lot of companies don’t want to touch.

One of the things that stands out to me the most is something called the personal Auto Plus, this makes these people a completely different niche, because you can add most of these features but you’re going to nickel and dime, they’re going to put little pieces in here where they have created a program that you can get one package and most of these will fit you.

So the benefit of having the personal Auto plus is that there’s a trip interruption coverage, it provides up to $500 for expenses if your vehicle is disabled, now that’s the mechanical disablement, if you’re an accident, that’s not going to be covered.

Now you also have to be a hundred miles or further away from home for the staff, and this is something that triple A does, I don’t know if they still do that but that is something neat, a lot of people love it, here’s a real cool thing, there’s something called cellular phone, this is part of this package, it’s called the cellular phone or two-way communication device.

So if you have a GPS system in your car or a cell phone, it doesn’t even matter and the thing is that they don’t even say if it’s in the car, they say that if this device is stolen, they’ll provide up to five hundred dollars worth of coverage for that, if you are interested in this, get more details with them, they don’t have any asterisk.

So it doesn’t say specifically whether they’re going to cover it or not, if it has to be in the vehicle or in general if it’s broken or stolen, the thing to watch out for with that is that don’t necessarily file these claims, because I don’t know how that will file on an insurance claim, it may file as a claim that can hurt you as far as insurance goes.

But if it’s categorized which is similar to towing and road trip, that’s something that won’t hurt you, you can file those all day long, you can have tenable, and the companies will disregard it because it doesn’t matter about that stuff, they’re worried about claims and that can affect your eligibility or pricing with other company.

This is very interesting, it’s only covered for physical damage, so if you are borrowing a trailer, you cannot own it and it can’t be a family members trailer, they will cover up to a thousand dollars for damages if something happens, that is a very cool supplemental payment coverage.

So in the occurrence that you need bail bonds on the result of an accident or traffic law violation, $500 is provided up to $250 per day to cover any loss earnings and expenses personal property coverage, so for any of your personal items, if there is a set or attempted set, if there’s a result in a loss to personal property contained in your vehicle, this type of auto insurance coverage provides up to $500 for that law.

So that’s very cool, now keep in mind if that happens, you must call the police, get a police report, otherwise they’re likely to throw that claim out if you call them a week or two later, automobile and stereo video and media coverage are not important to anymore, most of us don’t have CDs.

If you have a car stereo that maybe has a TV in the car, and you get DVDs, they limit it to the actual DVDs, it’s a thousand dollars totally, but they limit it to two hundred dollars for DVDs and CDs if the vehicle is stolen which is a rarity, so this isn’t something, I will lean my purchase off.

But if your vehicles are in stolen, if you’re in an area that you think it’s more likely to be stolen, then they will provide you, give you a rental car $50 per day up to $1500 total per occurrence, they have something called the rekey coverage, this is part of this package, in the event that the keys are stolen and the theft is promptly reported, so you have to call this.

People are doing these false claims, I have lost my keys, I would better go to get another set mate, if you want to do that, get a triple-a membership and I think they cover up to a certain amount to rekey your keys, it covers up to $250 to have the lock system redone or replaced deductible amendatory.

In the event that if your vehicle is attached to a trailer, I mean that you’re in a collision with the vehicle which is not owned by you or relative, it can’t be you or your family, remember that if it’s not insurer by them, they will apply the highest deductible, so they’re going to cover it, that’s a nice thing to have.

Your collision deductible will be waived if your vehicle attached trailer is involved in a collision with another automobile, and they are insured with the company, then they’re going to waive the complete deductible, so in order to get that package, you have to have full coverage, so it’s not something that you can do with liability.

You have to have the minimums that they require, if you want to learn more, go to their website, I will try to put a link in the description below for different options as far as quoting different companies, I’ll try to link each of these companies website here as well, top insurance company number for Erie insurance is a surprise to me.

To be honest with you, Erie Insurance has always been online, we create it for online people and the media in that type of world, so it is more of a call center type company and they’ve done well, they have a program called the auto Plus, so it provides pet coverage and that built in, that’s up to $500 per pet.

So for all pet lovers, that’s per pet to a total of $1,000, if they have a couple of pets in the car, hopefully you’re not doing a walking dog business although if you are, I don’t think there are any restrictions for that with collision, if you have collision up to three hundred and fifty dollars for personal item coverage, that is something that isn’t typically covered.

If you get an accident and something breaks, that might be covered, but if you’re in a collision, they’re going to cover up to three hundred and fifty dollars of your personal items, they offer a one-year policy, I can’t figure out if auto owners offer to your policy, I have looked all over their websites, so I’m assuming but your policies have been known to be a little bit less expensive.

When the rate fluctuates with the six-month policy, you’re not likely going to be hit as bad, although that’s not that big of a deal, because it will catch up with you, because the following year you’ll hit harder because you’re catching up to the other six months, so I don’t worry a whole lot about but they come for that.

The last thing that they do is that they offer discounts for drivers who are under 21, when they live in the same house with their parents and the parents have insurance with them, that’s huge, if you are a parent and you’ve got a child under 21, you are going to get a discount which is very rare, if you add the kids to your policy that doesn’t necessarily say, they’re going to be the best price.

This isn’t based on price, this is based on a lot of different factors, keep in mind that when you do it, tell them that your 16-year-old driver has started driving, they usually make you either add them or exclude them and some companies don’t like to exclude them, so you may be having to force yourself into a quick decision.

The third one is that New Jersey manufacturers have over eight hundred and forty thousand vehicles insured, there is a caveat to this, so they only insure in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, if you live in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, that’s definitely going to be an option for you to call, it is probably one of the biggest companies.

When I talk to somebody that lives in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, I get a lot of people coming from New Jersey manufacturers, they’re to leave but they’re always shopping for the best price, that’s one of their big kickers, their price is based on the average policy holder in the state, that is such a big thing.

Because if most places base you on the zip code that you live in, so if you live in 495 100, I have made up a zip code, if you live in that area, they’re going to see all the accidents in the area and rate you based on that area, so if you’re in a retirement community, it is more likely that you can be the best driver in the world.

But they’re going to rate that against you, the positive is that if you live out in the country and there’s nobody around, they’re going to rate that towards you, so you’re going to get that benefit, so those who live in New Jersey and Pennsylvania that are larger cities are likely to have a lot more claims and a lot more accidents.

So now here you have got a company, that’s going to raise the whole state instead of this tiny little area that you live in, if you’re one of those people that live in that tiny little area, that’s not so great, that is going to be a great company for you to call, they also do dividends back and that’s something I have seen.

The next company is at the end of the year, they say that here are our claims, here’s the money, we have taken in more money than we do claims which is the whole point of them, in insurance they’re trying to make money, if you want to learn more about that, I’ll click a link up here where I talk about how insurance companies make money from you.

In that event, they will give you a dividend back based on what your pain is, so if you’ve overpaid, there are not many companies doing this, you’re going to get money back, that’s very cool, it’s not going to be huge, it might be three dollars, it might be a hundred dollars, I don’t know about it because I’m not in New Jersey.

The second top company is USAA and that stands for United Service Automobile Association, you have to be eligible to get this insurance, so how are you eligible? According to their website, you have to be either active or retired or honorably separated officer that is enlisted in the US military.

So you have to be a part of the military or have been a part of the military or have left the military on good terms, or you have to be a part of a family members plan or you have to have a family member that is part of military, so you can do it through family as well, that’s one of the benefits, if you are hearing this, you’re not a part of it, you’re not the family members, your parents aren’t a part of military, then you can’t get it.

That’s one of the reasons, these rates are better and their service is better because they’re able to focus on a specific niche, and that’s one of the things that you’re going to find with some of these insurance companies that will put them at the top or at the bottom, because they either get bad at it or do good.

USAA does well with it, they have 24/7 clean, you will almost always get a hold of somebody, 24/7 doesn’t mean that you’re necessarily going to get somebody on the phone, it might mean that you might have to wait for a while to get somebody in, but they’re clean services and high rated, so I’m assuming that you’re going to get a hold of somebody, they are member-owned.

So it’s the same thing as I have mentioned, they’re giving dividends if you pay more in, and the company is successful which they always are, that’s the point of the company then you’re going to get a little kickback from it, we appreciate your business, you have paid us a little bit too much this year and we have done well.

Thanks for driving safely, here’s some money and then it is also a bank, that’s something cool, so it’s not only a car insurance, but the USAA brand is also an all-in-one brand, I don’t know a whole lot about the banking part of it, but I can tell you from personal experience or knowledge of this type of situation, when you bundle thing auto home life, all of these do this.

You get 15% or 20% off huge discounts if you bank with them, if anybody on here is with USAA and they bank with them, please leave me a comment below and let me know your experiences whether it’s awesome or not, let us know.

The top insurance company is the Hartford, now I have heard a lot about that, I don’t get a lot of customers that call in that shop from the Hartford, so what does that means? Are they large or small? They’re a large company from what I know and I’ve heard of them, and I’ve heard that they’re very good.

I’ll be honest with you, I think that Amica is going to be one of the top companies, because in the past they have done well and I’ll show you where they’re at on this chart, one of the reasons that the Hartford is at the top is because they are partnered with AARP, so if you are an AARP member, they are likely to give you a better deal and they’re also going to package with anything else.

They bundle with companies, they’re smart, when you bank here, when you do this here, we’re going to give you money back, that’s one of the smartest things that you can do, as a company they have lifetime renewability, that is a big question mark, I don’t understand what that means, I have tried to look it up, I don’t get a whole lot.

If you’re an agent, put a comment below, let me know because that’s something that is very interesting, they have a one-year policy so you’re not going to lose that rate change, they have something called recovery car assistance, I have used it a lot.

So if you’re in an accident and you can’t use your car or something happens and you get injured in accident, they might pay any additional living expenses while you can’t work, while you can’t mow the lawn now, because your leg is broken, you have to pay somebody to mow the lawn, you can’t do things that you normally do, so they’re going to cover a certain amount to that.

I don’t see how much the actual limit is, so you may want to look into the new car replacement 1515, it’s 15,000 miles or 15 months, so if your car is less than fifteen months old and less than fifteen thousand miles, they’re going to replace it with a brand new year model car and lifetime car repair.

Most of these companies have something similar to this, that’s something that you’ll have to ask when you do if it is important to you, so when you get a repair, you can go to any mechanic that you want, about every company lets you do that, however if you go to their recommended mechanics, then what they’ll do for you is that they’ll give you a lifetime repair.

So if that repair rakes down or goes wrong, it’s covered for life, it’s a warranty, that’s a huge thing disappearing deductible, I don’t read a lot about that on other websites, so that is something that I like, because I haven’t had an accident and I have had one accident when I was 16 and it wasn’t my fault.

I need to pay that extra money, your deductible goes down and down, and that’s a great thing to have some companies offer it, but they charge you for it, I don’t know if the Hartford charges you, and the last thing that stands out with me is accident forgiveness, this is also another thing that a lot of companies offer.

But you have to ask because there are a lot of different states that they don’t offer it in, now Hartford says that to the most states accident forgiveness is a good thing if you’re in an accident, if it is your first accident and the restriction is that you cannot have an accident within five years, so if you have to grit your teeth and wait.

Because as long as you go with that five-year period, you’re good, they’re going to ignore the fact that has happened, the reason why that’s important is because most companies will rate that against you hard if you run into a lick right or you hit a kid or you hit a wall, no matter what situation is, that is huge.

Because now you have an apple act on your record, you’re going to be calling companies left to right because you pay five hundred dollars every six months or eight hundred dollars every year, policy now is twelve hundred a year, that’s a big difference, so I want to do one last piece before I let you go.

There are a couple of honorable mentions and I’ll show you the list that I have here, the sixth spot is a mica so that they are on the top list, I am surprised because they used to be high up there as far as that, so maybe something’s changed nationwide.

The seventh is Auto Club which is California Insurance Group, I don’t quote me on this but I believe in Auto Club unless it’s a completely separate company, that has always been triple-a, so even though they offer membership, they offer insurance as well, all state country financial has never heard of them.

Now there are three things, if you are with or considering these, Allstate country financial and Farmers are great companies but they are a little bit lower as far as claims recovery, if you look over the total list, I mean that there are tons of insurance companies that’s low on the top ten list, so there are three out of five stars, that’s above average.

However if you compare the rest of these companies that I have mentioned, all of them are four or more stars, out of that situation my findings are based off a JD Power and this is the overall rating of the company, so customer service claims that for the rental-car process, a couple of them has got some negatives on the rental car but that’s usually out of their hands for the most part.

So there is the overall and I have done a little bit of extra research on my own outside of that, because I want to go in a little bit further and see what makes these companies special, so hope you like the article, give it a thumbs up, smash the thumbs up if you love it.

If you don’t like it, give me a thumbs down, let me know in the comments what company you are with and which you think should rank in the top, if you have questions or if there’s another article, you’d like me to make based on insurance leave that in the comments below otherwise till the next one.

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