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Cards Against Humanity Green Box Walmart Beer and Board Games

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Welcome to very bored games and I hope you are ready for some cards against humanity, the green box. I’m surprised that you had nothing to say, so far about a certain thing, a certain article, clothing, wait a minute, that looks familiar, that color, what’s going on? You wore a pink shirt on this show.

I thought that I’m not going to let you have all the fun, so I went on, got a picture of my own, you’re trying to out, paint my shirt, I think I am yes, so Diddy, did he out paint my shirt cards against humanity? You love it, you know how to play it.

So let’s get to the buta tonight, we’re drinking insane Maine red ale insane in the red Maine Eddie Redmayne, I don’t think Eddie Redmayne has anything to do with this beer, it’s from the white line Brewing Company, it’s an American AM rail with the beauty, a hearty malt profile and it’s hard to read the label, how would you do it?

He’s got a lighter, Nick’s opening her mouth with a lighter, this is one of the first tricks I ever learned, when I moved to Wisconsin, it’s balanced, good job, white lion, too bad there’s a band, it’s named after the children cry, you should remember that you can never bang a man.

They’ve always wanted a backpack one more time, a small baby was Tawny Kitaen and either of the videos, that was Whitesnake, see there’s a lot of white bands, you got a great white lion Whitesnake, the Whitey’s with that exist.

We have a toast here for Casey and Leslie who got engaged and now dragon tears gaming is becoming a family business, congratulations, what we’re dragon tears be like, when they be fiery dragons, don’t cry, how do you know dragons? Don’t cry, it is the latest album, they’ve embraced nerd culture.

I think we should play his cards against humanity, everybody takes ten cards and let’s do it and we have a little rule, if you draw a card and you’re like man that would have been perfect for the answer, then you can swap it in the last second, those are house rules, that’s how much rule that we came up with, you know what I think about.

There are too many cards, I’d rather have smaller than three and do more burns, you can burn after every round, I don’t like that, you look like someone who’s in the movie, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s guess want to play cards with Dirk, are you hitting your head, my eyes aren’t so good.

But I’d eat my own boot of that is not blank, I got mine fine, it’s good, but I need my own Buddha fatty and rock-hard tits and a huge vagina, I eat my own boot, if that a big smart money boys tap on their keyboards, I’d eat my own boot.

If that will not be ten football players with erections barreling towards you at full speed, these are all good, I know how you play this game, so I know which card you play, so I thought about I’m going to pick it in white card.

Let’s keep these separate for visual aid with picture purpose AEY des delicious chocolate flavored aids real product from the early eighties get up, it’s on YouTube, you can see the commercial everybody’s seen that commercial now Google Calendar alert blank in ten minutes goo googled in a wizard’s spell book and jizzing in his hat in ten minutes.

It’s a lot of pressure fighting all the time in ten minutes, getting eaten out by a dog in ten minutes, I feel like that one is probably doing that, I feel like that one got me the giggle with that, getting eaten, cleaning it up, I don’t believe in God, I believe in blank, I believe in these jeans, I believe in the bond between a woman and her horse.

I don’t believe in God, I believe in a medium or chapter having read a lot of young adult fiction, I’m going to choose the bond between them, I may not look at that, but this one’s mine, he’s claiming it, claiming it, calling Ruth.

I may not be much to look at, but I remember I tried to communicate a baby panda can’t keep its eyes open, because it’s a Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra reference, I have to go with that, I was burning this card, what is this? It’s Star Trek, it’s this amazing episode where they meet this culture who can only communicate through stories air body and the club Blanc that one air body in the club breastfeeding in public like reading earth goddess air body in the club reading The Hobbit.

This is tough, because I like the disconnect between the idea that this is like a club jam and then with this feminist message, but I like the brevity, so all those rainy hurts got us what will end racism once and for all with confidence, what if I want to switch it, let’s check. I have ten cards now, I’d be winning, you weren’t winning, when you had ten cards, that’s because I only had nine, what will end racism once and for all showing all the boys my pussy.

I have to keep trying the lived experience of African Americans, the shocking stupidity of the American public, that’s classic, it seems to be making it much worse as these two, this is the only thing we haven’t tried yet, so that’s the one I’m going to choose.

I am calling Kaka on this game, Joe in all the boys mah pussy well end racism apparently not I saw a video on Twitter of a giant and enormous woman that sounded like vodka, how big would it mean? She must have been six hundred pounds bedridden, she was standing up, maybe not six hundred large, why is it important, trying to get a visual Mary would like a toast for her husband Matt here.

Some of the reasons she says to call him obnoxiously perfect he does all yard and MEC house mayn’t mechanical house maintenance does other chores, she’s too lazy to gift her with thoughtful presents, never complain like an angel, they love weekend breakfast with beer and board games me rattle Matt.

Why am I laughing and crying and taking off my clothes, I threw away one that would’ve been good, I was getting naked too early, why would you get rid of that? I couldn’t find a good place for it, we hang on to it, I can’t have good card, it is an investment, why am I laughing at crying and taking off my clothes, getting deported critical thinking raising three kids on minimum wage.

It’s sad and it’s true getting deported, I did there realism won nobody laughed, but I still won and the 1950s psychologist prescribed blank as a cure for homo sexuality, putting more black people in jail as a cure for homosexuality mental illness.

In the 1950s psychologists prescribed the old penis in the popcorn surprise everyone take four black cards, if you have any doubles than discarding them, I am going to turn up a white card and you’re going to come up with a black card that you think matches it cool father going away forever.

They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists and I assume that father is going away forever, shouldn’t you be doing that in a different voice? How do I fix the one that is going away forever?

There’s a kid that’s asked that and that’s said congratulations, you’ve been selected for our summer internship program, we are unable to offer a salary, we can’t offer you father going away forever.

Siri is the winner, how do I fix father going away forever which must be on break iPhone 7, how do I get over a serious case of father is from cosmopolitan, my father is going away Christopher McGregor Emma Emma Yara is an IMDB page, it’s an Amazon, it must be a movie loud scary thunder.

This is a better way to play the game, one more thing, watch out for Big Mike, he killed a man with loud scary thunder, when asked about the biggest threat facing the nation, 60% of Americans said loud scary thunder what totally destroyed my asshole, we got to pump the brakes on her.

I’m trying to figure out which one is she, I’m going to go with loud scary thunder, four Americans had asked about the biggest threat faced the nation, that’s great, now scary thunders, thank you for picking the least funny one to stop her from the things.

This is a fun way to do it definitely, you only need to read the black card once, you have to read it into three times, so it’s a lot shorter, when you got a slash beer and bar games, you can get all kinds of cool rewards, one of the top rewards you can get is to get one of our Stein’s dedicated to you and that is what we’re going for Josiah over here.

This is Eric Eric and then Abid, so my mug is the special one, because it’s different and it’s going to have Paige’s name on it, Matt’s mug, Matt’s lovely lady mug, check it out, what is that page? When he puts the mug to his mouth, he’ll be turning the page, thanks Paige for the rest of you, go to pax into the game.

Here we got the cards against humanity chosen people pack and the card is endless ninjas sounds like a song by Stevie Nicks and listening and running in the shadows as reparations for slavery, all African Americans will receive endless ninjas according to Freud all children progressed through three stages of development, the oral stage, the anal stage and the analyst ninjas art isn’t painting in a stuffy.

Museum art is alive, art is endless ninjas reparations, forgetting to eat and consequently dying your daughter should meet my son, he gives to charity, he loves forgetting to eat and consequently dying and do I mention he’s a factor that one sucked now that you hear it out loud.

What’s so important now that you can’t call your mother forgetting to eat inconsequently sacrificing Isaac to the Lord my Bible stores Shakespeare sacrificing Isaac to the Lord achievement unlocked coming to Broadway next season sacrificing Isaac to the Lord on the roof what are all those whales singing about sacrificing Isaac to the Lord.

I know who your other people are, but I have to choose what I thought was the funniest, yourself sacrificing until Lord on the roof, you’re going to go back to your original hand of white cards, so in this stack of cards, our movie genres, so what you’re going to do is to try to pick the best card for the movie genre.

The funniest to me hurts, I have a lot of first, you treat him in there, we got a twofer giant blank attacked blink giant Mexicans and Muslims attack a laundry basket full of baby bunnies shiet cgi dragons attack Jason the teen mayor giant creepy child singing our Nursery Rhyme attacks three boobs.

I like Mexicans and Muslims Tour title, cool good movie should have to say coming soon to a theater near you before everyone coming soon to a theater near you getting pegged which two words are about this person, why does this person suck well?

I’m going to pick the two words, I like coming soon to a theater near you dwarf penis, I like a movie called a ghoul, this is a musical one. I got a swamp, your musical titles are the Rwandan genocide yay blossoming into a beautiful young woman, the musical and AG a sorcerer who turns everyone gay the musical.

I like to think of this as which musical and I’d be most interested to see this one blossoming into a beautiful young woman’s already a musical the gate-source returns are going gay, it’s already musical, I’m going to go with her one day there.

Unfortunately, our last round, your points, I have 20-16, give us your real points or calm down Pink is fine, you got five eight five seven, she won the game, there is delicious chocolate flavored aids, you’re going to jail buddy, because it’s company in jail, you’re going to get pantsed and Lee led around by at ing rien muscle boy.

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