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Cards Against Humanity Live Interview with Cards Against Humanity Creators

Description: This is an interview of cards against humanity, they will talk about the invention process of the game and they will answer a couple of questions of some people about the game.

This is an interview of the creators of cards against humanity.

So you tell us, when did you start? We all have been friends for a long time, a lot of us met on the playground in elementary school and then we’ve been interested in comedy and in high school, we even contrived comedy club, but you needed someone who was 18 or older to bring you in. We didn’t want to come with our parents so we found a way to write down our our jokes and share them with our friends and make them to enjoy like more of an interactive thing.

So you are a big success, but why do you offer it for free online? A lot of people have been asking me, and I think that is weird question because we made this and we wanted people to play, and we put it online.

So what games do you play? We play a lot of nerdy games, but our all-time favorite is werewolf, that’s like our game nights, especially on full moon night. Now we have Andrew and Steve up on the sides, so if you have a question, raise your hand.

I’d love to hear the decision that you donate your entire games from your twenty-twelve? So we made some packs but we can’t make enough games to give to all the people who want it, so when we have some games that come back in stock, we decided to do something special to make people like this game again, and we thought it was boring to send an email, so we came up with the holiday packs, it was for fun. We’ve always wanted to do a holiday theme in a cool way. And we also decided to give all the money to charity.

The T-shirt thing is what we did at PAX last year, we made a bunch of black t-shirts with black cards and white t-shirts with white yards and then we gave them for free and then people could play human cards and they uploaded them online and we gave away prizes. What we learned from that was that no one wants to make 750 different t-shirts.

My question is do you find that it’s more popular in Chicago as opposed to globally and internationally and how super rich are you on scale college graduate to the Walmart family, we didn’t do anything locally to promote it, we didn’t have any money ever to do that, so we just posted it on the internet and then it got popular state by state. It’s popular in big cities, college towns, basically places where you’d expect and then areas where there’s a lot of key culture so Portland, Austin, definitely Chicago, Brooklyn, San Francisco.

I don’t know how rich we are, we haven’t made every decision in the game in the business, it’s a nice thing to be a designer by trade and don’t have to work for the clients so it’s giving me a lot of freedom.

We’re all interested in what’s next for you beyond cards against humanity? I think we’ve talked a lot about doing new stuff in comedy, doing new stuff in games but one of the unfortunate things is getting popular, there’s a lot of work, we like responding to every single email we get and every single tweet, that’s important to us, but it’s gotten to be this huge responsibility.

So I’m working with some other like game projects and we all three of us like do all kinds of art and cultural stuff, so hopefully there will be some new good stuff in the next year.

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